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  1. One reason I might suffer a bit more from fatigue is that I often get games failing to start properly - this gives that pilot fatigue, but doesn't reduce the fatigue of any of hte others. 3 or 4 of these in a row is not uncommon
  2. so the goat course is followed by le fromage bernaise??
  3. Mind you this all adds up to a reason to buy "Ironman"! Perhaps the basis for fatigue is wrong? I would rather see it as a combination of how much work the pilot does, and how much damage he suffers or how often he gets shot at - so fatigue should be based on how many cards you play rather than how new or old you are. More experienced pilots will usually get more fatigure because they're playing bigger aircraft with more cards - simulating longer higher missions perhaps?
  4. Good grief no!! Luftflotte V from Norway only tried 1 serious raid - with He111's escorted by 110's on 15 August - they got shot to bits and never tried again. The 109's gould only just make London from France with about 10 minutes fuel for combat!
  5. Perhaps an easier idea would be for wingmen to share in the experience their leaders get for kills?
  6. We already know that hte exp levels for the heavy bombers aren't right, but here's another - it looks like the airframe values are in the wrong columns - the values in the OK column are the damaged values, and vice versa. It's most noticeable in the 2 Zeros that usually have 3:1 - they have 0-2 listed under OK, and 3-3 under Dam, another extreme example is the Kate, but all the others too - not just hte Japanese.
  7. Shouldn't there be a little variety of opponents? I'm getting sick of all these tubby green monsters hacking my brits to bits - didn't we fight hte Germans occasionally too??!! Seriously tho - all my high level pilots face these days are Raidens - always 2-3 pts higher value, and I'm always tired and they aren't!
  8. Is htere going to be a leader board for the campaigns - who got/suffered the most kills, damaged, etc for each one
  9. Some more random thoughts.... Wingmen are inherently better at offence than defence because htey can always play any shooting cards they get, but cannot always play any defensive cards. I can understand this from a "historical" point of view - if someone gets on the leader then the wingie is probably in a good position to let him have it, but perhaps that's an area where wingmen can be beefed up a bit? Perhaps allow them to play a "tight turn" if a barrel roll is required, or vice versa, or summ'it like that. Also from a "historical pov the wingies job IS to catch hte bullets 'cos he's last in hte line, so experienced pilots with brand new wingies might be expected. Another possibility - allow experienced pilots to take up other wingies from your hand, so the new wingies start at the bottom of hte rung with hte most inexperienced pilot. Another idea - allow pilots and/or wingies to retire/be posted to a desk job and keep a roll of all those who do so so htey aren't forgotten forever
  10. Perhaps a skill that lets the leader play cards when the wingman is attacked? Or perhaps a "draw again" skill that lets them draw another hand when one is finished? It'd have to be quite expensive, and I'd suggest it would cover only defensive situatoins!! Certainly "redraw" is a must - and a few extra cards come in handy too - it's quite common to get experienced wingman with 5 good cards to play!
  11. yes that's true - all the face-face escort games I've been in have limited the intercepting human players - quite surprised me when I figured it out. 2/3rds the experience makes it usually a bit too easy at low levels though - they get nothing vs reasonable escorts, so maybe weight it a bit higher for low level games - maybe 75%
  12. It's good tactics to climb in lots of situations to reduce your opponent's hand, but that's not hte point - it's just sitting there with no useful cards, getting no cards, and with me getting 1-2 cards per turn - if hte wingie gets a 2:3 or god forbid a 3:4 it sucks big time!! And usually he ends up getting tailed or disadvantaged because the wingie gets a manouvre or loop & puts the leader into position, and then both can get real shots at him. And it's worse with perfectly good A6M2's vs Hurricanes - he can do much better at lower level but lets me pick the height then gets slowly cut to bits.
  13. Something seems to happen at about 30 points too - suddenly all hte interceptors are pairs of Raiden with 15 pt leaders and 10 pt wingmen - my 30pt pilots neverface anything else
  14. New pilot silliness - One of the reasons new pilots might be taking a while to get experience is that the AI seems to have a penchant for sitting up at high altitude where some of the level 3 a/c get to draw 0 cards!! Makes for a very slow boring game for 3 experience points!! Sometimes the AI will do this to itself at higher levels too - IIRC the A6M2 and A6M5 can draw 0 cards at high or very high with inexperienced pilots, but they'll often just sit there and get plinked away as I'm drawing 1 or 2.
  15. Another note on hte graphics - I managed to get a wildcat to use a 2:D, and as it rolled in the animation it appeared for a frame or 2 as if its left wing was the damaged animation with hte big hole in it - it was OK athe end. Dunno if this is worth fixing or not, but there it is
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