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  1. This is what it says: Vehicles equipped with laser warning receivers can detect when an enemy laser rangefinder has marked the vehicle, a reliable indication that an enemy weapon is about fire to upon the vehicle. When the laser is detected, the marked vehicle will display "LASER WARNING" hit text. The vehicle will turn towards the threat, activate smoke launchers if available, and then back up towards cover. Vehicles will delay this defensive behavior if they are currently occupied with an important task, such as engaging an enemy target or moving.
  2. I think that is correct. However, there are several vehicles in CMBS that do have just the receivers -- off the top of my head: Bradley non-APS, Abrams non-APS and T-90AM non-APS.
  3. A LWR needs to be integrated into a larger defense system (Shtora, Trophy, ect) to do this. If you bolt LWRs onto an otherwise unmodified vehicle it will just give an audio warning.
  4. I changed the AT-13s in my test to AT-4C and put them in heavy woods tiles. Got 80% from the rear again.
  5. I don't know how you're getting that result unless you have a very small sample size. Against wire-guided ATGMs the Abrams will detect the launch about 80% of the time, even from the rear.
  6. Vehicles also have a random chance of detecting a launch even when there is no LWR involved. You can see this by running the same test with Javelins. But spotting isn't the problem, in my opinion. It's the ability to present the strongest armor towards an incoming threat. It doesn't matter so much for the Russians since US ATGMs are top attack, but it's an issue with the Abrams in particular because of it's frontal armor and super-fast deploying smoke.
  7. I don't see anything factually incorrect in those posts, but I think you are right that this is about peoples' feelings and since I don't give a rat's ass about any of that I'm done here
  8. Nonsense. The issue described is the same for every armored vehicle in the game. And no one has claimed the whole game is junk.
  9. 3BM60 "Svinets-2" On a side note, how the **** did this thread get derailed by a debate on the frontal armor protection of the Abrams tank when exactly no one ever questioned the frontal armor on the Abrams tank. In every video I've seem of an Abrams getting wrecked by an ATGM it was hit in the side or rear.
  10. Because the HMG42 is technically a heavy weapon all day every day and the game makes no exceptions. I'm not saying it's realistic in this circumstance, just that it isn't a bug.
  11. Turns out it's not a bug. The HMG42 is classified in the game as a "heavy" weapon type and that category of weaponry is not allowed to be used in shelter bunkers.
  12. Yet a LMG42 can shoot out of a shelter bunker firing from the shoulder. Seems like an inconsistency so I'll report it.
  13. I should clarify. I've had the tank for a while, but it very recently got busted in the chops by a rampaging panzer IV.
  14. I just happened to come into possession of a T-34 with main cannon, coaxial machine gun and weapon controls knocked out but a functional hull machine gun. When I give it a Target order the hull machine gun fires. The tank does have all 5 crew members.
  15. Keep in mind that after dropping the bomb on Nagasaki the United States only made 2 more nuclear bombs in 1945, one in August and another in December.
  16. If it is happening in a scenario or QB with foggy or hazy conditions then it's actually not a bug. There is apparently some compatibility problem between the shader and those weather conditions so it is deliberately disabled. I personally haven't noticed any problems so I can't be more specific.
  17. There is some more information here but it only lists FO times and only with Elite units. Also note that position in the force structure has no effect on response time. A platoon HQ has the same delay as the battalion HQ.
  18. Studienka and DRd5PD are good PBEM scenarios as well, assuming you have a reliable partner who doesn't mind the time commitment required of big battles. The DRd5PD map is a masterpiece.
  19. Until a couple of years ago I had probably spent more time testing the games than playing them.
  20. FOs are faster than HQs with all indirect fires. I'm not qualified to say how realistic that is but it's never been called into question before that can recall.
  21. Penetration of rolled homogeneous armor at 0° at 750 meters, in millimeters: US 75L40 (Sherman): AP: 84 APCBC: 77 UK 57mm AP: 100 APCBC: 96 APDS: 150 UK 76mm/17 Pdr AP: 160 APCBC: 156 APDS: 244 German 75L70 APCBC: 158 APCR (rare): 216 German 88L71: APCBC: 211 APCR (very rare): 269
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