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  1. The Pershing is a given. I'm not sure about the Super Pershing. IIRC there were only two of them.
  2. It could be done as part of the Fantasy Vehicle Pack Steve alluded to in the other thread. You don't really need a new game family. With all the models, artwork and TO&E already done it could be patched into RT and/or FB. Then it just comes down to how ambitious BFC wants to be with it and the corresponding price point. If there is no new content aside from the "fantasy" units then it's essentially a vehicle pack. Or they could go balls to the wall with new scenarios, QB maps and campaigns and price it as a module.
  3. I don't think any of those hits should make it into the interior of the vehicle. Since they don't appear to be making it that far I don't see a problem there. The gun damage is another matter.
  4. The thing to remember about AT guns in-game is that they are always pushed at the same speed in every situation and condition. So yes, it's slower than in reality in some conditions but faster in others. You can push a 76mm gun up a muddy hill with half the crew hors de combat.
  5. The JPz IV mantlet has two sections and there is an air gap between at least the outer edge of the first section and the second. At least some of the apparent penetrations are penetrating the outer plate and then getting stopped by the inner plate. You can sometimes see the two hit decals if you ghost the camera through the vehicle. When a shell strikes two plates in rapid succession only the hit text for the second impact is displayed. The problem is that everything that get past that first section is knocking out the main cannon. That seems hard to justify so I have logged it as a bug.
  6. I bitched about this a few years back and IIRC Phil said it was an OpenGL driver issue he couldn't fix. But it was a few years ago.
  7. What is the problem with infantry squads picking up a radio? Are they extremely heavy, so that months of specialize strength training would be required to lift one?
  8. Yeah the DP was never affected. That is in no small part why I've been playing Red Thunder almost exclusively for the past year
  9. Well that is very strange. I've logging it in BFCs bug tracker. No promises on what becomes of it. My guess is that in actual gameplay this is rarely of any consequence but a bug is a bug. Nice job catching it!
  10. Got the Window 10 update last night that I presume contains the "fix" for this. Then I got my first ever BSOD on this machine a few hours later.
  11. Interesting find. I don't know if that is intended behavior but it does not strike me as unrealistic. I imagine a large number of enemy weapons firing at once would make most exposed infantry nervous. The amount of suppression various from almost none to moderate but no one is getting pinned or panicking.
  12. I don't believe so. As for the website, it's data is almost certainly derived from World War II Ballistics: Armor and Gunnery which is also one of if not the primary source for Combat Mission. But in addition to not factoring rounded armor the website does not consider armor quality.
  13. You're welcome! As for the panzerfausts, I don't see an issue here. Yes, you lose some panzerfausts if you delete the halftracks, but since the cost of the panzerfausts is also split between the infantry and the halftracks you get what you pay for either way (on average). If you want all the panzerfausts but no halftracks just buy the 9-man dismounted formation.
  14. Look closer. Dismounted squads tend to carry more panzerfausts. In a mounted platoon the fausts are split between halftracks and squads.
  15. It's been so long I don't remember anymore.
  16. Issuing a Hull Down command is a two-step process. The first step is plotting the movement. Using the Hull Down Command you plot a movement path usually a short distance past where you want to be hull down because you have to be able to trace direct line of sight from the end of the movement line to wherever you want to be hull down to. That lets you do the second step which is clicking on the waypoint at the end of the movement line and Targeting (or Target Briefly, doesn't matter) the spot you want to be hull down to, same as if you were plotting area fire but in this context the tank won't shoot, it's just how you tell the game where you want to be hull down relative to. The tank will then stop moving when it is hull down to that spot or it reaches the end of the movement line, whichever comes first, but if you do it correctly it should almost always stop prior to the end. But if you don't Target from the endpoint the tank will treat the Hull Down movement command like a normal movement order and drive the full distance every time.
  17. I don't know about the Stummel in particular, but in general I assume the properties of each shell are modeled if for no other reason than because they were modeled in the CM1 games.
  18. That may be it. I ran the saved game for a while until the Panther re-spotted the TD on the right, but still could not fire even when I Targeted manually. The TD never fired on the Panther either. Then I ran a pioneer squad up and blew a hole in the bocage directly in front of the Panther, which immediately opened up on the TD.
  19. Perhaps, but if the gunner does not have LOS I am surprised it let you Target the TD. If you still have my email send me the save game file. Once I know the map and location it won't be difficult to test if bocage is to blame.
  20. Are there trees between them, not just bushes but full-sized trees? Also, you said the target line was grey. Were you able to Target the TD manually or did it say No Line of Sight?
  21. It's there under German Army, but the 18 Sturmtigers built all served in the Heer so they are not in the SS.
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