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  1. It would have to have been a Rune scenario for me
  2. Hmmm... I wonder if my new scenario in progress, "For a few dollars more..." is evil enough..... might need to tweak it a bit....
  3. Having a ton of fun. Been away from the CM series for a couple of years aside from briefly playing CMSF. I'm very happy with what I am seeing here so far. Still learning the ins and outs of controlling the units and the camera to my satisfaction. We must all remember this is the first module of a multi part release. Many of my favorite units aren't in the game yet, but I can sure see the potential here as a scenario designer. I can remember after CMAK was released going back and redoing my old CMBO scenarios with the additional vehicles, details and goodies. Kudos to BF! JW
  4. Looking pretty good so far! I was talking to WWB on the phone this morning, starting to feel my Scenario Design juices flowing. Kudos to BFC jw
  5. Actually I do check in from time to time. My correct email address is jeff "at" jwxspoon "dot" com jw
  6. I remember that one. Beautiful autogenerated map jw
  7. Not to mention all of the participles dangling around here. jw
  8. umm that was a joke. Sort of a personal dig between me and Rune.
  9. Matt's busy testing the experimental random map generator for Rune...
  10. I have the corrected version of Squeezing the Melon somewhere around here, if anyone ever wanted it. Just drop me an email if so at jeff@jwxspoon.com jw
  11. Linda is struggling a bit. 12 days in ICU now. They are considering surgery to relieve pressure in her brain this morning. I'll know more in a few hours. Thanks again to all of you, jw
  12. Thanks to all for your prayers and wishes. Linda is hanging in there in ICU. She's a fighter so we have lots of hope. jw
  13. Warpy! We missed you at CMvention, my friend. At least, Harv did... :eek: jw
  14. I may have some of those maps from when I designed the Danube Blues scenario for the CMBB cd. I will check. jw
  15. I've been prohibited from talking about it for the moment, but that issue should e resolved soon and then you'll see pics and hear the stories. jw
  16. Charl I can't really tell you, other than it had some of BFC's latest offerings as fun gifts for the CMvention attendees. As far as what else we have seen.... all we can say is WOW!!!!!!! The rest will be revealed soon. jw
  17. It's common knowledge that Matt HAS no clean underwear. wwb claims that he doesn;t wear underwear at all, but I have no knowledge of that. jw
  18. Tomorrow marks the start of the 4th annual CMVention in Myrtle Beach, SC. The guests are beginning to arrive tonight and the arrivals will continue through friday. We expect a weekend of fun, CM, and beer (not necessarily in that order). Madmatt promises something especially cool for the weekend... who can say? Today the mailman delivered a box from BFC. I'm not allowed to open it until Matt arrives, tomorrow. We'll keep you posted! jw
  19. I thoroughly enjoyed designing both Squeeezing the Melon and Fire on the Mountain. I was actually partially finished with a CMAK remake of FOTM when, alas, I lost interest. Perhaps someday I'll revisit it. jw
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