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  1. Based on Moon's asinine comments about DX10 and/or Vista I don't know why anyone who upgraded their PC within the last 18 months would bother with this. I thought he was muzzled a while back for spouting the same kind of rubbish! I guess the release of PZC Kharkov kicked them up their collective arses. If they offer it for free I might just take a look. Apart from reading the posts of the 8 or so fanbois for CMSF there's not a hell of a lot going on here. Time to move on. I'll see you fellow WW2 gamers elsewhere.
  2. So what is the concensus? Will this work with WWII? Should I actually be bothering with this "brilliant wargame"? I find it more phun visiting the forum than looking a the cat **** clinging to the walls of the Syrian sandbox per the demo. I expected better, based on previous efforts, but I have a little time to waste if it's not a complete dud... Please keep me informed.
  3. I've enjoyed lurking on this thread. I still have CMAK installed and revisit it every once in a while, which is a damn site more often than that-which-shall-not-be-named. Please - no patronizing replies that "I just don't get it!". My reply in advance - "Stick it where the sun don't shine!". Regards
  4. >>If it wasn't entertaining to play it would be fundamentally flawed. But its not. >> Yes it is. ..and that's it's not its
  5. I've given this a complete pass based on what I got from the demo, what I read here and in the reviews, and my dislike of the setting, but will check out a future expansion if it involves WW2. It should be fairly slick by then. I tried going back to CMBB and CMAK but found it's all gotten a bit "old" ... and that's from one of the old farts!!
  6. He's prolly beta-testing a future update for CMSF or the next ToW patch. Some forum members have been somewhat tetchy when they suspect you might be suggesting that something is fubar. Oh wait! I hear this will be completely revamped for the upcoming CMSF: WW2. You just don't get it!!! Neither do I for that matter...
  7. Let's see... someone purchases CMSF and they're pissed off about something in it, perhaps due to it not meeting their expectations - but if what they're pissed off with doesn't give a "new angle" then they're not contributing. I thnk they already contributed when they put down their hard earned cash to assist with your efforts. Don't you? You need to listen to your customers, and I, and likely several others (by what I'm reading around here, in certain reviews, and what I personally "got" from the demo), would have preferred you would have done a bit more of that earlier on, instead of having to be patronized by you now, as it were. And before you start - I did buy all of the original CM series and felt I got more than my money's worth except for CMAK. For several years I couldn't get my wargaming jollies from anything but CMBO and CMBB. There - I've said it. If you don't like it you may ban me sir. I'm orrff... Regards
  8. The lack of WW II setting means I wouldn't have cared a toss. I must have PBEM'd the CMBO demo with my opponent for about 6 months and couldn't wait for the real thing.
  9. Nice babe ad accompanying beach terrain. >>Nuthin more to say really. Guess the chickens are coming home to roost now eh boys.....?>> I think the chickens have come home but are roosting anywhere else but this rosy-coloured forum
  10. Well, you can't expect much in the way of a helpful response from a member of the resident fanboi mafia but you might want to chew over this review from Gamespot. CMSF is certainly getting a much different reception than the original CM series. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/combatmissionshockforce/review.html Or is it that they also just don't know how to use these features properly? You be the judge
  11. Perhaps they'll offer me a discount when I trade in my CMAK. That quickly became shelwfare although I must admit CMBB stayed on my system until about 6 months ago. I guess the saying " Familiarity breeds contempt" rings true, although I thought that only applied to granny! OK thats it, no more whingeing about this - I'm over it. Had to vent, that's all. Oh well, I guess it might be a bit of fun laying down some tough love on the ****es of the desert I'll have some side armour with that Stryker please!
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