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  1. There is need for a modern, working, bug-free (as possible) version of Harpoon. Does this game fill that need but with a WW2 theme?
  2. Thraka

    Any news?

    I really only have one thing to say.... gimme!
  3. I've skipped afrika corps and I'm just waiting for CM2 which i've been since CM1
  4. Hi guys, I havn't been around much. I bought CMBB to support you guys though I didn't like it much (just the whole eastern front thing I don't care for and the most the maps are really really huge) With the new one comming out now, does this take place of CM 2? I remember it being said that CM 2 was going to be next after CMBB and it was going to have a save replay function to watch battles over. Will this be in the new Afrika campaign? If it isn't going to have the replay thing, when will we see this? This is my main feature for buying a wargame from you guys. If the maps are going to be so huge (where you cant even see the tanks because they are off the screen view and they are shooting at your guys, annoying for me) will their be some sort of minimap? I think this is a must for these to huge levels. Most the levels I found in CMBB were way to big for me and their for I only got enjoyment out of a few levels. That kind of disapointed me because, I've had it since the first day it was out and I've still to this day, read the whole manual, and played if only like 10 times. Looking at maps and mostly quiting after a half-hour or so of game time. Sorry for this rant, and it's not bashing in any means, I just want to know where I stand as a consumer/fan. Thanks for the time guys!
  5. Hey guys.. Renton wa for me here I ordered mine 2 days before IT shipped out on the 20th and I got mine on 24th.
  6. I Know about the Winrar. I actually don't need or want to open up the EXE I was just letting you guys know about the error in the manual incase you didn't know
  7. First off I LOVE THE GAME!! IT's so great!!! Now.. The Manual Bug: Appendix C Page 242 Manual Game Installation Procedure (Win/Mac) Says to copy all the files from the BMP/WAV folders, but they do NOT exists as it's a big rar exe file. Just FYI Another thing. It would be SO nice if there was a utility to set the screen res/refresh rate. I had to wait 10 minutes to go through all the resolutions/refresh rates until I got the one I wanted. If you give me the config file's (I think its the preference file) format I could write a app or something to write that file out ---------- The other bug I'm talking about is a tank bug. Has anyone knowticed when you tell your tanks to pause for 20 seconds or so they only wait like 7 seconds then do there orders? Get back to me on this as it's VERY annoying to tell your tanks to wait and they don't
  8. [Cartman Impression] YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS O MY GOD YOU GUYS YOU GUYS [/Cartman Impression] I got it Strike 1 for Seattle Washington.
  9. I too prefer the Western Front. I dont have much understanding of Russian weaponry. I did by a nice picture book of all the tanks of ww2 that have lots of statistics and info about each tank. Even a Japanese one! I cant wait for CM2 strictly for the western front (I hope it's based on that) and the full game replay mode.
  10. If you are running and AMD processor, you probably do not want to install DX 8.1b . There are reports of some crashes associated with AMD processors and this version of Direct X. Apparently it was a goof up on MS's part when trying to optimzed DX for AMD. Until there is an XP installer, you would probably be better off waiting. It might have been fixed in XP Service Pack 1, but I'm not too sure.</font>
  11. Where do you live? I'm in washington state usa. I wonder when I'm going to get mine? I wish there was a tracking service..
  12. Can we get a screenshot compairison please?
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