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  1. I have a treasured copy of The Shield and the Storm by Blake, Thomas G, which covers the 1991 gulf war. This book has always been special as it is dedicated in part to my father who passed away Jan. 1 of that year.
  2. Thanks, the original image was timed perfectly and at the right angle. Or at least good enough to fool my old eyes!
  3. Ahh, thank you! Counter measures! I thought some photo-shopper thought it would be cool to simulate a missile launch, but decided to put the flare behind the nacelle! This has really been bugging me!
  4. I have had this image in rotation for my desktop wallpaper for a while now and just noticed something that makes me question it's authenticity. Let me know if you see anything off.
  5. I have found this documentary to be incredibly educational and heartbreaking. My dad was in the Americal Division in 1969 a year after another unit in the division performed the massacre at Mai Lai. I never made this connection in the past. Almost a year to the day afterward he was in his bunker at LZ Buff (later LZ Stinson) when it was hit with an RPG killing everyone but dad. He was airlifted out and thankfully made it another 21 years. In watching the documentary I find myself getting more and more pissed as president after president admits that the war is meaningless and can't be won, yet refuse to admit it to the public for fear of looking weak or losing an election! My father and many others were put into harms way for no reason what so ever. The comments in the documentary about being the last generation to trust the government really hit home.
  6. Most guests arrived late, ran short of appetizers. Is that the Donner Party you mean?
  7. Big fan of beach volleyball as well and I am already sick of NBC delaying the matches 3 hours so they can show 1/3 of the match in prime time while cutting away to a human interest piece on a swimmer, or a guided tour of a London landmark.
  8. Thomm, there really is not any detail on these stick and tissue models. Just balsa and colored paper...sure some detail them to look like the prototype, but we just build them to experience the project and watch them fly. We had our first test flight last night with 100 winds on the rubber motor...not real good. Today I adjusted the wing and it flew pretty good with 200 winds. Looking forward to nicer weather and an open field!
  9. http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/394912_369676226383105_100000221917070_1647862_392636588_n.jpg not bad, just need some good weather to test it
  10. I do try! I got to thinking that, and I am gonna sound old here, that kids today do not appreciate or understand the long term commitment to starting and completing a project. So I wanted my son to get a taste. The plane is about done, I just need to order some colored tissue to cover it. I will be sure to post more pics/videos when ready. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.
  11. For Christmas I gave my son a few balsa airplane kits that we can build together. I have not built one in more than 20 years, but had fond memories of building them with my dad when I was young and thought my son might appreciate the experience. I hope that he gains an appreciation for the value of the project, not just the finished product...and that the darn thing flies!
  12. I have often thought that anyone who actually wants to be elected to government office should be disqualified due to a lack of mental facilities. I am also close to supporting the concept that only those that actively contribute to government coffers should have a vote. I know this is not possible, and has a multitude of problems with dis-enfranchisement. But I am a firm believer in the old quote "A democracy will only last until the people realize they can vote themselves money out of the treasury".
  13. There was also a very obvious failing by the local sheriff who was quick to point fingers at the right wing. Yesterday he stated that his office has dealt with this young man in the past in relation to multiple death threats that he made against individuals other than Giffords. Why the hell was the shooter not put on the list that would have denied him the opportunity to purchase the firearm that he used!
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