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  1. 46 minutes ago, John Kettler said:

    This is without a doubt the most incredible miniature wargaming story I've ever read. The industry has reached heights my mind can scarcely imagine, still less accept. CM IS ecrack, but for gamers who play minis this is...



    John Kettler

    Another hilarious interpretation:  "Warhammer 40k are ridiculous, over-the-top pastiches, created by people who were bored and angry under Margaret Thatcher, and channelled that rage into worlds where everyone is the villain, and hope has been extinguished for millennia."

    However it's a fun article and fascinating to read how a niche market has grown to be so mainstream and profitable. Perhaps there is hope for us hardcore wargamers and BF...

  2. On 6/12/2019 at 1:18 AM, John Kettler said:


    Impressive stupidity, but I've got an even more spectacular example.

    Regards,You say you don't keep your cat inside at night?


    John Kettler

    Yup.  A silly attempt to blacken the cat's reputation regardless of color.  The sample was tiny and in any case, more than half the cats didn't roam.  So, the more accurate conclusion is that most cats do not roam, and NOT the alarmist interpretation that all cats are somehow dangerous to the environment because they all roam.  And anyway what damage are they causing - it doesn't say.  Maybe they are doing something useful like keeping down the rodent population.  A wonderfully funny and silly example of ecology/green political correctness gone mad.

     "25 cats were originally outfitted with GPS trackers but only 14 continued to keep them on for the entire experiment. Some owners said that their cat would not move after being fitted with the tracker. If that was the case, they were quickly removed."

  3. It's great to have the ability to create "realistic" battles easily.  But, it's surprising that CM2 doesn't offer an "anything goes" option where one can easily create any strange mix of units one wants - like one could with the CM1 game.  It doesn't stop anyone from playing as realistically as they want.  But why restrict the option?

  4. GBP... 

    To be comfortable or to buy a house I reckon you'd need (well) over 100K GBP income.  Hard to find anything much under 500K to buy.  An ok house in a mediocre area may be in the 750K-1.5 million quid range.  Nice houses in a good area are easily 2-4 million quid.  Rents are equally high. 

    Many lovely single family houses are being ripped apart into multiple apartments - maybe in the 300-500K range in a mediocre area.  Also, very little offstreet parking in London means that areas where houses have been turned into multiple apartments are very frustrating to find a parking spot.

  5. With the prices sm seeing in London (esp accommodation) you'd have to also have a 2nd job as a pizza delivery boy (or similar) to be able to afford to live here and teach at King's College lol.  Can't see how anyone can live in London with a decent standard of living with much under 75K.  

  6. I thought it was common knowledge, but am sure I read accounts of transports getting lost or spooked and ordering jumps in the wrong location - if over open water that would be fatal for heavily laden troops.

    Right now Google is swamped with the usual celebratory stuff, so hard to find info.

  7. Note that folks regards casualties as "very high", but at about 14,000 out of about 130,000 that's about 11% - and they would be nearly all combat troops as doubt there would be many rear echelon troops on the beach the first day.  So, 10%+ casualties in a CM game is high.

  8. 11 hours ago, user1000 said:

    You just put the file (ddraw.dll) that zuf linked to, into all your Combat Mission 1 games. It goes where the game .exe is located.


    If you still don't know or forgot where it is, click the game icon on your desktop, start menu or windows search for the game right click it, a box will pop up at the bottom click open file location and it will take you right to the folder that is where to paste the ddraw.dll to enable fog.

    So the file ddraw.dll does not replace anything, one just adds it to the folder where the.exe is located?

    If that's all there is to it, that's great!  Thanks...

  9. Have always wondered about the pilots who dropped their paras over the ocean.  Did they know they'd just killed them all.  Or, would the crews assume they'd dropped them at the correct location.  The article says that the crews and paras had all trained together so knew each other quite well.  

  10. Good to know.  I kept some Win 7 machines just for that purpose.  

    Contact Bootie re his new site for all the CM1 content.

    Can you provide simple crayon level step by step instructions on how to install the new "DirectDraw wrapper".   I clicked on the link but was immediately lost as to what to d/l.  Unfortunately, these days we have to be paranoid about downloading the wrong program.

  11. It is interesting how putting things slightly out of focus can make them look better/more like RL.  I think it may be that we are used to the slightly less sharp look of film vs the ultra crisp look of digital photography.  Also RL has atmospherics - dust and haze which softens an image and its colors.

    The only place one sees digital crisp images and colors is in space where there are no atmospherics to interfere.



  12. Good to see respect for the original CM games.  For those who have never enjoyed them, they require less micromanaging and are therefore simpler but more entertaining than the more hardcore/detailed CM2 sim games.  Also, in CM1 it's easy to play on huge maps (up to 8 Km x 4 Km in CMAK IIRC) with a regimental sized task force on each side.

  13. 8 hours ago, IICptMillerII said:

    Would you rather spend $100,000 on a missile to kill a single sniper, or would you rather sacrifice the life of your son to kill the sniper? I would gladly rot in debtors prison before I even began contemplating the latter option. 

    Totally understandable and who would disagree?

    But, we're talking about the economics of war.  It's not viable to use $100,000 to kill one person when one has tens of thousands (or more) persons to kill.  (Unless one gutted all other weapons platforms expenditures/purchases.)  Overly expensive wars are what destroy empires.

  14. 5 hours ago, Kaunitz said:

    So the lower silhouette is not just visual, but also reduces the soldiers' chance to get hit.

    Ah...  That's impressive.  I thought it was just better/more realistic-looking eye-candy.  Either way I'd use it if the animation looks good as I have only had time to play vs AI.

    From what Ian said, there is only an advantage to the player using this mod if his computer is the one doing the calculations - so every alternate turn(?)

    Wish one day I'll have more time for H2H as a more cunning oppo would be fun.  (I played always H2H in CM1, but hated waiting a day or two for turns as often had crises erupting.)

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