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  1. I installed AVG and put CMFB on its excluded list so the game should run, but, nothing improved. The game seems to start for a fraction of a second and then disappears. Where do you find this page (seen above) for turning off Ransomware Protection? Using instructions: https://kb.acronis.com/content/62142 I don't see any "Ransomware Protection" option. I disabled AVG temporarily in the hope that brings back Defender and I would see the same screen as is shown in the link. But, I do not see the same screen when I click on "Virus and threat protection".
  2. IIRC The CMSF2 demo scenarios were eventually made available for the full game. That was not done for the other titles??
  3. I like Hans Zimmer for modern, but his soundtracks would probably be good for WW2 as well.
  4. A campaign or a scenario is NOT a mod. Campaign and Scenario folders are found under GAME FILES. Check that you put the MOD in the MOD FOLDER.
  5. Download the mod you like. Unzip it if needed. Put in your Mod (or "Z") folder for the game you want it to appear in. Simples...
  6. Yes, what I was trying to say is that CM features huge abstractions like the perceived size/width of a tree and its durability vs sustained large calibre fire, and nit-picking other aspects in a selective manner is perhaps unfair to the game.
  7. Re Early war: It will be nice to have some totally different vehicles. Re Tank gun accuracy: It is is odd that the tests show hits all over the front of the tank while when it hides behind a tree, all the hits are absorbed by the tree. Aside from the questions re why can a tree absorb dozens of rounds and still stand, how come the hit distribution shown by the tests not mean that some of the shots would miss the tree and hit the tank. Does the game simulate trees as being 10 feet wide?
  8. +1 Game software development is very hard - especially the AI part. In addition, while it is wonderful that BF have a govt contract earning them well-deserved extra cash, my experience with the govt is that there are always time-consuming "mission creep/extra requirements" that the govt often expect you to do (often for no extra money). That raises a concern that BF CM2 development for the commercial market (ie us) may be slowed even more. Another issue is that if the govt work is lucrative it will be very hard to not have that become the primary work of BF, regardless of what their stated intentions may be. Been there, done that. Money is very tempting.
  9. This would be the main focus, and the CM system is primarily about tactical conflict by land forces with very limited air (and virtually no amphibious) contributions. On the other hand we have a Japanese mod and scenario someplace, so it could work. As you noted, we know very little about Chinese military capabilities as their RL combat seems to be limited to attacking Indian troops with baseball bats and putting millions of Uighurs in concentration camps.
  10. Completely different challenges with weaker German armor having to use new tactics to deal with the (on paper) stronger and better French and Russian armor. We currently have many different WW2 versions of CM2 but they are all late war and all feature essentially the same equipment (and usually similar tactics). I don't know if you played CM1, but those of us who did, greatly enjoyed being able to play early war scenarios where new equipment was still being tested where one hit did not always mean a kill.
  11. Looks like he's wearing a stars and strips flag neckerchief as well. US spy?
  12. This and other LOS/LOF phenomena are issues that we learn to "play around" but is a related item that needs to be looked at eventually.
  13. LOL Pretty much SOP for many on these forums... After a couple of decades you get used to the phenomenon...
  14. Thought it might be helpful to list all suggestions here so there is a checklist anyone can go through when they encounter problems trying to get CM2 to run on Win 10 machines. It's probably something helpful that Tech Support should have ready to give out to all. Or, have it as a sticky. 1) Try to "Run as Administrator". 2) Check what graphics card is being used: "Open up nVidia control panel. You will have to go to the 3D settings and you can set default GPU from the drop down. If you only have the nVidia GPU, you won't see any other option. That means you can eliminate this as an issue. When I get a new laptop, its the process I have to go through every time. It has nothing to do with Win10. If you feel brave, can create a custom profile for each application or game and choose the GPU for each. For some reason, the CM games always default to the Intel GPU that is part of the Intel chipset. If you have a laptop, you most likely have both GPUs. If its a desktop, its depends on how the system was built. You can also google how to set your default chipset." 3) The problem may be Windows Defender. Try disabling it. You can temporarily disable it with these instructions. Choose Option One: To Turn Off Windows Defender Real-time Protection in Windows Security Option Two: To Turn On Windows Defender Real-time Protection in Windows Security Option Three: To Turn On or Off Windows Defender Real-time Protection in PowerShell Option Four: To Turn On or Off Windows Defender Real-time Protection in Command Prompt Option Five: To Enable or Disable Windows Defender Real-time Protection in Group Policy Option Six: To Enable or Disable Windows Defender Real-time Protection using a REG file Turn off antivirus protection in Windows Security Turn Microsoft Defender Firewall on or off 4) If that doesn't work, try loading a 3rd party security like AVG or AVAST (they are now made by the same company). This will automatically disable Win Defender. 5) Check Task manager to see what if anything is running. 6) Try Microsoft's Process Explorer which can give you a few more details than Task Manager can about what is running on your system. When you extract this program (it doesn't do an 'install') run the 'procexp64.exe' and that will bring up the Process Explorer. With this you can launch it (instead of Task Manager) and then before launching CMFB, go to File > Save as and type a new name for the text file that will be saved. This will default to Process Explorer's directory and you can copy and paste that text up here and we can examine it for what may be running. 6) Check the "Controlled folder access". To navigate to it, type Defender into the search bar, click windows security, scroll down to ransomware protection, click manage ransomware protection, then disable controlled folder access.
  15. Check the "Controlled folder access". To navigate to it, simply type defender into the search bar, click windows security, scroll down to ransomware protection, click manage ransomware protection, then disable controlled folder access.
  16. Thanks. I will give it a try as soon as time allows...
  17. It's probably not realistic re RL, but it's almost a game in itself to see how many weapons one can get a 4 or 5 man crew unit to accumulate.
  18. Very clever psych expt. Re shooting invisible enemies... Many times I see a unit firing at something I cannot see and don't know what it is. So, the AI probably does a better job of seeing (and firing) at enemies than human players. It's similar to the phenomenon when an enemy shoots your tank (or vice versa) through a pixel-wide gap in dense woods that the player cannot possibly see by "eyeballing".
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