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  1. I don't think CM models different dispersion for different ammo types for the same cannon except to the extent that muzzle velocity differs.
  2. Is that a problem? Optics are made of glass. Also, it's not actually possible to completely destroy the optics of a tank in Combat Mission. The gunner never loses his ability to spot and target.
  3. You must lead with strength. At least two tanks must be forward, and the trail platoons must be held far enough forward to support the lead platoon. The more guns that fire in the first minute, the quicker the enemy will be defeated and the fewer losses you will suffer. When breaking cover, do it quickly and together. The more targets the enemy is shown simultaneously, the harder his fire control and distribution will be, and the more guns you will have in effect on the enemy. You must continually keep a broad interval between vehicles. This splits the enemy's defensive fire and complicates his fire control. Narrow intervals must be avoided at all costs, especially in critical situations, or it will cost you losses. Never split your combat power; that is to say, do not employ parts of the company in such a manner that they cannot support each other. When your attack has two objectives you should attack first one and then the other with all weapons. https://www.feldgrau.com/WW2-German-Panzer-Tank-Tactics-Training-Guide
  4. "no line of sight". Note that if the hull machine gunner has LOS he may fire on his own even if the target tool says "no line of sight" (very rare, but can happen through trees with low canopies).
  5. LOS for crew-served weapons is traced from the gunner's point of view specifically. A grey target line means the gunner has LOS but at least one other crew member does not. LOS/LOF are sometimes non-reciprocal. It seems to happen more often through foliage.
  6. I haven't seen anything suggesting it is but if you have specific examples I will look at them. The Panther gun mantlet is unusually large compared to most other tanks so it gets hit rather frequently.
  7. I have noticed it for tanks in general, not just the Panther. I don't feel it is particularly unrealistic. Any penetration of the gun mantlet is likely to damage something important.
  8. I have no idea if it will be fixed but it has been a "known issue" for a while now.
  9. General Liederkranz is correct. You have to cancel the vehicle's movement orders first. Otherwise the Dismount button is greyed-out.
  10. I don't know. The testing on this was done before footpaths existed in the editor. My limited experience with footpaths has been that they provide little reduction in bogging over the base terrain they are located in and are best avoided in muddy conditions entirety
  11. This occasionally happens with marginal LOS/LOF. The most likely cause is that the gunner has LOS to the target but the gun does not have LOF. The target line shows LOS , NOT LOF, so it is sometimes possible to Target something the unit cannot actually shoot at.
  12. Post or email to me the last file you received from him along with both passwords.
  13. There can be up to 3 different max visibility ranges at the same time: 1) Maximum area fire distance 2) Maximum "?" spotting distance 3) Maximum confirmed spotting distance
  14. Weapon fire temporarily increases the range at which the firing unit can be spotted or detected in darkness (especially) or poor weather.
  15. The speed at which the tank is moving does affect the distance at which it can be heard.
  16. Yes, if the road is unpaved. They are assumed to have drainage ditches along the sides.
  17. Good points. Regarding #3, remember that mortar and artillery smoke will not block thermal sights. The same is true of some older model vehicles.
  18. The most recent research suggest that against rolled homogeneous armor uncapped AP is better than APC or APCBC whether the armor is sloped or not. That runs counter to prevailing wisdom and calls into question why armor penetrating caps were introduced. APCBC does outperform AP against face-hardened armor and is also better at retaining energy.
  19. That could be in some situations, although with movement the behaviour is prioritized based on the type of movement. The tank will not interrupt a Fast move order, but will any other type of move order.
  20. I'm guessing no since one of the other reaction behaviours is backing up, and that is not a feature of any defense system I know of. But since the manual does not specify one way or the other I suppose you could imagine they are. It's really a moot point anyways since vehicle AI in Combat Mission is so robotic they behave as if they have automatic defense systems, even in the WW2 games. Vehicle crews always react instantly to detected threats regardless of the means by which the threat is detected.
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