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  1. Old military adage is: "Obstacle not covered by fire is not an obstacle."
  2. Reason the splendid Finnish artillery was almost absent from movie was historical. During Winter War Finnish army had massive shortage of artillery rounds. Thus, like depicted in movie, they didn't have much to shoot. Also, Lahti L-39 didn't make it into Winter War, apart from few prototypes. This was amended during peace between Winter and Continuation War and during latter. Artillery was crucial in stopping Red Army during battlers of summer 1944. I have special interest into this movie since one of my distant relatives is depicted in it. Also the unit that they relieve from front line when they come to front first time was the one where my grandfather fought during Winter War.
  3. PBEM and other multiplayer modes require fixed schedule and decent amount time. So, it's not really an alternative for casual games that I can play whenever I have time. Though I am member of CM multiplayer club, it'd still be nice to have AI even on level of CMx1.
  4. Kind of example that stopped me quickly for playing QB vs AI was when I tested in RT what AI would pick when I had 1 King Tiger and 1 Tiger. AI picked loads of BA-armoured cars... Lot of things in CMx2 seem to me really "ass-backwards" compared to CMx1. Thus, my enthusiasm with CMBN/MG/RT is about 5-10% compared to e.g. CMBB. I only play scenarios in CMx2 nowadays.
  5. That is very possible. I have seen some "odd curveballs", but not made any tests on this. Don't even know how to test that anyways.
  6. It's been discussed a lot, with Panther as a case. It's very rare, but can happen.
  7. Indeed...2-man turret was damn awful disadvantage. That is, if against tank with 3-man turret.
  8. BF ****ed up UI after CMx1 in my opinion. It's the hubris of success. "We do it as we wish." Not that it's not moddable, just that it's the attitude. I still have CM:BO,BB,AK..CM:BN,CW,MG,RT.
  9. Soon everyone will be cursing them and demanding a patch! (That is if things go as they normally do...)
  10. Ampulomet in CMBB is great in setting wheat fields on fire. That was about only thing it is good for..
  11. That is excellent news for me! Might have to invest more time playing CM:N then (old veteran of CMx1 series).
  12. I agree. If there would not be firing accuracy penalties with Pause (not sure if there are, but forum search seems to indicate that), this would be close to "non-issue". Just that one would still need to use lot more commands (alternating movement and pause-commands). IF Pause is treated as Stop for gun accuracy, I'd say that problem mainly solved. If not, then there is still bit of problem. Anyone know reasonably sure if vehicle stopped by Pause is still considered moving for accuracy?
  13. I have suspicion (with some forum search), that implementing these commands with current relative spotting would be problematic to program. I cannot think any other reasons for eliminating such useful commands from CMx1. I could live with this easily, if there would be "Stop & spot" command. Using Pause sort of works that way, but seems that accuracy penalties of moving are still included. WW II tanks often did tend to have only 2 speeds...full speed and stop...
  14. Hi, Since Hunt in CMx2 games use "Hunt" as old "Movement to Contact", is there any way to sort of "duplicate" old Hunt in CM:N (CW&MG) ? I play with WeGo, so I don't desire using Real Time, where this issue would be less critical (albeit still present in larger battles). Seems that Move & Pause combination still gives penalties for moving tank for hitting (did read it simewhere on forum). It'd be desirable for tank to stop for firing and continue moving when losing sight/destroying enemy. Any sort of combination that'd work? I was thinking alternating Move/Fast & Hunt, but does Hunt cancel following movement orders if tank/vehicle spots danger or is fired upon? While current Hunt is OKish, I'd want my tank to move again before 60 secs have passed. Old Hunt command was not perfect, but it was very useful for tanks in CMx1.
  15. Most of the literature is in Finnish and mentioned in Wiki article. In English, this gives decent overview: http://www.feldgrau.com/finland.html As you can see from article, battalion was never 100% Finns, meaning that lot of officers and HQ people were Germans.
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