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  1. So since you already have FI, I think the next module will be very cool with a variety of forces. The Red Thunder module is likely going to have MASSIVE urban combat in Berlin if you like that sort of thing. If you liked CMSF2, then CMBS is that on speed with a lot more lethality all around. Final Blitzkrieg will likely have some cool stuff ported from CMRT..and hopefully M26 Pershings...anyone remember the old CMBS scenario with Pershings versus King Tigers? I can't remember the name. So you can't go wrong...although like @Sgt.Squarehead said, if you want something totally different CMRT may fit the bill.
  2. Woohooo. This looks very cool. Love CMSF2 campaigns. Looking forward to this.
  3. If you just updated Heart of Darkness to be fully CMSF2 compliant that would be awesome! I still have never finished that 3rd scenario. You know, the one assaulting into the village. 🤨
  4. WOW...just WOW...I am speechless... I can't wait to get my hands on this...
  5. Cool. I am play testing another campaign right now so a few more weeks is perfect.
  6. HOLY MOLY, how did I miss this for so many years.....I dropped one of the awesome Stalingrad mod scenarios in my CMRT QB folder and BLAM...instant urban combat.... WOW, this is gonna be fun.
  7. I read this in the manual...yes, I read the manual. Is this true? "Any regular scenario can be turned into a Quick Battle Map. In order to be picked for a Quick Battle, the .btt file needs to be placed in the Quick Battle Maps folder in the game directory. Theoretically you can simply copy an existing scenario into that folder and see what happens. Unused settings or features (such as any units on the map) are simply ignored. Practically, there are a number of additional points to consider when copying maps or when creating them from scratch." This could be a game changer for me...there are a lot of really excellent scenarios that I would love to play as QB maps...
  8. Hey there. I would also be happy to help out. I am really interested to see how folks set up campaigns and scenarios for the now “historical” Iraq and Afghan Wars. Cheers
  9. Wow, this whole mod looks great...can't wait to see what folks do with it....
  10. WOW..very nice. Will this come with DOC or PDF decoders like TACOPS? I have always wanted to try as the UNCONs...this looks like it may be my chance.
  11. Hey, if you've never tried night combat with Rambler's night vision mod...you are really missing out. It will totally change CMSF2 and CMBS...works with both http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2566 I really did not like playing night missions, but this is one of my favorite modern CM mods. Marines enter a village German Marder crossing a ford.
  12. So I finally tried this scenario today, using the "hold the line defense"...did ok for a while, but shear numbers were pushing me back...and that's before (SPOILERS) the Russian tanks showed up. Will try some other ideas...NOT the best at a free flowing mobile defense especially with UKR forces since I mostly play US. HOWEVER, @BlackMoria if you loved this scenario, you should try @dragonwynn's Bear and Eagle campaign for CMBS...it has a very similar feel. The first couple of scenarios are like this..holding off large numbers of Russians...
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