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  1. Looking for that awsome D-Day scenario! Lost it after The Original "Depot" got orders to ship back to the States. Anyone? Thanks
  2. Hey Sly, If your plate is not yet full, I'll like a game. Either CMBO or CMAK is fine with me. Thanks for an interesting and humbling experience. All your hard work certainly paid off. Thanks again! Cheers to all!! Kurt
  3. No one has chimmed in for 10 days? I'm I missing something? Kurt :confused:
  4. Mikado told me he had to adjust his email filters to let the new players through. Our game is underway. Hammer
  5. Mikado is back on board with me, everything is cool. :cool:
  6. Just FYI, I haven't heard anything from him either.
  7. U8led, Your actions was what paid off. I think you getting 2 points for your little action strategy only shows a flaw in the point system, but we're all in this to have fun right? I also think those of us who had to deal with byes were short changed in the end, due to no fault of our own. Then again, we're all in this to have fun! So remember.....have fun damn it!!
  8. Oh U8led, I can't believe you are getting a point when you never came across the stream! My strategy certainly back fired. You smart bastard! Hammer
  9. OPPS! I ment you got to try it................ :eek:
  10. I've got to try my Omaha Bitch scenario, with it's BMP package. I'll send it to you. Kurt
  11. Hey Sly, The Major and I are 27/30 played in "Last Road Out". We will be done by the end of the weekend.
  12. update: 25/30 played in "Last Road" vs. the good Major. Hammer
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