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  1. Really looking forward to getting back to the eastern front. Thanks for the update Steve.
  2. is the download site down at the moment? I cannot get the download to start or get past about 80mb the one time it did start.
  3. Thanks BFCElvis, always good to find out things are looking good and moving forward.
  4. I have not done much with the editor so that is good to know. Mord, from memory for QB you could sent a % attrition, a bit different to straggler units which were rounded up remnants of broken formations with whatever equipment they could find.
  5. Just reading a book about operation Citadel, and one thing that struck me was how depleted the German formations were during and after the key battles and that they never had priority on replacements, meaning many companies would have as little as 20 men in them for months at a time. This reminded me of the CM1 setting that would thin out your force selection to mimic this. Is there any chance of this returning at some point in the future?
  6. You also need to consider AA effectiveness not just on planes shot down but also aborted attacks and more chance of the plane missing the target. From what I understand, in ww2 they realised a lot of the AA was relatively ineffective, but to throw the pilots aim off it was a better response than just ducking and hoping for the best 😃
  7. Just ordered, not the biggest module release but always great to see the CM game expanding... Roll on release day 😀
  8. Really looking forward to the next eastern front add on, there is so much depth to CMFB and CMBN the eastern front is due its turn, Keep up the good work Steve/Charles, still enjoying these games after 15 years!
  9. How are you guys playing the marines module, have I missed a patch or is there another work around? The game is telling me the Semper Fi and stand alone USMC battles need the Marines module (which I have activated). Any help would be appreciated
  10. Could not agree more, a great idea to revisit this title, I am loving this theatre more than the other modern titles.
  11. Damn those new portraits look great. Big improvement let us all know when they are ready!!
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