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  1. ikalugin, No they haven't got a positive ID on the identity, but since 100% of all found subs the last 40 years have been Russian there is a more than 50% chance that this one was Russian as well. It doesn't really matter where it cam from from me, it got the attention the Navy wanted and the politics have finally woken up which is good news.
  2. BTr, Media hysteria sounds like what we had here in Sweden, first time since the 80'ies so the journalists went all-in and over-the-top at the same time. They know that it was a sub there, they have even shown some of the evidence. I don't think that they wanted to catch it even if they could do it, and I doubt they could do it without helicopters as they have failed earlier when they used depth charges abundantly. U-137/S-363 was a bit easier to find, but they had apparently got lost as Russians tend to do when going abroad.
  3. BTR, You know that the Swedes found physical evidence that a sub had been there, right? But they couldn't tell if it was a Russian sub or just a Russian sub operated by local separatists though.
  4. It already works this way and if you have a cover armour arc on, then your unit will ignore infantry.
  5. Isn't the fact that the round penetrated through the entire tank, engine and all, a bigger realism problem than the round not wrecking the engine?
  6. You can buy an armored force in a Quick Battle, just not an entire battalion. Select a battalion and then delete all companies except one, that should make you able to afford the tanks, if not then you will have to either delete a platoon or a few tanks.
  7. Kip, I just wanted to highlight that there are quite a few 'fudge-factors' in the mix as you are comparing figures from different sources, counted in different ways and with a lot of different nationalities on both sides. The Hungarians did indeed fight during the second half of the year, but it is my impression that they were mostly used in the rear areas until just after Bagration. They fought the Romanians quite a bit after August too, but that is neither here nor there regarding this analysis. Btw are Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian units fighting with the Germans in the Baltic
  8. Kip, I have a small quibble with your reasoning, regarding the 85% number you use for adjusting the Soviet losses. You state that the Germans represented 73% of all Axis forces on the Eastern front on May 1st and the 85% number is used so that we are 'on the safe side'. My view is that the minor Axis forces (outside of Finland) were used less extensively in the front lines than the German forces (especially in vulnerable sectors, not at all like November '42) and that they were much worse supported than the German forces. These two factors will both reduce the casualties that they infli
  9. I would not imagine you to be a turning grog, why turn the tank when all you do with tanks is drive them right up to the enemy and bayonet them with the Rhino attachment? Zero radius turns could be nice if the enemy cower in trenches where the bayonet can't rech them though, must be that.
  10. Hmm, I think that Sergei is incorrect. The VLs can be worth different amount of points in a QB, it says so in the manual and it is also my experience from playing QBs.
  11. I am pretty sure he's read them, remembering them is a completely different thing at his age.
  12. I read somewhere that it is much more likely that it is your handgun that wounds yourself or your family rather than an outsider's handgun.
  13. The backblast thing would imply weapons with such backblasts being able to fire in situations where said backblast can cause harm to friendlies. If I'd only know where one could find such a place in an urban battle.
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