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  1. Why'd Steve lock it? It was hilarious..I remember, I started it for some reason. -Niles
  2. They are heavy, unweildy, and considering their siclic rate 20 rounds was nothing. The weapon was considered rather impractical, but it still went into limited production. Skorzeny's team had them when they "liberated" Mussolini in 1943. They were probably never used much in large combat, only smaller unit action earlier in the war. Preference with the Sturmgewehr 1944, but it was the first real assault rifle (FG42)
  3. Here comes another from me..but no it ain 1945, its July 1944. It has bocage, a river and a village. Prepare for a bloody fight, in the bloody bocage..but it needs testing! Need those testors..come and get her.
  4. There is no point in arguing. You are positively, not getting a stream young man! Now just go back to your room! No dinner for you..
  5. If its bloody streams you want then download this marsh mod: From Toms TCMHQ..
  6. You're just trying to get up to a thousand posts arent you...
  7. I agree whole heartidly... I will standfast until CM:BB is finished, besides, I have plenty of diversions to pass the time.. *Twiddle Thumbs*
  8. Very Nice! I could use you in the near future for a movie that I need...great job!
  9. Captain, I do believe that you are makin' a fine substitute for Maximus..
  10. Try Toms Combat Mission HQ under Axis Mods, it will be at the bottom..
  11. Well Iron Chef..since your so desperate for California votes, here is one for you.. [x] Iron Chef Damn! Is that a dimpled chad?
  12. So in other words, instead of just leaking a bit of my knowledge at a time in certain posts, just to show off a little and retain some semblance, I just start blabbering about everything I know every time the opportunity comes up..and thats how you become a grog? Oh, okay, all I have to do is just be loudmouthed..and if I only knew it was this easy before...
  13. As "Historical" as the editor will allow. Send me an e-mail so I can get you on the list, I have already de-briefed Lord General, He hasnt replied yet so there are still a bunch of jobs ready..welcome aboard! Niles Hirschi niles.hirschi@gte.net Oh and I shall check out that scenario...
  14. Ok, due to malfunction in the forum the old calling for Scenario Designers post was deleted, so if you volunteered for the Steel Horizons Meta Campagn Project Please post here so I can see what you said, because I havent had the chance to look at the forum. Thanks, Niles Hirschi
  15. So your related to a bunch of bungling inbread British twits then? [ February 20, 2002, 11:54 PM: Message edited by: Fieldmarshall ]
  16. By the way, you win lurker of the year award.
  17. brilliant..with this software can you directly down load sceanrios? [ February 20, 2002, 08:37 PM: Message edited by: Fieldmarshall ]
  18. Taking your votes..and am looking for suggestions.
  19. Download all your favorites, and listen to them while playing CM..Cossack Patrol is very good...they have Finnish music to..and German..so go righthere! ENJOY! --Niles H. [ February 20, 2002, 08:30 PM: Message edited by: Fieldmarshall ]
  20. JA JA Mach Schnell mit..the uhh..oh hell I 've forgotten the German word for trees..oh well..
  21. Ok everybody, something went to hell and gone..god knows what.. But a virus has infected or got into my e-mail and sent it self to all of the people in the adress book..I DID NOT SEND THIS STUFF INTENTIALLY..if you get any e-mails from aaron.hirschi@gte.net/niles.hirschi@gte.net/Yance.hirschi@gte.net...or any suspicios e-mails from other CM guys, DONT OPEN THEM! They will infect your adress book and send e-mails to everyone in your adress book..MadMatt e-mailed me from a weird message I did not send...Maximus e-mailed me awhile ago, and had a simaler problem..BEWARE! It will send it to all, and if it infects your computer, it will do a lot of damage that needs to be cleaned out!, it wont boot properly etc..and a few other problems, this again is unintentional and I apologize if anyone has been affected from me..etc etc. Keep your eyes open --J. Niles Hirschi
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