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  1. I have this game on my PC, but want to play it on my Mac. Is it still available and how do I get this? (I dont care for the newer version.)
  2. I have a P3 833 meaghertz with 128 Megs of ram and a 16 MB nVidia GeForce2 MX grapics card playing the demo on Windows 2000. I would like to purchase the game, but want to see if I have would have a problem. When I play the demo, the objects around the screen flicker and do not refresh. Thus as I move, a tree will leave a trail of trees behind etc. I have installed Direct X version 8 as suggested and it had no effect. If someone could e-mail me a fix, I would order the game. Thank you in advance. Brad Weisber370@aol.com
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