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  1. Anyone downloaded and installed this (for CMBN, CMFI, CMFB and CMRT)? I have it, but when I try and open the rar file, one of the items triggers an "Error" message and freezes the process. I have to go to Task manager to shut it down. Have tried a couple of the d/l links and while the file that produces the error msg is different, the unpack process always freezes.
  2. Erwin

    HQS 3.0 at CMMODS

    The sound wav I test was identical in all three "Parts". Hope one does not have to test every file to figure out if there are options that should not be deleted. Anyone know... Is the creator here?? Oh, well have to pick this up after trip... Merry Xmas everyone!
  3. Erwin

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Perfect timing as always! Am about to leave for the airport for trip with no game computer or internet for 3 weeks. But youse guys can test for the bugs so I gets the perfected version when I get back (Inshallah). Merrrrrry Xmas to you all!
  4. Erwin

    HQS 3.0 at CMMODS

    I think I have extracted everything ok. Am now puzzled why there are so many duplicate folders with what appear to be the same files in them. eg All three "Parts" have a background folder and in each folder the files are all named the same eg: "background day combat [autumn].wav" etc. They all sound exactly the same to me.
  5. Erwin

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Interesting stuff. Thanks for the education.
  6. Erwin

    HQS 3.0 at CMMODS

    There are 4 links for the d/l. When I tried to unzip the first with Bandizip it says "The file is broken or another split file is needed". I think there is way of doing it manually. But, the files do not automatically open like with a regular zip folder. BTW: Was puzzled that Part 1 has a bunch of background sounds. But, Parts 2 and 3 also have exactly the same named background sounds. Also, the Part 2 and Part 3 folders have exactly the same named subfolders inside ("background; explosions; other; vehicle loops; voices; weapons")? Did you combine the subfolders with the same name together in one folder or do the files all need to be kept in separate subfolders?
  7. Looking forward to this. Very cool...
  8. Firstly, Razorback Ridge is winnable. But IIRC I had to replay it a few times, and there is not much worse experience in a leisure game than having to replay a campaign mission multiple times to get through to the next mission. The Courage & Fortitude campaign is the 2nd hardest campaign I have ever played. But, it is a great "graduation" campaign for when one considers oneself to be a good player. I remember that the final mission of the C&F campaign was one of the best CMBN missions I ever played. So, I would encourage you to persevere... Some designers, probably I suspect cos they have replayed and tested their own designs so much they know all the tricks, end up making their scenarios more and more difficult until they themselves have a problem winning it - and that makes is very hard on customers who want to a fair chance at winning first time. There are other xnt campaigns available. While I hate giving up on anything - including horrible movies or books - maybe you should simply move on to one of the better ones.
  9. Erwin

    The Best Battlefield Simulator Ever Made

    Agreed. Have found that earlier eras like Napoleonics and ACW are more fun at the strategic level. Am a huge fan of the original ROME: TOTAL WAR game. That was primarily strategic but it was great fun to play out a tactical battle if one chose to vs let the AI make the determination.
  10. Ah... thank you. Will make sure in future to check if there are two walls or one between rooms/adjacent buildings and act accordingly.
  11. Just trying to understand this... You are saying that all pre-made buildings available in the editor have thinner interior walls? But, when two buildings are placed adjacent, sometimes they have two exterior type walls adjacent and sometimes they do not? Have assumed that if one places two buildings adjacent that then they would all then have two exterior walls adjacent. But if that's not correct, it would be helpful to know which multiroom buildings constructed by the designer do and which do not... Or what the rule governing this is. Going through one exterior wall and then two exterior walls adjacent would presumably make a significant difference to kinetic objects' penetration compared to going through one exterior wall, and then one thinner interior wall.
  12. Erwin

    The Best Battlefield Simulator Ever Made

    I appreciate that Michael - but didn't think one could in any way consider ACW or Napoleonics competition for CM series. The problem with the otherwise good Mad Minute games of this genre is that after playing a few battles and getting used to the system, every battle feels the same. It took me a few weeks to get bored with it.
  13. You are saying that when two buildings adjacent to each other, the wall between them is a single thickness wall? Do you know if it is a thinner "interior-type" wall or the same thickness as an exterior wall? Am trying to figure out why using the Bradley's main gun on one wall doesn't not seem to affect an enemy behind a 2nd wall. And why inf using TARGET has similar non-effect across 2 walls. Or, is it as Bulletpoint said that in that situation the inf fire actually hits the floor of the first room and does not continue to hit the 2nd wall? (That would explain things.)
  14. Love using experienced snipers. You can check his kill results if this was a campaign. (Not sure if one can in a scenario.) With a Crack or Elite sniper unit it's a lot of fun to give it waypoints with 5-10 second pauses then have him crawl away to a 2nd firing position. The guy will usually get a kill, then move away, then at the next waypoint and pause he kills again, then crawls away etc. Good DAR - thanks...
  15. Erwin

    Artillery Spotters

    There used to be a bug where if the FO was killed during the spotting round phase either the FFE barrage continued but very inaccurately, or, the battery was permanently "busy" and the player couldn't reassign the battery. That was fixed. So, AFAIK the battery will become available again. If the FO is KO'd after FFE is initiated, the strike will continue as planned. (The player can cancel if he wants.) I reported another hard to duplicate bug that enables one to use one FO to call in more than one battery on different targets which one is not supposed to be able to do. It's still in the CMSF2 demo I played, but am hoping it will be fixed for the release. It's not a biggy as it's not easy to find/reproduce the bug. One has to be a fanatic, detail-oriented nutjob player (like moi) to figure it out. So, not a gamebreaker issue for the average gamer.
  16. You mean when it's a "pre-made" multiroom building available in the editor. Yes I understand that. But, many buildings are constructed by the designer, and in those cases am theorizing that the adjacent "interior" walls are actually double exterior walls. That presumably would affect penetration and explain some of the challenges I described. It's just something that a player needs to be aware of when planning an assault.
  17. It doesn't matter what era the game is set in. The question is whether building walls have similar characteristics between titles. AFAIK there is no such thing as an "interior wall" in CM2. If the building parameters are the same across titles, and all building walls are actually exterior-type walls (ie: stronger/thicker than what is normal for interior walls) then it explains why there is little effect when one tries to shoot through an exterior wall into a room and expect the fire to continue out the back 2nd (exterior-type) wall, then through the 3rd (exterior-type) wall into the next room where an enemy may be lurking in ambush. That certainly explains what I have been seeing in any CM2 title, not just the modern ones. This may simply be another of those situations where the game doesn't reflect RL. It's not a game breaker, just an observation that players need to take into account that penetration of projectiles into multi-room buildings is poor and why ambushes from units in a 2nd room are hard to counter without destroying the building.
  18. Erwin

    The Best Battlefield Simulator Ever Made

    Hence the original developer being called "Mad Minute Games"... It is the same developer... http://www.madminutegames.com/
  19. My experience was in the CMSF2 demo - am presuming (maybe wrong) that CM2 buildings have similar walls across all titles and that two adjacent rooms have 2 walls between them. If the system uses the same specs for interior walls as for exterior walls, it would explain why it is so hard to have much if any effect when firing at the exterior of building on an enemy in an adjacent 2nd room (ie projectiles would effectively have to pass through 3 exterior walls).
  20. Erwin


    Maybe it's a similar reason why I could never get into D&D - my imagination doesn't run that way. Eg: After CM came out and one got the experience of moving 3D units around - like miniatures - I found it hard hard to play a top down 2D wargame. Altho am loving Grigsby's WITPAE currently. But that's a grand strategy game with tactical features.
  21. What am wondering is if all walls of all buildings in CM games are built like exterior walls. If correct, that would mean that interior walls between rooms which are usually thinner/weaker are in fact double exterior walls. Hence the problems of firing at an exterior wall, penetrating into the first room, then through what are supposed to be weaker interior walls and having an effect on units inside a 2nd room. I seem to recall tests which showed the impressive capacity for even small arms to penetrate significant obstacles like breezeblocks etc which are what most ME building walls are made of (at least those that I saw out there). So, it should not be hard to have an effect on units in an interior room as described.
  22. Erwin

    The Best Battlefield Simulator Ever Made

    This seems very similar to Mad Minute Games ACW titles from over a decade ago - but with better higher def graphics. Very enjoyable for a while. But, battles all seem the same after a while. Wonder if it's the same developers.
  23. Erwin

    Hello and intro from me

    Welcome! +1 re North Africa CM2:DAK. Everyone is clamoring for CMSF2 which is set in basically he same desert terrain. So, the NA terrain is already available! I loved the maneuver warfare that was a feature of the CM1 CMAK game. "I haven't come across too many female wargamers in my time and that extends to my wife who hasn't embraced this passion of mine´╗┐." This problem can be easily solved by hermetically sealing yourself away playing CM2 and being emotionally unavailable. Problem usually goes away after a while. Hope this helps...
  24. Erwin


    Interesting. Altho back when I was a fanatic cardboard wargamer, I couldn't get into this game at all. I liked moving counters on a map!
  25. Erwin

    Russian army under equipped?

    Funny that the paint scheme has to be identical for each vehicle. (Makes it easier to see once one know what to look for I suppose.)