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  1. 2.5 years old and bumping this up. I come in occasionally to see what might be happening with multiplayer modes. Is the 3rd gen engine in design? Will TCP Wego with rewind and replay - or something even better - make it to the design stage? I would return to CM if my opponents and I could meet up online, play tcp and be able to make effective use of Wego and replay. CM was never an arcade game for me - and strategy requires at least a bit of space for brain think...…...
  2. Thought I'd pop back into BF - used to play CMBB and CMAK all the time, but fell out of love with the series because the new CMBN engine didnt support multiplayer TCP wego effectively. What's the situation now with multiplayer formats? Can TCP games happen with an ability to replay each 60 secs as many times as needed? Or has the engine developed any new slants to online multiplayer?
  3. This is really just a report because I have found the workaround - but just to say as a Radeon R9 200 series owner none of my SC games will run on any of the drivers since March 2016. I have to roll back to March 2016 and try and prevent driver update. Not a problem at the moment as all other programs will run with that legacy 2016 driver - but if there is some kind of functionality being taken away then might it eventually impact on SC3 when it comes out? In other words - how long before other apps wont work without the latest driver, but that latest driver is no good for SC? Just a thought. Anyone else found this problem?
  4. Totally agree with you Pandur. CM2 killed the CM franchise for me because it wrecked TCP multiplayer. The CM1 WeGo principle was brilliant - but it disappeared in reality with CM2. Playing by email is ok.... but to be honest pbem games are losing a bit of their lustre. An ability to play simultaneously with chat is far better. I pop back from time to time to this forum to see what is going on - hoping that perhaps the realtime clickfest approach of CM2 has made BF enough money that they might be able to bring back the thoughtful elements of the game that were at the core of CM1. I continue to live in hope.
  5. Wow - follow up having just bumped into a thread Steve put out a while back regarding the future. And in that post was a mention of 4.0. Steve - please please please can the possibility of reintroducing proper turn based Wego by TCP with multiple replays be considered for the new engine? I know it would require one machine to create the minute of action, and then transfer the video file to the other player in order to make multiple replays possible, but most internet connections these days are so fast that the length of time to transfer that file would not be big anymore. I guess players that like WeGo are all playing these days by pbem... but if they have never played the old TCP WeGo way they dont know what they are missing in terms of immersion. Stick a timer on the turn so that both players have to work to it, and add the banter that can be engendered either by typing or by something like teamspeak and you have a whole other world of play and fun. Email turns are dry. Players who are desperate can replay and replay and spend hours getting it right - or some will whip turns out in 10 minutes but there is no camaradery - or very little in an email comment. People are increasingly spending time playing strategy games online in MM environments like World of Tanks for example, and it is knocking pbem into the old days. I have played countless pbem games but dont bother anymore. It isnt enjoyable - and dont get me started on learning to best an AI opponent. A waste of precious life hours! The community need the rebirth of TCP WeGo with multiple replays and timed turns. There is nothing like it.
  6. The loss of multiple replays from the TCP WeGo option has effectively made that format of play redundant. I have now played 3 games of CMRT with TCP WeGo and unless the battle is no bigger than an extended platoon you simply dont get to see what is happening on the battlefield. The turn ends, you scroll over to that pair of assault guns to give them new orders only to find that one is destroyed and one damaged. But you can see nothing... cannot get any handle on what happened to them. It is like playing a wargame in the dark. BF removed the feature because the new engine couldnt handle it in the way it was designed. For the serious armchair generals who played by TCP in the days of CM1 it was the worst thing they could have done... but it clearly wasnt a money spinner. Which has left a good number of people trawling around for a game that offers what CM1 offered - but quite simply there isnt one of the same calibre. The frustrating thing is that changes to windows is making it harder and harder to keep CM1 up and working - and so the search for alternatives is becoming more frenzied. If you like TCP play then at a global level I would recommend Strategic Command Assault on Democracy - an excellent game and very playable by TCP, but it is a tile based game and not a 3D battlefield. In terms of turn based 3D gaming of good quality for TCP then the market is pretty bare. Which does lead me to a thought - there are enough gamers aged 45+ who dont care for the real time click fest of most 3D multiplayer and who like the online sense of communication and fun that a turn based TCP game creates to suggest that there is a niche in the market (all be it probably a small one) to create something akin to CM1 with the WeGo functionality that it brought and make some money. At least I very much hope that this is the case and that someone somewhere will fill the void.
  7. I have returned to CM1 after a break of 6 years. Wonderful game. Clunky - BUT 2 player TCP works properly! CM2 is broken for me without proper replay functionality with TCP. Anyway - the game works absolutely fine on a 8.1 platform except for the map editor. I am hankering after building a very big scenario so I loaded up an old operation from many years ago with a map 6km by 2km. But the map editor is slow. It was always a bit slow in the old days in my experience - when trying to traverse around the editor it was always jerky on any of the 3 machines I played it on - but with my modern machine it is so slow that there is no way I can build and edit a map. Clicking on the arrows to traverse the map in editor mode results in nothing happening for 5mins or more. If I load up a pre built map of around 1km by 1km it is a bit quicker, but by "quicker" I mean I only have to wait for 2 - 3 mins for every click of the map editor rather than 5. Any ideas?
  8. I'm trying again tonight using my windows 8.1 rig. Havent tried 1.03 yet with that one. Both your cpus in your stats there pkanarki are intel. I only ever buy AMD. I wonder if it might possible be a cpu issue....? Piatpunk has also reported no problems with 1.03, and he is using intel cpus.... My playing opponent is also using an AMD cpu...
  9. Hmmm - that is interesting. I got the initial bug way back in April 2014 on my other machine - a windows 8.1 platform with radeon GPU. The machine this week with the problem is a win7 machine with a GForce GPU. Both have AMD CPUs - the only difference with your setup above. Might possibly be an AMD CPU problem if you have not had any issues with Intel chips.... I'll add this data to my ticket.
  10. The unsyncing that I have witnessed only appears after a save. I havent managed to reproduce it in a game started from scratch and run for anything up to 24 turns (last game I tried.) But as soon as it is saved and reloaded - clocks unsync,
  11. Reiter - see my posts on this forum already. The problem was identified last year and I got a ticket saying it had been reproduced back in April 2014. I have just returned to playing CM again to try again using 1.03 - and the bug you report happens still. It only happens after a save... there is no problem playing the game up until it is saved. For me the game is therefore wrecked. The 2 player wego function of CM1 made it unique. CM2 has finally brought back this type of play (even though replays cannot be watched over and over which is a great pity) but it doesnt work. If I wanted a 1 player real time sim I could pick any number of options. BF produced something unique and wonderful back in the days of CM1... and the fact that we are still unable to play online wego with the new engine is a huge disappointment. I paid full price for both CMBN and now CMRT and have got no gameplay out of either because of the lack of effective 2 player online play via wego. I'll hope that the problem gets fixed. Whoever said it was fixed in a previous patch cant have properly road tested it. The bug is extremely easy to reproduce. I have 2 desktop systems here with quite different specs - and the bug appears the same on both systems. It looks unlikely to be hardware to me.
  12. My ongoing problems with broken TCP wego are also after saving. It was supposed to be fixed - it isnt. Is there something going on when the game is saved that is changing or corrupting data?
  13. Sorry Phil - but the bug is still there. I just returned to CM after months of playing Strategic Command - was excited to load the 1.03 version up expecting the online wego but to be fixed. But same result. My opponent and I played 24 turns last night without a problem. Saved it. Loaded it back up this evening and after 1 turn we were 3 secs out of sync on our clocks, and after 2 turns it increased to 18 secs. On that second turn the graphics slowed to a crawl as the 2 machines struggled. The next turn then crashed. This is exactly the same as the initial bug report posted. Something happens to the game once it is saved that is preventing it from running properly upon load up. To say I am gutted is an understatement.
  14. Near final scoreboard is here. Isnogud is clearly going to be the winner. Congratulations to him.
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