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  1. Hi, to all in the mighty Section four: ciks vs. me --- nearly done, ciks kicks my a** strider vs. me --- we´re in the last turns also. Outcome still uncertain, maybe slight advantage for me ( I think ). Sgt_Kelly vs. me --- seems to be the end of the beginning, not much contact. Mr_Johnson vs. me --- like the above, except Mr_Johnson loves full contact CMBO . Shadow vs. me --- nothing, nada, zilch. Has anyone of you gentleman heard from the mysterious shadow ? Scheer out.
  2. Yeah, Shadow seems to be missing. No contact at all. The other scenarios with ciks, Strider and Sgt Kelly run fine. Mr_Johnson lags a little behind. Scheer out
  3. A thread like this deserves the frontpage ... Errmmm bump
  4. Greetings Finally made contact with Sgt. Kelly . This is my fourth game running. Shadow ? Are you out there somwhere ? Havent heard anything from you ? Scheer out
  5. Greetings, Ciks sends me his turns at an alarming rate, he must have no life ( like me ). Strider shoots at my advancing ... with his ... So far his puny ... doesnt punch holes in my ... Mr_johnson already does things to the landscape no human should do. Still I´ve heard nothing from Sgt. Kelly and Shadow. Hmmm ... Scheer out
  6. Hi all, this is just intense. I´ve read the descriptions so often, I´ve dreamed of them. The games with ciks and Strider are at turn five and four, the first turn for Mr_Johnson will be out when I get home from work. Still nothing from Shadow and Sgt. Kelly . And the scenarios are quite different. I luv it. Scheer out.
  7. Hi all, mailed another turn to ciks, waiting for turn from strider, received all scenario descriptions from treeburst155, waiting for first turns from Mr_Johnson, Shadow and Sgt. Kelly . Wow, not bad for a single day. Scheer out
  8. Hi all. Mailed my turns to Strider and ciks. Requested scenario for Mr_johnson and myself from Treeburst155. Shadow and Sgt. Kelly, I´m ready to start if you are . Very nice scenarios btw, great work from Treeburst and Nabla. Scheer out.
  9. Hi all, I want some of the action. Please count me in for the Nordic Wannabee Tournament. Sitting in Northern Germany ... email : soenke.nommensen@kielnet.net
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