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  1. Hello, Tom. Do you mean the Batter Commander book? If so, I really enjoyed the book. I could not put it down, and had it read within a few days. I found myself wishing for some maps to accompany each tactical engagement, but it did not ruin it for me. Overall a very entertaining read. Inspired me to look up more histories. Thank you, KFS
  2. select any unit (click on it), then press RETURN. A menu will pop up and you can select any number of commands for that unit to perform. Once you have given orders to all of the units you wish to, press the GO button (bottom Right) and the computer will generate a 1 minute movie of action where your units will attempt to follow the orders given. KFS
  3. Have you played Cleopatra's Garden? It's on the disk. At first pass, it looks simple enough. Just drive across the dessert to the oasis and surely there'll be a scrap. But down at level one there are WONDERFUL dunes and gullies and wazi's (sp?). It's so much fun. You can approach the objectives almost unobserved (if not undetected, as the dust clouds are SO obvious). But I agree. I've spent almost the entire game plotting my advance from level 1. Even shifting up just one level is not good enough. The subtle ground level varaiations are soon lost. Great scenario, however. :-D KFS
  4. SWEEET! Just noticed my last name is in the game! HA! Found my namesake in command of a 2inch mortar team! This is still half way through a QB vs the A.I., so no action to report. But you can be sure I'll be watching closely for accurate placement of shells. Heh . KFS
  5. Seanachai , I am deeply enamoured of you. Would you please come out here and run for Gov.? you've got a wee bit of time left. If you win the election, you'd soon have all the hate you could love. KFS
  6. Bizzare! Same thing with me, but there is no fix I can do . . . Version 1.03 will not open that battle. I even tried to rename it with Z in front. Nothing. Won't show up. It DOES show up in the "SCENARIO EDITOR," however. But when I try to LOAD it, it tells me; "You must update to a new version to use this file." Well, THAT's just plain wrong. I AM using the latest and greatest version. Whassup? I wanna play! WAAAAAAAA!! Gpig P.S. GreenAsJade, how did you rename the OTHER file? I can't add or delete any text from the title of that file. Rats!
  7. Hmmm . . . What version of CMBB was this battle created on? I cannot open the battle. It does not even show up in my battle list. I am using 1.03 and have put the scenario into my scenario folder. When I try to load it into the scenario builder, it shows up but won't let me edit it. Says; "you must update to a new version to use this file." But I HAVE the latest version. 1.03. So, whassup? :confused: KFS
  8. I love FTC Rules . . . but I don't have enough willpower to stick it out for even ONE battle! Ugh. I'm weak, I know. I always have to push up the camera at some point. (Usually when trees are involved.) Still, it's a NICE way to fight the A.I.. KFS
  9. I'm in Oakland. Can't get too far from here, as the leash starts to dig into my flesh . . . But if you're in the Bay Area, maybe . . . KFS
  10. Sheeesh. You "annointed ones" are extra smarmy tonight. Lay off a wee bit. You were all newbies once, yourself. (Well, MOST of you were.) KFS
  11. Sounds fabulous! But where can I download it? I checked the site in your sig, and could only find one page no matter what heading I clicked on. (nothing but news.) I'll try the depot. Thanks KFS
  12. Played this versus the A.I. as the russians. FUN!!!!! Whoa. I'd love to play someone in this battle TCP/IP. I'd be the germans this time. EDIT: Oops. Forgot to say that this is one of the CMBB scenarios on the disk. [ January 20, 2003, 03:57 PM: Message edited by: KnifeForkSpoon ]
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