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  1. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Cauldron: POINTS: Don't worry too much about mortars being in C&C fron an accuracy point of view. From a survival point of view HQ LOS's are a good deal eric :cool: [/QB]<hr></blockquote> My personal impression is that combat bonuses do aid accuracy a little, this impression being derived from my exp. with the pitiful 2" mortar. Every round has to be bang on with a 2" in order to inflict damage, and a combat bonus does seem to make a slight difference. In a current game I had 3 2" under the command of a combat+2 HQ shelling a section in a one storey heavy building. Most of the rounds landed right on target and the building actually collapsed at the start of the next round(He he, bye bye, mot. squad) , not bad for blast 6! With regards to F.O's, I've experimented with the green German 81mm F.O in 'Chance Encounter', and a combat bonus definitely seemed to make a difference to the spread. Perhaps this is less so with exp. F.O's.
  2. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Cauldron: POINTS: Don't worry too much about mortars being in C&C fron an accuracy point of view. From a survival point of view HQ LOS's are a good deal eric :cool: [/QB]<hr></blockquote>
  3. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Kestrl: I'd like to see the new shoot and scoot command added because i think the Archer could really take advantage of that option in the future. I can see a Archer firing off a couple 76mm AP rounds and then moving out of LOS.<hr></blockquote> Stagger your move orders and use pauses. They ain't releasing a patch any time soon.
  4. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by KarlXII: and you're practically guarateed to make quite a few kills.<hr></blockquote> Guffaw! That's the funniest thing I think I've ever read on this forum. Ahh... Guaranteed kill's (pauses to wipe the tear away his eye).Hang on a minute, I'll have to get a glass of water before I get all hysterical and end up with the colly-wobbles.
  5. Well Mace my dear man, the title of the thread was a touch off putting you know. Not to mention something of an oxymoron (always forgiven). However, overcome by fratenal affection at the prospect of such a sustained display of Australian literacy. I couldn't help but recognise your spirit, your e'lan if you will. Thus, here I am. If its insults you wanted, then perhaps you should have started a 'Trans-tasman fraticidal dispute' thread. But come now, there really is no need to bandy about nasty words like derogatory.
  6. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Noba: Do I detect a whiff of an outsider AGAIN. Noba.<hr></blockquote> Heaven forbid any air movement taking place in here.
  7. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Colonel_Deadmarsh: BTS, why was it coded in there to let AT teams create more than one marker if it doesn't mean anything? <hr></blockquote> Well maybe it doesn't mean any thing, But it is bloody useful for those German support platoons. You can use an attached Panzershreck, mortar or gun to create an ambush marker at greater distances than the platoon CO is capable of doing. This means that you can cover 'that open ground' 250m yonder, and catch the enemy infantry out in the open. The spandau's can be hiding and therefore won't fire at the first piss ant scout that comes along and give away they're position. Ofcourse this tactic is perfectly valid with the allies, but it is particuarly suited to the germans because, as you will no doubt be aware, the MG42 has such evil, reach.
  8. Noba, you sweaty little voyeur. You byword for non-participation. What miracle persuaded you to grace the forum with the awkward fumblings of you atrophied personality. I can clearly recall you making bold about posting some months back. I thought it was all bluster at the time. How faithless I was! Mind you, I should have guessed that you would only be found posting in such close company. It certainly is suitably sticky and claustrophobic in here. I have recovered sufficent composure since my last debacle to offer you another game, 2000pt Pnthr-76 Cmb arms? Bleat once for yes, and I will dispatch the set to post haste.
  9. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by ParaBellum So for supporting my infantry I would prefer the 75mm variant any day. OK, the 75mm isn't as accurate as the 20mm but at shorter ranges (<300m) it will fairly accurate<hr></blockquote> The 75mm 234 is a fine vehicle, and indeed the gun has alot more bang. But it does lack a turret, which limits it's playing style to the point & shoot method adopted with assault guns. The 20mm on the other hand can 'dance'. Which makes it perfect for baiting your opponent with. In a recent game I had a 20mm 234 in a small village shooting up my opponents hapless infantry. All the while, his Churchill's stood by within 150-200m, but were unable to intervene for fear of the german infantry's AT arsennal. I was not able to 'dominate' the village area with my armour until much later on in the game. But I was able to operate the 234 right up there with my infantry from the second turn onwards. By the end of the game it had expended 3/4 of its ammunition and racked up an impressive tally of kills! Based on this extremely enjoyable experience I would definately consider buying it again, and throughly recommend it to others.
  10. Hey Joe, Where's your gracious congratulation to Titan on his victory. There's a good chap.
  11. Now I don't mean to rile anyone for the sake of it, but I can't believe the amount of whinging and whining on this thread. One should be comfortable playing with less than best spec units. After all, this game is about simulating your average company/battalion commanders role, someone who has to work with whats to hand. If you can't play with vanilla infantry & vehicles then why play at all? But I digress, the Mk4 in my opinion is a fine tank. Alot of the unfortunate circumstances related in this thread seem to be just that, bad luck. Which happens with any unit. One fires round after round at dead cert targets to no effect, all the time (well at least I seem to)! So stack the odds wherever possible. Yes that turret armour is a problem, but on the other hand, the gun is pretty kickarse. All in all I think the points value is pretty fair. The following seems to work for me: - Engage targets at range. 'Roll up' to the fire position with all four tanks if possible. Unlike the Sherman commander, who has to fear the likes the Panther picking off his defenseless tanks, the Mk4 is capable of destroying most targets it is likely to encounter (The Pershing is pretty rare even in CM, and the Churchill is slow, and accordingly, usually unable to react in a timely fashion to new developments). -As someone pointed out earlier, avoid melee engagements. Sniping and establishing brief firebases is where its at. When moving, I find it is best to use two tanks in overwatch. -When taking opportunity shots do so like your using an assault gun ie. avoid the hunt command, instead use a move/reverse combo or staggered orders using the pause between orders as a fire window.
  12. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Captitalistdoginchina: Hi Viceroy, I know a few Kiwi teachers in Taiwan. CDIC<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Maybe you know my Brother Ben. He spent a couple of years teaching at 'Merry land' ESL school in Tai chung I think. He came back to NZ for a few months recently, and got right into cm while he was here. Japan's where he is at the moment. The slackarse was supposed to mail me a pbem once he got settled but hasn't, which is a pity because he was starting to show some talent. I reckon, if a good soul such as yourself were to throw down the gauntlet, it would be just the ticket to get him back in the loop. So if you would like some opposition 'closer' to home, mail me and I'll sort out some details.
  13. Yeah! right on Hansfritz. Its a widely known fact that all French peasant's houses were stacked full to the brim with TNT, ever prone to explosions of cataclysmic fury. Those silly French! Bet they don't even know what 'hazardous goods containment facilty' means. Sheesh!
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