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  1. Hey Bootie, That email never came through...I'm guessing you've been pretty busy with other stuff lately. If you (or anyone) could toss these 4 files onto a Dropbox for me, that would be awesome. DC_21AG_3Div_8InfBde DC_21AG_53Div_71InfBde DC_21AG_53Div_158InfBde DC_21AG_53Div_160InfBde
  2. Unfortunately, something seems to be not working, as the folder is empty... As far as I can tell, it should work but it isn't for some reason.
  3. I'll look again tonight...I appreciate your efforts to help.
  4. There is a 3-mission campaign out there called "Welcome to Sicily" that features: No 40 RM Commado elements of 51st (Highland) Division 50th Royal Tank Regt 2nd SAS Regiment 1st Para, 1st Airborne Division Three Rivers Regt, 1st Cdn Tank Bde Royal Canadian Regiment, 1st CdnID
  5. Hmm, the email never appeared at my end...I think they may have been to big for my mail.
  6. I assume Bootie is on the Forum (I've been away for a long while). I have recovered most of them, though 5 of my files ended up being corrupted. I need to get copies of: DC_21AG_3Div_8InfBde DC_21AG_43Div_130InfBde DC_21AG_53Div_71InfBde DC_21AG_53Div_158InfBde DC_21AG_53Div_160InfBde
  7. They will eventually be available again at CMMODS IV, right? I'd be more than happy right now with just a filename list, then I can check against what I still have...
  8. Hey guys, This message is for anyone that might have downloaded my original mod way back. I seem to have lost a portion of my archives. I'm wondering (and hoping) that someone out there might still have the zip files I once put on the Repository....and might be willing to put them in a dropbox so I can fill in the holes in my archive. I will thank anyone who can help in advance. DC
  9. I haven't tried it, but I think my mods would work with a little renaming....there won't be any specific Normal Maps for the individual insignia, so just use the default normal map.
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