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  1. I haven't tried it, but I think my mods would work with a little renaming....there won't be any specific Normal Maps for the individual insignia, so just use the default normal map.
  2. Well, I don't think think I 'won' exactly, since this was an extremely difficult objective for Mord. In real life, the Germans paid a high cost for trying to cross the Bridge on the 18th, so this battle resembles that to a degree. I think that with a little more time (and lots more smoke), the fighting could have ended up house-to-house.
  3. I'm pretty sure I remember reading that they were used in July/Aug 1944 by some 21st AG units in Normandy (Cdn & Brit).... though I don't have the specific reference handy. As for the rest: British (and attached French) Commando units are a big one (and I believe the TOE is the biggest hurdle here, though I'd be willing to help with that ) Centaur IV - very similar to Cromwell IV (though I'm not sure the work it would take to convert, if possible) but these would be cool to go with Commandos DD Shermans - they were seen throughout the Normandy campaign (not swimming obviously) but the hull was distinctive and the props could still be seen Tetrarch - a little harder to justify, as I think there were only 8 or so (don't quote me) of them in Normandy, so I don't expect to see them
  4. I'd be happy with British Commandos, a Centaur IV, Wasps, DD Shermans and maybe a Tetrarch.
  5. The telltale signs of destruction that would be visible to Sgt Fox from St Eusebius Cathedral Journal of Sgt James FOX: September 18th, 1944 was a high point for the 2nd South Staffords; we had just repulsed the Nazis as they attempted to break into Arnhem Town from the Bridge, our morale was still very high and our casualties were manageable. We lost 27 good, brave men that dreary morning, while fighting desperately to push back the German thrust; they will always be remembered for their sacrifice. Most of our wounded were recovered and evacuated to a couple of buildings along Markt Straat; they were made as comfortable as possible by the battalion medics, who were assisted by several townsfolk. The plumes of black, greasy smoke rising into the sky were easily visible from my vantage point in the Cathedral tower and gave a solid indication of the losses inflicted on our enemy. The Germans had no choice but to pull back from the north side of the Bridge and our scouts report that they have begun entrenching on the south shore of the Rhine. A little later we were able to send a few scouting parties onto the embankment in order to secure the area and afterwards about two dozen German casualties were brought into the makeshift hospital and treated. In the bigger picture, the 1st Para Division was able to set up an irregular perimeter in the Arnhem/Oosterbeek region, which is holding for now but beginning to see more pressure as the Germans begin coordinating their counter-attacks. As casualties mount and ammunition dwindles, we will find it more difficult to hold the perimeter. All hopes rest with XXX Corps’ rapid advance and relief of our positions…the longer this takes, the more I fear for our future. Sgt James Fox was killed as the defence of Arnhem began to collapse on Sept 20th, 1944; he was last seen leading a team of 3 other men to try to scrounge extra ammunition as supplies had run out. Sgt Fox’s journal was returned to his family by RSM Bruce Duncan after the war, when he was liberated from a German prisoner-of-war camp by Canadian troops in April 1945.
  6. Epilogue: The 2nd South Staffords have won a Minor Victory at the Arnhem Bridge; they were able to hold the entrance to the town, at least for now, and inflicted significant losses on the Germans attempting to storm the town. The tragic price of warfare as seen in the destruction along the Nijmeegseweg near the Van Limburg Stirum School SS panzer crew cut down trying to find cover near the Eusebiusbuitensingel after being forced from their burning tank Final resting place of an SS reconnaissance vehicle crew who died east of the bloody embankment fighting Dead and dying SS Panzergrenadiers strewn along the northern exit from Arnhem Bridge near the bloody embankment View of the carnage along the Nijmeegseweg from a “B” Company observer at St Walburgis Church
  7. 0645 hrs Staring down the barrel of the alerted Panther V on the Bridge, with all AT ammo used up, Pvt Nicolson’s team hastily vacates their building for another strongpoint. The Panther disappears into its own smokescreen as team from No5 Platoon dashes for a building lining the Westervoortse Dijk. Panzer fire from the south shore has demolished most of the buildings standing along Oost Straat in the No12 Platoon area, with continued fire now passing through the husks (and directly over Pvt Pitcairn’s head) and onto the embankment before detonating. Another heavy armoured car makes a valiant attempt to support his infantry on the embankment but stops directly in the sights of Cpl Ramsay’s No3/3 AT Gun located near the Gasworks; Ramsay’s team had been covering the overpass from the Bridge into Arnhem all morning and this was a golden opportunity to pitch in, which they do by putting consecutive shots through the vehicle and knocking it out of action. This appears to be the final push for the moment, as the Germans have exhausted their strength. Realizing they are starting down a Panther V at point blank range, Pvt Nicolson’s squad (No5 Platoon) rushes to vacate their position near the Bridge A No5 Platoon squad dashes to another strong point, as a nearby Panther V tank vanishes into a cloud of smoke The buildings along Oost Straat have taken a beating A heavy armoured car attempts to support the German infantry near the embankment Cpl Ramsay (No3/3 ATG) directs fire onto a German vehicle on the overpass from Arnhem Bridge
  8. 0644 hrs The Panther V tank on the Bridge fires several rounds at a building lining the Eusebiusbinnensingel from which Pvt Vipont’s 3-man team (No7 Platoon) is firing at the German infantry; one of the shots douses Pvt Vipont with flying shrapnel and sends the rest of the team scrambling for cover. Then the armoured beast lets up the pressure on No7 Platoon because new thorns have popped up in the form of Pvt Nicolson (No5 Platoon) and Pvt Elder (No11 Platoon). Pvt Nicolson’s squad has made its way to the upper floors of a building behind the Panther V from where a PIAT round to the left side of the turret re-focuses the panzer’s attention. At the same moment, from the far side of the Bridge along the Eusebiusbuitensingel, Pvt Elder has fired a round at the same tank, striking the right side of the turret. The tank reverses and begins searching for its assailant as Pvt Nicolson hurriedly attempts to reload the weapon. With a single shot left, Nicolson squeezes the shot off just a little too early and it misses the Panther V by less than 6 inches, which leaves the squad squarely in the sights of the now-traversed turret. A heavy armoured car takes aim at No 1/1 MG from No2 MG Platoon, which has been firing on the Bridge from the far side of the Eusebiusbuitensingel for most of the morning, severely wounding Pvt Richmond whose position is taken up by Pvt Heverly. The armoured car then begins firing on Pvt Elder’s position, ultimately wounding the intrepid para. Nos10 & 12 Platoons also take casualties from the intense fighting at the embankment. Pvt Vipont’s team (No7 Platoon) firing on advancing enemy troops Panther V turret as viewed by Pvt Nicolson (No5 Platoon) as he lines up a PIAT shot A matter of inches…the PIAT round misses the Panther V turret by a very narrow margin (and ends up landing in the Tram Depot) Pvt Richmond manning the No 1/1 MG from No2 MG Platoon is wounded by fire from an armoured car but the gun will soon be back in action yet again
  9. Sorry about the delay....lightning strikes in the area fried my motherboard and knocked out all my cable/internet services. John - The overhead counters are a from the tokens project that Mord and I worked on for CMFI a while ago, to be used for DARs, AARs, Mission Briefings, whatever. I whipped these tokens up specifically for this battle.
  10. 0643 hrs The Panther V tank on the Bridge begins moving again, giving Cpl Reading (No5 Platoon) a chance to evacuate his casualties. Tank fire from the south bank of the Rhine continues to pound the houses along Oost Straat, turning some of the structures into rubble. Cpl Mackerrell (No12 Platoon) becomes a casualty during the firefight with the Germans on the embankment. Buildings becoming rubble along Oost Straat Cpl Mackerrell becomes a casualty in the park near the milk factory Forced to seek cover amongst the bodies of his fallen comrades, a lone German gunner fires his MG42 on elements of No12 Platoon in the park
  11. 0642 hrs Pvt Witherspoon manages to stabilize two teammates when he is forced to seek cover by more incoming fire from the Bridge, until a fateful HE shell explodes nearby, killing him instantly, along with all of the other casualties on the ATG team. Cpl Reading’s team (No5 Platoon) continues to draw fire and take casualties from the German Panther V, which seems reluctant to press any further into Arnhem, appearing satisfied with its somewhat safer position alongside the concrete bridge structures. Without their close armour support, the German troops, though brave, are inevitably cut down in a hail of fire from the South Stafford positions on either side of the Nijmeegseweg. Pvt Witherspoon (No3/1 ATG) dies a hero, attempting to save the lives of his fellow gunners With all the death and destruction ahead of him, the Panther V can't be faulted for taking advantage of a relatively safe vantage point from which to survey Arnhem German SS troops press on to the northern bridge exits… …and make another attempt to secure a toehold in the town… …getting an MG42 into action on the embankment
  12. I've used them recently on defense to great effect vs infantry and light vehicles at short ranges....mostly area fire on a point I want to deny to my enemy or make it a little more costly for him to take that ground. A couple of decent mortar rounds can really play havoc with individual enemy unit morale.
  13. 0641 hrs Cpl Reading’s team along Kade Straat fires on some German light armour moving along towards the town, which betrays their position to the Panther V on the Bridge; fire from the tank cuts down Pvt Burns and sends the others diving for better cover. Meanwhile, at the Tram Depot, Pvt Witherspoon, the sole remaining member of No 3/1 ATG, begins to care for his mates; Pvt Witherspoonm despite his own wounds received during the recent shelling and continued exposure at his position, works like a demon to save his friends’ lives. Pvt Burns (No5 Platoon) falls to machine gun fire from a German tank on the Bridge Pvt Witherspoon (No3/1 ATG) works to save the lives of his fellow gunners near the Arnhem Tram Depot
  14. Overall Situation at approximately 0640 hrs, September 18th, 1944
  15. 0640 hrs The Germans begin to move additional heavy armour across the Bridge, obviously in preparation for a renewed assault on the town, while the No1/1 Vickers guns of both 1st & 2nd MG Platoons continue to sweep the northern exit from the Bridge, dominating the ground across which the Germans must advance. Meanwhile, Pvt Higgins, the sole remaining member of Cpl Smith’s No1/2 Vickers team, returns to the schoolhouse and tries to rescue as many casualties as he can from the wrecked room. Another Panther V tank begins advancing towards the Bridge exit Pvt Higgins works desperately to save wounded team members in the schoolhouse Pvt Higgins tends to the wounds of his fellow para while a Panther tank burns outside the window
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