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  1. Hope I'm not getting ahead of myself, but I went ahead and picked out my award. I'm going with a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS in flashy red. It's only about $120k, surely Steve at @Battlefront.com can afford to give this as a tourney award right? 😀 P.S. I am serious... and don't call me Surely! ðŸĪŠ
  2. Raising this thread from the grave! 😀 So wasn't battlefront suppose to give some kind of an award to the victor of this tourney? I ask because @Bootie from FGM hooked me up with a kool swag plaque! ðŸĪ™
  3. Great job on your CMBS mods, I got em all! As for modding CMSF2, it should be no different than what you've done with CMBS. As a fan I look forward to your work!
  4. MeatEtr

    How Exciting...

    Yep CMSF really turned into a great war game in its own right, especially with all the modules. It taught or reminded many that a good war game is a good war game period, regardless of the theater/time frame it takes place in. Guess I was part of the group who bought it primarily for a taste of the new engine and as the appetizer for the inevitable return to WWII. But I ended up loving it and played the hell out of it! Now replaying/revisiting it with the 4 upgrades is quite a treat. Good times ahead!
  5. MeatEtr


    Oh but it will be.... sooner than you think! 😉
  6. Ho ho ho... Santa Steve has arrived... CMSF2 looking good!
  7. MeatEtr

    Sdkfz 10/5 AA 20mm halftrack mod?

    FYI, I noticed this same AA HT in CMRT as well. So if and when it ever gets modded, it could double duty in both games.
  8. MeatEtr

    Sdkfz 10/5 AA 20mm halftrack mod?

    Thanks for trying mjkerner on whipping up a mod for this AA HT. Yeah maybe the master Aris can give it some of his mod love. Known on these forums as @Fuser
  9. MeatEtr

    Sdkfz 10/5 AA 20mm halftrack mod?

    I believe this oddball AA HT came in the vehicle pack, so it may have been overlooked.
  10. MeatEtr

    Sdkfz 10/5 AA 20mm halftrack mod?

    Thanks but I tried those already, except for the snow versions since they do me no good in CMBN.
  11. Thought I had pretty much everything modded in CMBN but saw this guy in one of my latest battles. Tried searching for it over at CMMODs and couldn't find it. Maybe I missed something. Any mods for it?
  12. MeatEtr

    Running CM on TV

    Ok I figured it out, or more like I found the fix here. If only I had searched for it like 4 hrs ago. Oh well, life goes on, works like a charm now. Thanks for the input anyway!
  13. MeatEtr

    Running CM on TV

    Ok now remember why I went with VGA when I set this up a couple years ago. It was because I didn't have an extra HDMI cable but had plenty of VGAs and adapters. So went that route instead of the norm. But now I do have a HDMI cable and got it set up but am still getting the same error. So now im more puzzled, VGA and HDMI give me the same error. Tried fiddling around with some of the settings in the Nvidia cp, turned off all AA and ani filtering but still same error. Gotta be something Im missing.
  14. MeatEtr

    Running CM on TV

    Ok thanks, yeah I was thinking of going that route too. Will have to pickup a DVI to HDMI adapter somewhere. But dont see why VGA isn't working for CM since other games dont have a problem with it.