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  1. SLAP

    Manual font?

    It's Chalkduster. Looks to be widely available as a free download. S
  2. I've just finished the update. Nothing broken so far. Both CMBN (+CW & MG) an CMFI (+GL) work fine – so long as you don't open them from a window on a secondary monitor. When I did this, the home game screen appeared on the second screen, but I wasn't able to click any of the buttons and had to force quit. Be interesting to see if any of the under-the-hood improvements to RAM usage help CM performance. I don't expect to see any effect as I have 16GB installed. I guess there could be a performance increase for older machines with less memory? Cheers S
  3. I think they exhausted the supply of big cat names, Michael. OSX Ocelot or Serval maybe doesn't have the same gravitas? S
  4. I'm currently running 10.8.5, and thinking of upgrading to Mavericks this weekend. Has anyone else already upgraded? And if you have, where there any issues with either game performance or the DRM system? Any feedback appreciated! Cheers S
  5. SLAP

    MG Bridge Issues

    I've encountered the same problem – using the Arnhem QB map. Happy to supply a safe game if required. Just let me know where to send . . Cheers S
  6. SLAP

    Whats your age?

    45. Last time I responded to an "average age" thread here I was 34... S
  7. SLAP

    Sherman v Tiger

    Hellman of Hammer Force. Awesome. Damn. Now I feel old...
  8. SLAP

    Got the Steel Box!!

    Mine arrived today (Edinburgh, Scotland). No damage, no extra fees, very nice looking product.
  9. Command-Shift-3 to take a Mac screenshot. Latest version of QuickTime lets you record videos of your favourite scenes too . . . S
  10. SLAP

    CM:BN - Mac crash report

    Thanks Phil. S
  11. SLAP

    CM:BN - Mac crash report

    I've been able to run the demo fairly successfully until now, however I upgraded the RAM in my imac from 2 to 4 gig this evening and now it won't work!! . . . when I try to open it all I get is a blank dialog box with "Combat Mission Battle for Normandy DEMO" in the title bar. The system profiler is reading the RAM as okay, and all the other applications on the Mac (Adobe CS4, Lightroom, Safari even Microsoft Office) are working fine. I've reset the PRAM, repaired the permissions, and even trashed the demo and re-installed, but it still won't work. Anyone have any ideas how I resolve this? Cheers S
  12. SLAP

    CM:BN Pre-odered

    Once you go Mac you never go back.
  13. I've read first and third person accounts of WWII crews re-joining a battle in a different tank to the one they started in, so I don't consider it particularly gamey. I've always thought it was odd that it wasn't possible in CM:SF, given what else the crew can do. For example, in a game last night I used a (depleted) Abrams crew to raid a Stryker for its Javelin and all available ammo, then managed to knock out two tanks as a result. In fact, it's possible to bail crews at the start of a game, acquire Javelins, then put them back into their (original) tank, effectively giving them extra AT assets to carry with them for the rest of the scenario... Anyway, really appreciated the DAR/AAR. SLAP
  14. On the subject of re-manning vehicles – Elvis, you had intended to rush another crew over to replace the crew of the Sherman which bailed. But you didn't need to as you managed to get the original crew back on-board. This has previously been impossible in CM:SF. Is it now possible to man tanks with different crews? SLAP