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  1. So I finally tried this scenario today, using the "hold the line defense"...did ok for a while, but shear numbers were pushing me back...and that's before (SPOILERS) the Russian tanks showed up. Will try some other ideas...NOT the best at a free flowing mobile defense especially with UKR forces since I mostly play US. HOWEVER, @BlackMoria if you loved this scenario, you should try @dragonwynn's Bear and Eagle campaign for CMBS...it has a very similar feel. The first couple of scenarios are like this..holding off large numbers of Russians...
  2. So I do both. It does occasionally give a screwy force. Some players don’t like to choose both forces as they think it reduces the “fog of war”. This has not been my experience I can still get my butt kicked knowing exactly what I’m up against. I like to choose both if I want to try a particular tactical problem. Like giving both sides a company of infantry and platoon of tanks in a meeting engagement. I have even repeated the process on the same QB map with different nationalities just to compare how US vs Brits fare against Waffen SS. Lots of combinations to try.
  3. grunt_GI

    Quick Battle?

    @BULLITT428 Did you see this...some good stuff coming...BERLIN maps and all
  4. So I normally don't play campaigns, I am definitely a QB guy....HOWEVER, I found DEVILS DESCENT to be a fun one...it's mostly infantry battles with US paratroopers...the scenarios are challenging but not OVERLY brutal. I actually played through the campaign and really liked it...I would consider it a worthy successor to the Task Force Raff training campaign.
  5. grunt_GI

    Mad 'Merican MOUT

    Seriously though, some kind soul on the Forum was able to convert a TON of CMFI maps over to CMBS as QB maps...I have them and they are awesome... I am not smart enough to figure it out, but I do honestly think this map is begging for a CMSF2 conversion....
  6. grunt_GI

    Map question

    yup...if you look in the Quick Battle Maps folder I have 323...that's for all types of QBs of course...
  7. grunt_GI

    Holiday Sale

    If you want to dive into modern...go with CMSF2...WAY more content than CMBS...you can play almost all of the old CMSF1 campaigns and scenarios.. If you like or want more WW2 goodness.....then CMBN is the way to go...a LOT of content as it was the first of the modern engine games to appears...
  8. grunt_GI

    Map question

    Dang fellas, there's 323 QB maps in CMSF2, what the heck could they have missed?
  9. grunt_GI

    Mad 'Merican MOUT

    OK, not gonna lie, I want this...for CMBS, or CMSF2...OR GASP...BOTH...in order to have some really excellent Blue on Blue...like the ol' Twilight 2000 campaign someone made for CMSF1. You could have a whole campaign on this map.... Great work.... There's a Wal-Mart building there somewhere right? 😎
  10. So I also tried it with the settings above...used SUGGESTION and everything was fine...however I done own the whole package...for Mac
  11. These are great! Thanks
  12. grunt_GI

    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    Excellent...just getting around to doing some more reading on Operation Dragoon...and love scenarios with the Vehicle Pack...
  13. The user community. I have more content than I could possibly play so there’s always another scenario or campaign awaiting. (Even though I mostly play QBs) And many of these volunteer efforts are magnificent. Hat tip to anyone who takes the time to make content. It’s the best part of these games. The people. Even the whiners. 😎.