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    If someone wanted to have a fully modded CM1 game, the easiest way would be to d/l a fully modded CM1 BMP folder and then make improvements (if any) from there on. Depending on Shane's schedule and intentions for CMMODS IV, I could upload my CM1 BMP folders which (to my eye) make the game look almost as good as CM2 when viewed from lever 3 or higher.
  2. Erwin

    "safe" to start playing US campaigns?

    Perhaps what the question is getting at is... since one rarely if ever replays a campaign due to the enormous time commitment, one wants to play the very best version (once). For example: I have already played nearly all the CMSF1 campaigns and am willing to give the CMSF2 versions a go. But only if the campaigns are the final versions with all the CMSF2 bells and whistles.
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  4. Finland used the Swastika for decades after WW2. It was their own historical symbol.
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    Not sure what Shane is planning re CM1. He is doing all the work I am simply supplying the mods and scenarios and campaigns (and also some interesting game data that players accumulated over the years). Re CM1 I have heavily modded BMP folders for CMBB and CMAK (not sure if I still have CMBO). In CM1, one had to replace original "basegame" graphics with new ones in the same BMP folder. So, many of the original (base install) mods are deleted from my CM1 games. But one can get them back by reinstalling a CM1 game. I may still have a lot of "raw" zipped mods that I downloaded for the CM1 games and did not use. But, will have to check when I get back home.
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    Have been following the DoD controversy over the A10 from some years. The USAF wants to do everything from high altitude using precision weapons, while the ground forces want low altitude support. Helicopter support has proven to be too vulnerable, and hence the pressure to keep the A10 is balancing the pressure to retire it. From what I understand the air force is dominated by the "Fighter Pilot" mentality/mafia and they have general disdain for ground support. But, every fight we get into, it's the A10 that gets requested for support. There may also be pressure from Defense Contractors who much prefer to make the most expensive high tech toys that require the most expensive maintenance - all helping the contractors' profits. (That's one of the reason use of SF was resisted until a decade or so ago. Contractors want to built nuke subs and very expensive tanks and aircraft etc.) The A10 is relatively low tech and cheap.
  7. I was pointing out a possible limitation of the AI. Agreed in RL, doesn't make sense.
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    Hope this will be very useful to all members. Glad my mod slut-ness finally paid off.
  9. Isn't it something like the 50 cal can degrade a tank's optics etc? So, the AI may consider it worth shooting at a tank with a 50 cal.
  10. Erwin

    No Tracers

    Holy cow... and I thought I was a fanatic gamer. Spen
  11. Are folks copying the CMSF1 QUICK BATTLE maps into CMSF2? Or are all the QB maps updated and duplicated in CMSF2? What about CMSF1 Scenarios and Campaigns? So many of them are user-made and am wondering if it's worth keeping em all, or if we should start fresh with only new stuff made specifically for CMSF2.
  12. Erwin

    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    I downloaded it and it sits here as a .man file. Thought perhaps there was an error. Will try again... Yup. Tried again and when I select "SAVE AS" it reads "SLA-1.1.man". I renamed it to a .7z file and was then able to open it ok. Strange...
  13. Just trying to get feedback from those who have tried the CMSF1 campaigns in CMSF2 re whether CMSF1 campaigns will function ok. Am presuming that eventually many of the old CMSF1 campaigns will eventually be updated for CMSF2 and who wants to replay a campaign given the time commitment? But, am getting the impression that no one(?) has actually played a CMSF1 campaign in CMSF2. No worries... Time will tell.
  14. Erwin

    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    Now it is a .man file. What is that?
  15. My collection of scenarios and campaigns were already sent to one of the Ian's some time ago - which form the basis for a d/l site already. It's just that now Shane has access to everything on one HD.
  16. I totally understand that it is fun for you and some other folks here. It is definitely not fun for others. What is hard to understand is why it seems so hard for some folks to understand the simple concept that what is fun for one person is not necessarily fun for another person. No one is stopping you from your fun. Why the persistent expectation that everyone else must enjoy the same activities? PS: I also hate football, and pretty much all spectator sports. I love doing things like martial arts. But, I don't expect members here to spar with me. (However, in case you enjoy sparring, of course plz let me know and maybe we can enjoy that together.)
  17. Unless it's been changed in the latest engine, a blast command parallel to a wall or hedgerow may not always work - it depends on how the thing to be demolished lies relative to the map - ie kinda the same issue with jagged sawtooth roads. The other item, assuming it hasn't been changed, is that one should always split an engineer squad, otherwise a full squad may use 2 charges for one blast.
  18. +1 Also, the shield gives little or no protection from fire from the sides. It's one of those issues that due to the vast majority of CM2 maps being relatively small with relatively short LOS, one is "encouraged" to use halftracks at much shorter range than is wise.
  19. Erwin

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Interesting - although notable that it doesn't mention that China has been doing even worse to Pakistan (and other countries) - getting them addicted to so much unsustainable debt that these nations lease out strategic ports etc to the Chinese for strategic military bases. Glad that we are finally noticing and doing something about that.
  20. Maybe there is a translation issue, but unfortunately, I don't have time to spend dozens/hundreds of hours playing a campaign that proves to be unplayable after a bunch of missions. Maybe some folks enjoy replaying campaigns (or scenarios) - but not me. Was hoping that by now, folks would have played enuff to recommend which work and which we have to wait to be updated to CMSF2 standards. Appears that is not the case... No worries. All campaigns and scenarios including user-made are now or soon will be available from the stuff sent to Bootie.
  21. Erwin

    No Tracers

    I always wondered how they handled the game while they slept. Mind you there are also those who play Grigsby's WITPAE on daily turns for the whole war.
  22. Along with all the mods, have also included all the user-made campaigns and scenarios for all CM2 releases in the HD dump to Bootie. But, sorting all that out will be a huge job. Am hoping that Shane can find a way to make everything available for d/l by members. However, each member will have to test each mod they d/l to ensure the old mod(s) still run using the new engine (and make a report to let others know if the mod(s) still work ok or need to be discarded.
  23. Problem is that some CMSF1 campaigns may not play properly in CMSF2 and as I said, who wants to get halfway thru a campaign and find that out...?
  24. Erwin

    Windows 10

    If you mean you installed a CM2 game, it's best to post your question on the General Discussion CM2 forum.