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  1. Old?!? I like to think of it as well-preserved, especially given all of the high ABV potables I have brewed and consumed of late.
  2. My name is Admiral Keth, and I am a CM:BB fanatic. I have been WoW-free for 27 days now.
  3. /boggle?!? Whaaaa? When did this happen? But, but, but, but.... Waitaminit...I lurvs WKRP..mmmm...Loni Anderson...<drool> A) You needs to pull from me stable of 26 recipes...yes, they are online...can ye find 'em? If you can find a photo of me with mash rake and a Luftwaffe Feldmütze, that's me. Yes, it's out there. 2) Folks have to come an get 'em. The ATF takes a dim view of shipping across state lines...yes, I have a very good reason to not ship it. iii) Profit..no, that's not the reason.
  4. I bugger off for a few years and you mangy gits are still around? Yep, it's the ol' Admiral. No one was more pleased and surprised than I to see that the community is alive, well, and thriving...well, except for the lot in the Peng thread...they are looking a bit disreputable. Belay that; they have always been disreputable...they wear it like a badge of honor. I am gratified and honored that The Scenario Depot II is doing well. I was also delightfully surprised to return to see the immenent release of the new new CM:BN; yes, I have enthusiastically pre-ordered and I have been playing numerous CM:BB scenarios by means of whetting me appetite. Late April, you say? Matt...if you put mine near the front of the list, I have 5 gallons of homebrew with your name on it should you be in the area. I have been away too long in the hinterlands of World of Warcraft. A time to return to me roots and me friends. Gang, first round is on me...and none of that cheap swill, either.
  5. All, Additional posts have been made to Web Hosting Forum. I am far from alone in this mess. If any of the CM community has sites hosted by any of Gunnel's shell companies, I would recommend finding a new web host ASAP. It appears as if more angry web developers are filing FBI fraud claims. Web Host Forum Link 2 has more details on specific shell hosts.
  6. All, Thank you very much for the kind words. I have always considered Combat Mission to be "the thinking man's wargame". The community which endorses and continuously supports not only Combat Mission itself, but the associated fan sites, are the very best friends any wargaming community could offer. With regards to resurrecting The Scenario Depot; I'm going to consider it over the next couple of weeks. Allow me time to acclimatize to Boeing and settle into a routine. In the spirit of "getting back on the horse" I could, at length, be convinced to rebuild from scratch, incorporating all of the features on the lengthy "SDv3 To Do" list. Conversely, this may be the time when I start writing my " How To Brew" trilogy, or continue working on a miniature wargaming rules I started called GUMPS (Generic Universal Miniature Playing System). In the mean time, I'm still preparing to hand off any data I have to GJK and The Proving Grounds. GJK has my complete confidence and esteem. As an asides to another thread, my RL first name is Keith. The Admiral Keth comes from the callsign I was given by fellow Star Fleet Battles gamers after a well-played campaign (which included the capture of a starbase without firing a shot).
  7. All, The worst has come to pass. My web host, without so much as a "by your leave", has vanished. Email, database, files...all gone without any notice. The support phone number he provides is useless...the vmail box is full, preventing additional complaints (apparently I'm not alone in my extreme ire). Numerous emails go unanswered. You have no idea how angry and embarrassed I am at this point. I feel as though I have let down the CM community. I genuinely apologize. Those of you familiar with web hosting may recognize the web host - Steve Gunnels of FIDPAC. If any of you have sites hosted by any one of his myriad of shell companies, make provisions right now to get out. Those of you wanting to find out more about this situation may click here. Based on my research at the Web Hosting Talk forum I have already signed up with a more reputable web host (Site5), and any correspondence to already established email addresses should work now. However, I doubt that I will have the time to recreate what needs to be rebuilt. On the plus side, on 07.15.05, Boeing tendered an offer (and I accepted) for my services as a Technical Writer. As I am still a little unfamiliar with the boundaries of my TS clearance, I really can't say more beyond that. I am corresponding with The Proving Grounds for GJK to assume control of whatever latest backup I have, as well as all of the archive files that I have locally. This archive contains some of the oldest scenarios created for Combat Mission. Mind you that I am not going away, by any means. I'll still annoy people with my presence and beer wisdom from time to time. Maybe GJK and I can work out some co-admin arrangement. Non the nonce, it has been a distinct pleasure serving the CM community all this time. You are the greatest group of guys and gals on the net.
  8. i've just visited the site and was wondering about the same thing as the above post - i want to play and review cmbo battles best played against the AI </font>
  9. All, This is one of those features that will be implemented in SDv3. Additional files, such as screen shots, supporting text or pdf files, and other scenario-related material will be uploadable by the author to author-specific folders. However, landing a job is my first priority, as I have other mouths to feed than my own.
  10. All, At the moment, I have no intention of allowing The Scenario Depot to fall by the wayside. I have always been committed to providing a quality site for scenario exchange. However, I am still unemployed (<shakes fist eastward> farging East Indians) and as such my free time is filled with: Job hunting - Not going so well in this really soft economy. Between actual hunting, chatting up recruiters, job fairs, and interviews, this takes two days out of the week. Side jobs - Building and expanding existing commercial. Not getting paid at the moment, but accruing invoices which will be submitted after my unemployment insurance runs out <shhh...don't tell California>. I have committed four days of the week to two different projects. That leaves me with Sunday to rest and resurrect. Yes, I have an expanding list of things to implement at The Scenario Depot. I'm planning (you all are familiar with that mouse/man adage) to accomplish these tasks between landing a job and actually starting. As that is a nebulous date, I'm unable to give you an estimate of when the SDv3 feature set will be in place. I genuinely appreciate everyone who has contributed to the diversity, longevity, and financial stability of The Scenario Depot. Rest assured that I haven't given up on it yet.
  11. My dad, who landed at Utah beach on D-Day with the 90th ID, picked up a couple of 9mm broomhandle Mausers when he captured a medic and a sergeant in France near Metz. Both weapons are in excellent condition, and even included the wooden holster which attached to the butt of the pistol to act as a shoulder stock. The only deterioration is the inside of the muzzles. According to dad, the materiels used in making primers in Germany at the time were highly corrosive, and it definitely shows.
  12. OK guys, try it now. I zipped the file, although I'm uncertain as to why this would make any difference. If you have pop-up blockers enabled, this might be a cause; as Michael noted, there is a .php page in between the synopsis page and the actual download page which updates the database with some statistics. I have developed a completely different methodolgy for downloads which: 1) Eliminates this particular issue. 2) Allows for additional supporting files to be posted. 3) Allows for author upload of screenshots. 4) Allows for author updating of the scenario file. However, these features will not be implemented until The Scenario Depot v3. I am researching and developing various methodolgies to support this new version, but actual work will not begin in earnest until I have secured gainful employment.
  13. Odd...just tested and it works fine using IE 6. What browser are you using, Michael?
  14. Kingfish, Apologies for the delay in response; life is stranger than normal of late. With regards to scenario packs - Submit all of the synopses as normal. There are two methods that you can use to post the actual file. First, however, go ahead and zip all of the files together into one zip file. Method 1: When you post the first synopsis, go ahead and perform the associated file upload. You would then manually enter the same URL in the zip file field for subsequent synopses. Method 2: Post all of the sysopses without performing a file upload. Email the scenario pack to me and I'll post it the following day.
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