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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments, learned a lot from the dialog!!!
  2. Hey thanks for the reply, they have a range of about 500 meters, does that mean that warhead is the same as a Schreck with about 300 extra meters in range or is the warhead more potent also?
  3. I bought 2 of these in the last battle I played. My opponet showed up with very little armor so I ended up firing these guys at mortars, MG's, etc. Did not seem to do much for my side at all, just what the heck are they and should I ever bother with them again?
  4. Thanks Para, I though I read somewhere that you could see the kills somehow, I guess I will just have to wait.
  5. The fella I'm playing said this about our last turn: "looks like this game will be over in 5 turns.... two rockets, 5 vehicles 2 platoons dead, lotsa fun..... Frank K " I'm playing German and bought a bomber, I see the attack but can't see what I hit is there a way to see the bomber kills? BTW Frank, this is the first time a bomber has worked for me..........SORRY!! hehe
  6. Hi folks, Just started pbem game. At about the third turn I was moving some of my inf squads down the right edge of the map and I had two of the squads walk off the map and disapear in to thin air. There I am down 20 men and not a shot has been fired yet---bummer!! Did i move them into an exit zone?? Can I get them back? Shift "e" does not show any exit zones. BTW how are exit zones marked?
  7. Hey Folks, Is this possible. In my last turn I had a Wespe near the corner of a heavy building. I had some enemy inf targeted about 300 meters away. When the Wepse took a shot looks like the shell hit the corner of the building, then my Wepse blew up. I was not in LOS from any enemy unit, i believe I killed my self!!! Will the game AI allow you to fire and ko yourself in this manner?
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