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  1. Part of the problem is that the APFSDS ammunition Ukraine uses is old Soviet stock from the 80s that performs poorly against the latest Russian tanks. The ATGM has better penetration. It shouldn't be using missiles against soft skinned vehicles, however.
  2. I vaguely remember a discussion in which it was mentioned that Iron Mode originally did work as stated in the manual but was changed very early on for WEGO. I think most people prefer it this way anyways. Note that there is another undocumented feature of Iron Mode vs Elite: line of sight between friendly units is strictly enforced in Iron but very forgiving in Elite. In Elite mode friendly units can maintain visual C2 when slightly out LOS of each other, such as separated by a low wall. Also, in Elite darkness and weather effects limiting LOS have no effect on visual C2. They do in Iron mode.
  3. 12 games reported in the last 7 days at The Blitz. Let me guess: you didn't look before writing that.
  4. You are correct but it's quite easy for the 2nd player to get around this. He just starts a single player game on the same map.
  5. There is a random factor in each soldier's stance. If you change a squad's facing on flat ground you'll notice that different soldiers will be prone or kneeling. Terrain also has some effect. Soldiers on a slope facing uphill are more likely to kneel and may even stand up.
  6. The Pause + move command thing does work with the caveat that the unit must be already moving when the pause order is applied, which obviously limits its utility in WEGO.
  7. I'm not a dev but I can tell you it's not a bug. As others have mentioned, Excalibur precision was rolled back in the last patch, and the precision of laser-guided munitions such as Krasnopol was bumped up. I'm not sure what the CEP for Excalibur is presumed to be in the game right now, but based on my own testing and discussions during beta testing I'd estimate 4 or 5 meters*, which is in-line with most sources I have seen. Keep in mind that Excalibur was not designed as an anti-armor munition like Copperhead. * One of the Battlefront devs told me that a CEP of 3 would hit a T-72 roughly one third of the time.
  8. It's a mystery why they ever claimed that ridiculous number. No one believed it. The Russians themselves pushed the date back to 2025 last year but even that is well beyond Uralvagonzavod's production capacity, which is probably somewhere between 150 to 200 tanks per year. The British estimated 120 per year once full serial production is begun.
  9. File size will vary to some degree depending on what is happening in the game. Units moving and shooting generate more data than units sitting around. But @IanL is correct that it is mostly a function of scenario size and nothing can be done about it other than shrinking the scenario. I also agree with him that this is not a major problem for most players as file size only affects load time.
  10. Most of our files for this game have been in the 90 to100 MB range with a few others 100 to 110 MB.
  11. I'm currently PBEMing Der Ring Der 5 Panzer Division and the largest file was 114 MB.
  12. Individual cannons have their own pages but technology categories have overview pages, such a for APDS and APFSDS
  13. Right, although I think your projectile weights may be off. Or mine are There are various muzzle velocities listed for the Pak 44. There were three different powder charges, and apparently AP ammunition both with and without a ballistic cap. WW2 Ballistics lists muzzle velocity for APCBC as 845m/s (lower than the Wiki page which quotes Ian Hogg for the 950m/s figure), which nets about 10 megajoules. At 950m/s it would produce 12.7 MJ. 125mm 3BM42M (a tungsten alloy penetrator) has a MV of 1750m/s and an unconfirmed penetrator weight of 4.6 to 4.85kg, which comes out to about 7 MJ.
  14. Not even close. The German 128mm would penetrate about 272mm of RHA at 100 meters. The Russian 125mm firing 1990s-era ammunition would penetrate 600-650mm of RHA at 2000 meters. For one thing, the penetrators are made of different materials. The 128mm shell is steel while the 125mm sabot is either tungsten or uranium, much denser metals than steel. Also, the penetrators are shaped radically different. The 128mm shell looks like a very large bullet. The 125mm cannon fires a shell containing a submunition called a sabot. The outer layers of the shell peel away in-flight leaving the sabot, which is only about an inch in diameter but nearly two feet long. That means the kinetic energy is concentrated into a very small area. It's the difference between sticking someone with a knife and striking him with your fist.
  15. APCBC is more effective than AP vs face-hardened armor, but less effective at short to medium ranges against rolled homogeneous and cast armor. The Panther mantlet is cast and the front turret plate is RHA. Because of its higher ballistic coefficient APCBC will outperform AP against any armor at long range.
  16. That's an emotional support animal. They add +1 to a unit's Moral rating.
  17. I have already stated that I don't think so and why, so we will have to agree to disagree.
  18. Doesn't really matter. It's the layer of abstraction magically stopping the bullets, not the windshield.
  19. Saved games are stored in a separate folder than finished PBEM turns so they don't confuse CM Helper
  20. BFC has tweaked this stuff before. It can always be tweaked again if needs be. Soft skinned vehicles were toughened-up way back in 2008 (CMSF) and passenger vulnerability in soft-skinned vehicles was increased in the CMBN 2.12 patch.
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