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  1. Hey, did you ever play this? It uses the excellent Stalingrad Mod pack for CMRT and is a marvelous campaign...maybe not a full module, but pretty darn good.
  2. grunt_GI

    The state of CMSF2

    This of course is the key to happiness...even though some of them may not be PERFECT, just the sheer volume will keep things interesting for a long time. And who knows, maybe for some of the most popular, maybe their creators will be inspired to buff them up....
  3. grunt_GI

    Apple deprecates OpenGL

    Well, I for one am already prepared to keep my iMac in play as a second display when the time comes to upgrade so I can keep playing CM2... But I figure I can keep High Sierra going for a while as long as Apple does security updates...
  4. grunt_GI

    QB map pdfs

    Ahhh. Ok. I guess I’ll look around then. They must be posted somewhere Thanks.
  5. grunt_GI

    QB map pdfs

    Dayum...900 maps? I thought I had a lot and I've only got 745..any chance you could put those in your dropbox? BTW< thanks for doing this..very cool
  6. grunt_GI

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Thank you!!
  7. grunt_GI

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    WOW, 2 campaigns and a monster Berlin map. One does hope that map will be broken up into awesome QB maps...
  8. grunt_GI

    Mac High Sierra compatibility with CM

    Sweet...good to know...thanks much...
  9. grunt_GI

    Mac High Sierra compatibility with CM

    So do we know if all the CM games are 64 bit compatible?
  10. grunt_GI

    Antony Beevor on OP MARKET GARDEN

    Interesting...he's got a new book on Arnhem coming out on the fall...looking forward to it.
  11. SOOOO, when can the peasants get their hands on this?
  12. Well, some of us don't even get the happiness (or excuse) of inebriation when we make poor decisions that get our Pixeltruppen killed....I think your way is at least more pleasant.
  13. CMBS $60.....Bottle of Good Whisky-$40....Inebriation while playing CMBS...PRICELESS.