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  1. The CM2 editor scares me the same way some are scared of dying in a flaming wreck on the freeway. Irrational I know...
  2. Yes, as others noted it is very useful to understand WHY you choose the units you do, what their purpose is etc. Also, during the AAR, it's invaluable to have explained the thinking/intentions behind the tactics used. While so far, CMBS is by far the most lethal of all the CM2 titles, this is probably the best form of tutorial for modern-ish CM2 games.
  3. I already have a "Vega Force" dated March 2015. Is that the same scenario?
  4. Exploded the brz and loaded it in my CMBS. But, still have to start a game and get something blown up. The sound is good. It will be interesting to see its effect since it varies so much due to its length. One rarely stays looking at a burning vehicle in the game for that amount of time.
  5. I had just about all the campaigns and scenarios ever made for all titles and transmitted em all for a new resource so they are all available. Am sure someone will provide you with the link.
  6. Erwin

    New Website status update

    New website looks terrific. My only thought is on the "My Orders Page" to give a text title as to what the order was for. At the moment there is only a date and order number. One has no idea what that data refers to should one want to re-download a particular item - one can have up to 19 anonymous purchases to figure out.
  7. It would be interesting if, depending on which buildings or approaches a player chose, entering certain buildings would act as triggers for uncon responses. That would massively increase replayability value.
  8. Um. It would be helpful if you didn't use link that require logging into some other service. eg: Some of us don't use Facebook etc for security issues...
  9. Erwin

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    Actually, I didn't vote for Trumpy. (At the time, I rather liked the old fellow that The Dems and Hillary cheated and who might have beaten Trump.) But, sad how you try to use that to dismiss my points - like calling someone a "racist" to stop all discussion cos one can't win the actual discussion. "You missed the point completely. Trump cares, they are his cheerleaders. They don't balk at almost anything he does. They balked on this one." Yes, let's "get this back to just discussing the DPRK" for the 3 or 4 people who actually read this forum b4 they fall asleep.
  10. Erwin

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    Maybe the question is "what matters?" To some of us at least the most important items are 1) improving economy; 2) unrestricted immigration being addressed; 3) no missiles flying; 4) NK and China threats finally being addressed; 5) unemployment down; 6) the "forgotten workers" having hope (finally) etc. I come from an immigrant/refugee from war, working class family, so these items resonate with me. Don't really care who is actually accomplishing any of the above. Don't care about personalities or their characters since the above items are more about national survival and economic improvement. We're already in a 21st century war - economically and culturally. Churchill wasn't a nice man. He was gotten rid of as soon as as WW2 was over. The moral is that whomever can get the job done while the crisis is in effect will continue to be supported. As to your point re NK, thanks to Chinese support, NK has been a nasty totalitarian regime terrorizing their population for decades since Kim #1 in 1948. Hypocritical and politically cynical for folks to suddenly become incensed about NK now.
  11. That's 3. Already a 50% increase in viewership! At this rate there will be a gazillion by next month (according to stockbroker thinking).
  12. Erwin

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    You make it sound like anyone who is anyone cares what the media says - even "Foxy Friends". Altho' agreed... FOX does tend to have the best women re legs, cleavages, skin displayed etc.
  13. Erwin

    Operational Layer

    You guys should take a look at MOS's TOC scenario. TOC shows what can be done to create both an Operational feel in a scenario as well as a COIN experience. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-black-sea/cm-black-sea-add-ons/tactical-operations-center/
  14. Erwin

    champion du monde

    The French play soccer. Who knew...?
  15. Erwin

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    My rule of thumb is to expect little or no truthful or accurate info from press conferences. That's the trouble with the vast majority of our media these days. They have replaced actual news journalism (especially investigative journalism) with parroting press releases and heated and endless "discussion/commentary" shows to fill the breaks between ads. While it is very entertaining to have a fun chat about all this stuff here, the reality is that we will not know what is working or not for some years. People forget how much Abe Lincoln was vilified in the 1860's, and how much FDR was hated in the 30's. History will be the judge. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/06/abraham-lincoln-is-an-idiot/309304/ https://knowledgenuts.com/2014/01/02/abraham-lincoln-was-actually-hated-when-president/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Franklin_D._Roosevelt
  16. Erwin

    Oleksandr's Modding Space CMA

    SchnelleMeyer has just done some. (See his thread.) http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?wpfb_filepage=dra-skins_2-zip But, they are still not up to the same standards as the Soviet and Muj skins
  17. Erwin

    Fortified Map?

    IIRC the first campaign map for Zitadelle campaign features many trenches, bunkers, minefields.
  18. Yes, unless you have an eidetic memory, it is almost essential to write down all intel gathered by Defectors because when the Defectors are evacuated the player will have to remember what intel the Defectors provided so as to determine future COA's (Courses of Action). For players who have been hankering for a large, operational-level feel, low-intensity/COIN scenario in which the player has to analyze and prioritize the importance of various actionable intelligence items that are provided during the game, and which may change the game depending on how the player responds, this is a uniquely brilliant effort by MOS. Hope that TOC will inspire similar efforts when CMSF2 is released as CMSF2 may be even more suitable for this sort of COIN scenario or campaign.
  19. Erwin

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    You forget that Democrats and Republicans (and the UN) have been making concession to NK for decades with nothing in return. Same as with China. That's the whole point - we had to try something new. That's why Trumpy was elected. At least he has gotten over to chat and rattle things. We'll see what results (if any) in the coming years (not weeks or months). Amazed by the sudden short-term thinking and convenient memory loss exhibited in this thread.
  20. Erwin

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    Clearly, they have their own political problems: "The rot in South Korea’s conservative movement set in before Trump’s detente with North Korea. It accelerated with a string of scandals surrounding conservative former president Park Geun-hye that left the movement deeply divided. The daughter of former president Park Chung-hee, an autocrat who presided over an economic boom only to be assassinated in 1979, the younger Park made history as South Korea’s first female president in 2013. But allegations of cronyism soon saw her domestic support drop off dramatically."
  21. Erwin

    DRA skins finished

    Lovely. Thanks...
  22. Erwin

    Oleksandr's Modding Space CMA

    As I mentioned in the other thread, there are good skin mods for the Soviets (and also Taliban/Muj). But the Soviet skins cannot be renamed and used for DRA. The original DRA ones seem to have been made to different specs and are terrible.
  23. Erwin

    DRA skins finished

    Thank you! That is a big improvement. The odd thing is that there are good skin mods for the Russians. But they don't work for the DRA - so were the DRA skins made to different specs?
  24. Aha... Moustaches are the secret weapon of mass deception that we need to deploy!