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  1. The way the AI decides to use tungsten is rather quirky. It works right most of the time, but sometimes it leaves you shaking your head. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. It does work much better than it used to, though that isn't saying a lot considering that it used to not work at all. And I wouldn't take too seriously the opinions of people who rarely play anything but Germans. That's like Michael Jordan talking about football. ------------------ What a bunch of horsecrap. -Steve
  2. Perhaps you could persuade one of your colleagues to bring his computer over to your appartment and try logging on. That would help isolate the problem. I assume you know the correct settings for your modem and have checked them in Dial-Up Networking? ------------------ What a bunch of horsecrap. -Steve [This message has been edited by Vanir Ausf B (edited 03-25-2001).]
  3. Are you sure some are not Panther G Late? It only says in the unit stats screen. ------------------ What a bunch of horsecrap. -Steve
  4. Maybe they knew it would set the building on fire. ------------------ What a bunch of horsecrap. -Steve
  5. That's great Bob. I suppose if you had designed CM you would have left out the extra turn cycle that prevents someone from redoing their turn if they don't like the results. The fact is that while most people are honest there is a significant minority who are not, and it's hard to tell which is which. Some people who play honest expect the same from others and are bothered by the prospect of cheating. It's just better to avoid situations where suspicion can easily arrise. For that reason I avoid computer pick games until BTS fixes it. If people have a problem with that, then that is their problem, not mine. ------------------ What a bunch of horsecrap. -Steve
  6. Wind blows Fire burns Water flows Earth shakes Any other Taffers out there? ------------------ What a bunch of horsecrap. -Steve
  7. At the risk of sounding dense, what is to prevent a person from simply taking the screenshot of the setup window and then changing it to human select after? Also, this doesn't seem to address the more serious computer pick cheat problem which is the first player looking at his opponents forces, as well as being able to start new games until he comes up with a force mix most favorable to him. ------------------ What a bunch of horsecrap. -Steve
  8. It's clear from Steve's post that at one time the crewed LMG had FP 56 at 40m and FP 19 at 500m but this was reduced down to 50 and 18 at some point. You suggest that this is a mistake and that may well be. The other possibility is that when they adjusted the crewed LMG they forgot to do the same for the squad LGMs. So either the crewed LMGs FP is too low or the FP for squads with LMGs is too high. In either case, something is messed up. I'm surprised no one else has seen this before. That's a damn fine research job digging up this old post. Hopefully BTS will see this during a break from CM2. ------------------ What a bunch of horsecrap. -Steve
  9. From the Readme file under 1.03 changes: * Small-arms units, especially MGs, fire more rapidly at units that are moving in the open. ------------------ What a bunch of horsecrap. -Steve
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