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  1. But the same question applies to CM1. How many CM1 scenarios were really that large? None of the official scenarios were anywhere near that. The map for the BB13 tourney at We Band of Brothers is 3.2 km x 2.8 km, which is smaller than some CM2 maps on my hard drive.
  2. This happens when there is already a file in the outgoing email directory with the same name (QB 001). Delete it and the ~QB 001 (temp) file the game creates when this happens and it should work. Do note however that your attempt to circumvent the QB purchase point limits in the scenario editor will not work. When you begin a QB any forces place there in the scenario editor are ignored.
  3. That is not true. At a certain load point the unit will no longer be able to Fast move. Pile on more ammo and it can't Quick move either.
  4. I think it is primarily a function of the number of eyeballs. I don't know if the sight is explicitly modeled but I would guess not. Scopes in the modern games have to be accounted for to some degree because they allow soldiers to see in the dark.
  5. The accuracy of aircraft strafing in the WW2 games got hit with the nerf hammer awhile back so it's probably deliberate.
  6. That bug was fixed in the full versions in the Engine 4.0 update or last round of patches. Apparently the demos haven't been updated in a while.
  7. That was true years ago due to their going-out-of-business low price, not their effectiveness. The prices were adjusted and there's no issue now that I am aware of.
  8. I think the Abrams in CMBS is somewhat more godly than in reality. I also think the technical aspects of armored vehicles matters less in real wars than in war games. In an actual war between NATO and Russia it would matter very little. The main effect of having an inferior tank is wounded national pride and maybe a hit in the export market.
  9. If that is your cup of tea you should check out Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, also published by Matrix (is also on Steam). Less a game and more of a simulation compared to Combat Mission but it does what it does very well.
  10. I would differ slightly from what has been said in that I don't think it's changing positions per se, but rather limiting unbroken exposure time. As @sburke mentioned, launch time for a Javelin is 15-20 seconds from spot time (varies by unit experience rating). Assuming the Javelin team will probably not spot your unit instantly upon reveal at typical modern combat ranges this give you about 20 seconds of safe continuous exposure time. This is just enough time for a tank or APC to pop out of cover, stop and fire one round or burst at an area target then move back into cover (10 second Pause command at waypoint). The turret must be pre-rotated towards target prior to movement. Rinse, repeat. It does not matter if the enemy knows where your vehicle is if it's never exposed long enough for a target lock. Longer exposures to engage enemy vehicles with direct fire are permissible, but only from keyholed positions. Modern warfare against Javelin-equipped forces requires a level of micromanagement and exhaustive LOS checking someone coming from the WW2 games is unlikely to expect.
  11. The ammo of fallen soldiers is randomly recoverable, but a strange quirk of the game is that the die roll to determine recoverability is made when the fallen soldier is buddy aided rather than when he is wounded or killed, so ammo will sometimes disappear when you buddy aid.
  12. We would need the save file from the turn before the bug happened and it would need to be reproducible. The reason this bug is still around after all these years is that it seems to be not reproducable.
  13. The manual is wrong about that. The Hide command has no effect on the visual spotting of vehicles.
  14. The manual says the Hiding vehicle will "keep a low noise profile". You can debate what the could mean but it's important to note that giving a vehicle a Hide command cuts the range at which it can be heard in half rather than reducing it to zero.
  15. Ah, no worries. You were too subtle for me
  16. Ummm... I'm pretty sure I already acknowledged that. I was simply explaining why the "experts" are not reacting with shock and horror. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/111671-vision-restricted-when-closed-down/?do=findComment&comment=1475929 http://community.battlefront.com/topic/113566-spotting-ability-of-tanks/?do=findComment&comment=1508404 http://community.battlefront.com/topic/84426-spotting-changes-in-111/?do=findComment&comment=1102947
  17. Um, it works during daylight too. It's just more obvious at night.
  18. They are. Play a night battle in CM and it will become apparent very quickly.
  19. In order for the test to say anything useful about spotting time the time to spot for each individual tank would need to be recorded rather than just recording the fastest time out of several dozen tanks. More generally, Combat Mission systemically undervalues cover and concealment for infantry. This has been known for more than a decade. Things have been tweaked a bit more towards reality here and there over the years but it's never going to be exactly realistic since to some degree it is a deliberate design choice (from comments made by BFC) in order to keep the length of CM battles from approaching that of real battles and because strictly realistic spotting would cripple the AI since it does not know how to identify and area fire at suspected enemy positions (which is what constitutes the majority of real world shooting).
  20. The only way it could conceivably take that many shots to hit is if shot fall could not be observed. The cannon was plenty accurate enough to hit almost every time once range was dialed in. I find that figure suspicious, particularly since it gives an average of only 3 shots to hit in Korea, in which most of the tanks in use were the same tanks used in WW2, firing the same 76 and 90mm cannon.
  21. Ignore the out of range text. All on-map mortars show that for smoke missions when they are out of HE rounds. Plot the smoke mission and it should fire.
  22. In other words, they were not using Russian doctrine
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