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  1. 23 hours ago, IanL said:


    23 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

    more points should be available for preserving one's own force than for destroying the enemy, for modern western formations at least.

    + the biggest differentiation between RL casualty rates and in game rates is now *we* play. We keep going when real force commanders would pull back and break contact. We move much to fast a lot of the time short cutting on scouting, forgoing the 5min wait for supporting fire etc. Defenders stick it out when they would really elect to preserve there force and withdraw. Attackers keep trying even as they have lost so much.


    Also, CMSF1 scenarios heavily penalized one for friendly casualties (and often for using too much ammo as well).  That really taught one to preserve friendly forces as well as ammo.  Made me a much better CM1 player.  But, it was a shock to play the later WW2 titles and then CMBS where bloodbaths seemed to be more normals and acceptable.  

  2. 10 hours ago, John Kettler said:

    There will be 30+ C-47s re-enacting the airborne drops.



    John Kettler

    His comments are interesting.  Eg:  "We had the sten gun, which was very basic and accurate only up to 50 yards. And they put this little thing on the end to serve as a bayonet, but you wouldn’t want to be that close. It was a pathetic gun”.

  3. 4 hours ago, WhiteWolf65 said:

    Also, ArmA II and III will not be sold to anyone living in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and I think Pakistan.

    It's understandable why that is the rule.  However, in our connected world, it's hard to see how anyone could think this distribution can't easily happen  - and already has.

  4. Probable political issues - similar to why no Arab-Israeli version.   Wouldn't be good optics if it came out that Russia or Arabs were using CM2 to practice successful tactics vs the west.  That's the downside of attempting to create an "accurate simulation".

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