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  1. I've always wished that it moved the center of my view to where I clicked, but it seems instead to move the camera to the point I click. So I've taken to clicking in front of whatever I want to see.
  2. Nope, no TRP - I checked. However there definitely are some locations with decent LOS to the areas where I know I got hung up as the Allies. I saw plenty of their artillery fall in the wrong spots though, for which I was extremely thankful. When it falls in the right spots - ugh!
  3. I was going to read through the comments and then reply, but gah, so many! It's beautiful, even at Balanced/Improved and the tutorial mission was fun - had to restart it a couple times while my brain got back in the swing of things. I can't wait for the full game! My girlfriend is definitely not going to understand
  4. I would say that of course the results are going to be different, it isn't CMx1. CMx2 has new mechanics and behaviors all over the place, so things you expected to work in a particular way won't and it will bite you. And, as always comes up, the casualty rates are reflective more of the person in command. If you had low casualty rates in CMx1 and you and your opponent would quit/surrender/ceasefire when they got too high, then you can still do that in CMx2. On the other hand, if you had low casualty rates in CMx1 and your opponent had huge casualties, then you were just far outplaying them - not really keeping "realistic" (or maybe historically normal) rates.
  5. I the lower left corner it shows the casualties list when you click on a unit. It's kind of hard to read since it's light green, but it is there at least.
  6. I really want to thank you for taking the time to do these, they sold me on the preorder since we could see hours of real, actual gameplay and unit behavior.
  7. tyrspawn, this was an awesome look at the game. Thank you! I suspect I'm going to need hardware updates - 1920x1280 here and now that I've seen it in motion at the quality level you've got, I can't settle for less
  8. Hmm... I was still in college at the time. No idea how I heard of it back then, but I downloaded the demo and fell in love with Chance Encounter in particular. Even once I had the full game I'd go play that scenario, always trying to out-do previous attempts. Played CMBO far too many nights instead of sleeping. I pre-ordered CMSF but I haven't had the time to devote to CM like I did in the past and my favorite thing from CMx1 (QBs) works entirely differently, so it hasn't latched onto my time like CMBO and CMBB (CMAK didn't grab me either... maybe it's the desert). I've been quietly waiting for the return to the western front and now find myself back here throughout the day.
  9. Even at "best" - which does tend to kill my performance (for reference E8400@3Ghz, 5GB of RAM and NVidia 9600) - the underlying ground texture disappeared rapidly. That may well be intentional, I'm not going to 2nd guess the graphics programming since I have no experience there, but I'd say mostly it was the jarring nature from high-res to really low-res. The screens from the various CMBN AARs seem not to have that issue, but that could be jpeg compression and/or less underlying ground texture transitions (that is, not mottled brown/green like the 2nd mission in the Afghanistan demo). Generally CMSF (which I have, fully patched) plays well, but I play at Better (I think - one or two stops up from the default) but I will certainly cheer if the quality/performance of the graphics engine rises
  10. I was just wondering something along those lines. The fall-off on ground-texture fidelity in particular seemed extremely close when I fired up the Afghanistan demo.
  11. The impression I got was for CM:BN "sometime", but I don't think I've seen anything saying when/how that will come about. You could probably do a search for "hit decal" and find Steve's comments (I, on the other hand, am off to work ).
  12. Not at launch - they've stated that hit decals are something they intend to add later.
  13. You know, looking at that screenshot and at others - and thinking back on various times playing - it almost feels that the camera has a light right behind it. So maybe it's that there isn't (much) of a positional light source or rather that the camera's "personal" light source is too bright? Anyway, I primarily play CM for the gameplay and not the eye candy. I like the way CM:BN looks a lot - wouldn't complain if the lighting improved though
  14. I used a ton of CMx1 mods, but never gridded terrain. It's ugly and wasn't something that added to the game for me
  15. Why would you redo all the work to go from OpenGL to DX10? I mean, if you intended to be locked to MS from the beginning, ok, maybe. I can't see how that'd be a priority above, oh, every other possible option they have to actually add meat to the game
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