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  1. Off for a small vacation for a couple of days and would like som SHock Force action if weather sucks. Is it possible to install the game on a second computer as long as you don't play the game simultaneously on both?
  2. Re-install fixed everything!
  3. Well for the modules, not the base game. I installed the v.1 modules as nothing really happened on activation after buying upgrade packs for British Forces and Marines.
  4. Yup, that could be it!
  5. Do the games share mod folders? I have no mods at all for SF2.
  6. Hey guys, I am seeing a weird issue both in game and the menus. Check the first screenshot. The "Confirm" text is missing on the button (TextIssue1.png). For the second issue, there's missing text for the status lines for each soldier, and it also looks missaligned? Anyone else seen this before?
  7. Just to confirm for anyone having the same Q later on. I could send support my license key from the GamersGate version and they helped me from there.
  8. Thank you Ian, will do so and see how it goes.
  9. Hi all! Is it possible to buy an upgrade to CMSF 2 if I bought the base CMSF 1 from GamersGate? I bought the Marines and British Forces modules from the BF store, but the base game is from GamersGate.
  10. I've seen a few of his vids. I can't believe he's not died of botulism yet.
  11. Indeed. I just saw that someone in the Final Blitzkrieg support forum had the same issue back in May. Hopefully that might shed some light as to what's going on. All looks good from my ISPs point of view, tried fiddling about with the network set-up etc, etc, nothing. Download speeds from other sites and Steam are normal as well. Weird.
  12. I've heard back from support (they've been great) and got access to a segmented download. But as soon as the file sizes reach about 1GB it all goes to hell in a handbasket.
  13. Oh, and since this thread is about a month old, did you find a resolution to the issue?
  14. No, you are not. I have a ticket open for the engine upgrade to Normandy. I get about 200kb/s and suffer consistent interruptions that can't be restarted which means I can't get what I've bought. There is also someone in the support thread for Red Thunder having issues with his download, so something is going on. I've tried connecting by wire directly to the router, called my ISP to make sure they don't have any issues, but no dice. I get my regular download speeds from other places but for Battlefront, I can't download anything currently, at least not from the FireShare servers. Something's up.
  15. I've done so for the past couple of days. Doesn't look like it will work anytime soon.
  16. How are you doing on this? I'm still struggling I'm afraid...
  17. Unfortunately didn't work very well for me. Tried with Chrome, IE and FF, and I'm still struggling to get all the files from a segmented download. I'm about halfway through, but the speeds are abysmal and I keep getting interruptions that reset the download (some I am able to resume, but far from all of them). It's just painful.
  18. Yeah, I have a ticket open and hopefully this time I'll get it all downloaded and ready to install, but it will take a bit.
  19. Didn't work. I only got slightly singed on one arm. Turns out I might be old, but I'm not very flammable.
  20. I've been having the same problem getting the engine upgrade for CMBN. Support has been very forthcoming with my ticket, but I've yet to manage to download it despite purchasing it two days ago.
  21. Jesus effing Christ... I've been here so long I've actually forgotten what the Peng Challenge even is. I'm getting old. So old.
  22. "Soon". He really does look like a cat getting ready to pounce in that first pic.
  23. Really like this one. The map is great and it fell pretty much within my sweet spot in terms of force size. A really solid job!
  24. I'll check all of the out when I get home. Really looking forward to it.
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