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  1. In "Passage To Wilcox" noticed that the Bradleys fire their main 25mm gun even when ordered to TARGET LIGHT. Also, it's possible to use the FIST to order more than one discrete fire mission simultaneously - is that correct? Even tho' there is no indication that inf cannot cross the stream on the RHS of the map, they refuse to do so and insist on moving across the bridge.
  2. Erwin

    Minor visual Obdervations

    If players load mods from CMSF1 please list what works and does not work here. That would greatly speed up determining which mods are still usable.
  3. Just loaded the "Small Arms Range & Calibre" mod (by Vein??) and it still works great. The personal weapons graphics are wonderful and I like seeing the range/penetration data. Suggest that players post what mods they have tried to use in the demo and list which do and do not work. That would greatly speed up the process of determining which CMSF1 mods are usable.
  4. Wow! Beautiful. Was amazed that in addition to all the usual movement of vehicle and turret/gun, realistic torsion bar suspension etc, it actually accurately fires pellets (with help of laser targeting), has working lights, engine smoke, "working" MG, hatches with tiny locks(!) - and... can safely carry the narrator's 60Kg weight! Have no idea what to do with with, but I know I want one! They don't say how much...
  5. This is the closest thing one will see to a "shoot and scoot" order. Try deliberately ordering an AT unit to QUICK move (briefly) within range of an enemy AFV (obviously with no enemy inf protecting it and preferably to its rear) and you may see this happen. Have done this deliberately with good results. Doesn't work with FAST as that orders the unit to run with no stopping to fire. Not sure what happens with MOVE etc.
  6. Erwin

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Looks good out of the box.
  7. Well, if the Chinese Belt & Road System happens, they'll be invading into Europe (let alone Ukraine) quite nicely. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belt_and_Road_Initiative
  8. Very good summary of events...
  9. Unfortunately, this doesn't do anything to suppress an enemy hiding in ambush behind the wall on the far side of the building. That's why entering a building can be so dangerous. Some designers are very good at setting up these sorts of ambushes.
  10. However, a nation cannot be on a war footing indefinitely. It takes time to ramp up, get regulars and reservists back from leave, prep and gas up equipment... The US maintains one or two light Brigades ready to go with a few hours notice. But that is not an aggressive force, just a speed bump to delay an enemy until the heavy stuff can be prepped and shipped.
  11. Erwin

    The state of CMSF2

    Uh, yah... that's what we really need...
  12. Erwin

    AC-130 Spectre

    Until GB became the greatest empire the world has even seen lol.
  13. In playtesting MOS's Tactical Ops Center scenario I had to use drones a lot. Found that even an Elite Drone with an Elite JTAC never spotted moving vehicles, or any infantry (in cover). (Not sure there were any enemy inf in the open at any time.) Drones did spot stationary vehicles even in cover. Using a drone as a FO spotter for artillery was also unsatisfactory. The arty was inaccurate - a point target functioned as if one gave a wide target area. However, using a drone with precision ammo was more effective - but still took a couple rounds to hit close enuff to an enemy vehicle.
  14. I know that all scenarios and campaigns are hosted somewhere. I just don't remember who I gave em all to anymore.
  15. Yes, lots of suppressive fire. After that, in the game, some players report that it's effective to SLOW move into the building. If enemy is still not spotted by an adjacent to the building unit, I generally QUICK move in. If you HUNT the unit could get fired upon and get "stuck". The biggest challenge I have faced is when the enemy are not in the building but behind a far wall. So, one's unit enters the deserted building, then gets mowed down by enemy hiding behind a wall on the far side. Smoke may help. Otherwise I have learned to have them enter the building on QUICK and immediately FAST move back out the same way they entered. That way they can "recon" the interior and far wall, but don't stay to be massacred during the minute you can't issue new orders (in WEGO am talking about obviously). One can also use PAUSE so that they unit enters the building only in the last few seconds of a WEGO turn. That way they may spot the enemy first and can fire at the far wall immediately at the start of the next WEGO turn.
  16. Love the screen. FYI, the accompanying txt doc says to put it in one's FI folder rather than the CMBN folder. Could be confusing to new players.
  17. Well yes, that assumes that designers provide those "appropriate assets". Designers are quite clever in making sure that you often do not have them. Hence the challenge.
  18. Didn't realize how SMALL those tracked recon vehicles were. In CM1 they seemed to be larger.
  19. Erwin

    AC-130 Spectre

    Probably happened several times. I recall a documentary that showed a Brit patrol eliminating a sniper position. The problem with using "everything you got" vs an enemy is that it ignores the very real issue of economics. Not even the US can afford to eliminate all (essentially unlimited) "stone-age" enemy threats with multimillion dollar weapon systems. Of course the defense contractors would love to have everyone believe that this mismatch is the way to go as they make billions thanks to your tax dollars. The question is, even after deploying all these multi-zillion dollar assets, are we closer to winning? A thought... If we took all the money we burn thru with these weapons systems and used it to simply bribe the enemy to go back to farming (or to kill each other) would that be more economical in the long run?
  20. Much of the above ideas are already in MOS's xnt Tactical Ops Center (TOC) scenario that is available for (free!) d/l at CMMODS.
  21. B4 getting too excited at a new career path one needs to understand that the article is very "pie in the sky". It would take a revolutionary change in the military-industrial mind-set and objectives to create any such career path. The issues/challenges - you are probably thinking: 1) "Wow, this could be fun". 2) Also, "Wouldn't it be great to have a career working on COTS (commercial "off the shelf") products that could be used to train military pros?" However... 1) The military mindset is that anything that could be described as "fun' is abhorrent. Yes, it's fun to drive tanks in a mil sim. But, anyone who has played a DOD-approved military wargame that has successfully gone thru V&V will tell you that they are horribly boring and not fun at all. Why are they not fun? The defense contractors' objectives are not the same as an entertainment game producer. A defense contractor makes its money by producing massively complex wargames and sims that requires many millions of dollars worth of tech and literally hundreds of contractor specialists to make it run. These contractors hate any idea that a few guys can come up with a useful product that can be purchased for a few thousand dollars, let alone a few dozen dollar and have "gamed the system" to ensure that the barriers to entry for a small company are very very high so as to make competition from a small outfit virtually impossible. 2) While there may be very, very few COTS (inexpensive commercial "off the shelf" products are being used by DoD departments, these are for very specific tasks - like simulating aerial resupply/logistics etc. Not particularly fun. There are already professional wargamers working for the large contractors like Booz Allen. The guys I used to know there play games (usually cardboard wargames) that are fun in their spare time just like the rest of us - and have been frustrated for decades talking about almost exactly the same items mentioned in the article. Nonetheless, if you fancy a career in this field, perhaps check out: https://www.boozallen.com/careers.html
  22. Am pretty sure I gave all campaigns to Ian(?) - should be at Scenario Depot??