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  1. I sent the files you requested to your dropbox.  I have done similar in the past.  Not sure why you didn't receive.  I think all one has to do is drag and drop files into the dropbox window.  But, it's been a while since I last did this.  Is there a step I missed?   Am very busy at present so do not have a lot of time to experiment/troubleshoot.

  2. 2 hours ago, MikeyD said:

    If BFC ever does go to North Africa I'd expect it would start with Operation Torch - Americans in their Lees and Stuarts., then progress to Tunisia. The 1942 battle of El Alamein would be outside of the title's timeframe. Brits probably wouldn't show up until the first module. That's their usual pattern.

    One can understand the commercial decision if US is the biggest market.  But, doing everything in reverse chronological order drives many of us nuts.  And the early days of fluid desert battles with Rommel vs the Brits would be far more interesting and different than Tunisia - which one suspects would play much like CMFI, so "been there, done that".

  3. 9 hours ago, Mord said:

    Keyboard and mouse. Which is fine, it works pretty nice once you get the hang of it. The cool part is you can play it completely in first person mode if you want complete immersion. There's a good amount of vids on Youtube if you want to do more research. Like most sims it's not a game for everyone.



    Used to love First Person games like Microprose's M1 Tank platoon and early versions of Steel Beasts.  Your pics of your sim look amazing.  

  4. Also a revamp of the ACQUIRE system so that adjacent units could swap ammo (at least) with some limitations and time penalties - thus eliminating the non fun "make work" aspects of 1) split squads 2) embark several teams 3) ACQUIRE ammo and weapons 4) Disembark 5) reintegrate the squad 6) split the squad again to desired teams.

    Also would like to see a "Wait in Ambush to shoot, then scoot to cover" order for snipers and AT teams.

  5. 56 minutes ago, Bulletpoint said:

    Well, if we can play a 12+ year game system when the tech has moved on so much since 2007, why not a 17+ year game system?

    It true that chess is hundreds of year old and people still love it.  On the other hand why don't we continue to play CM1 as that's only 20 years old?  If CM1 had been incrementally improved that would enable us to play the entire war from 1941 for the last 20 years, and not have to wait another 5+ years.  

    It's only in the last year or two that CM1 has dropped off even at Band Of Brothers.  The reality is that, unlike outliers like chess and GO etc., entertainments need to evolve/improve in order to continue to attract the market.  

  6. Are there any historical characters who used to be thought of as heroes or brilliant who have not now fallen from their pedestals thru revisionism?  Monty seems to be reviled today as too slow and cautious even tho' his main task was to minimize British casualties as Britain had lost so many in WW1.  Are Patton, Lincoln and Washington today similarly recognized as being "lucky" altho' inept?   Am genuinely curious.  

  7. +1 for "Competent Incompetence" campaign.  Probably the best one of the few that were made for CMA.

    As SS says, some of the stock scenarios were criticised for being very hard/miserable to play.  Recommend getting user made scenarios.


    Re Mods, go to the main game folder and open "Data" and create a Z folder in the Data folder and put mods in that folder.  (CMA and CMBN do not keep mods where the other newer titles do.)

  8. 2 hours ago, MikeyD said:

    I recall CMx1 game engine had captured prisoners walking to the enemy's map edge. Sometimes they'd walk right back to their own unit!

    Am pretty sure one could order POW's to go anywhere.  One often needed to escort them cos if they ran into an active member of their side they could revert to enemy status - albeit with no weapons.

  9. Yeah, I Ioved the ability to play from Barbarossa till the end of the war in CMBB.  It's definitely a reason that CM1 lasted as long as it did (eg the tournaments on Band Of Brothers site).  But, it seems that the CM1 clubs are pretty much defunct now. 

    If I was a betting guy, I would bet against seeing early WW2 in CM2.  At the current rate of releases that would take another 5 years minimum, and it's hard to imagine playing a 17+ year old CM2 game system when the game tech will have moved on so much by then.


  10. CMA was developed by a different company with some arrangement with BF and I noticed there are some differences in the way the mods work.  However, it plays just like a CM2 game - but CMA won't have the upgrades that all the other BF titles have enjoyed over the past 5+ years.  Some of us really like the CMA topic and game itself - it's quite different from the modern titles or the WW2 titles.  Presumably it is really cheap now, so I'd recommend getting a copy if you can.

  11. 15 minutes ago, Bulletpoint said:

    There is no "computer player". In a singleplayer scenario, you're playing against the human designer.

    In terms of overall strategy that's true, but the pixeltruppen have rather good tactical AI that (in most cases) make them look like they are reacting or functioning like real folks.

    AI is really, really hard to program.  It's the sort of stuff very large companies commit tens, probably hundreds of millions to develop and still can't get it right.  So, BF has done a good job - regardless of some of the issues mentioned.

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