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  1. What I see is that the panzerschreckz teams happily fire from the second stores of two story building from the distance of up to 300 meters and hitting consistently from 200 meters. And they don't get suppressed when firing from inside he buildings. And since you can't really choose to target the second floor specifically if the LOS to the center of the building is blocked (by hedge for example) then you can't even fire back at them unless they pop up in the window. I really hate how LOS works at CMx2.
  2. What is the consensus? Do panzerschreckz hit consistently at 200 meters? I also noticed that panzerschreck teams don't have any problem shooting from inside the building. I always thought that they should have problems with firing from buildings due to fire blast from the back side of the tube.
  3. The problem is that marked minefield does not equal clear path through mines. I marked one action spot and moved two platoons of regular troops (using hunt command) through it. I moved one team at a time and still triggered mines twice.
  4. This an interesting discussion. I feel that the way currently LOS is implemented there are potential MG placements that are almost impossible to suppress unless using on-map mortars or armor. Imagine a situation where an MG is placed in an action spot (AS) with the gunner being next to, say a hedge (hedge is especially nasty as it makes it almost impossible to suppress the MG from the other side of hedge as they are on the reversed slope compared to the units on the other side of the hedge). He is about 8 meters away from the edge of the AS and about 12m away from the center of the adjacent AS. The infantry that is being suppressed by this MG is pinned down can't really provide cover. The one that is not suppressed does not have a LOS to the MG position and can only target the adjacent AS which is 12M away (from the gunner). Targeting a spot that is 12 meters away from the MG does not really do anything for suppression. Moving into the position that has LOS to the MG's AS will certainly get them pinned. What to do? I really don't like the way LOS is implemented in CMx2. Each soldier in the unit can spot and be spotted but cannot be targeted individually.
  5. I tried using mark mines command and it works (for the most part. sometimes here and there troops still step on the mines but that i can live with). I still think that infantry should not be allowed to walk on the known minefield without a safe path if not panicked. I don't think any allied or German commander would order his troops to cross a know minefield without making a passage through it. What do you think? Of course clearing a substantially large minefield is an an operation that requires a lot of time and effort. But we normally don't deal with those situations at th scale of CM battles. We run into minefields that are 8 by 8 meters. I expect a team of engineers to be able to create a safe path through such a field in 2-3 minutes. Keep in mind that I don't expect them to clear the whole square of mines but rather create a path 1x8 meters that is free of mines (not under fire of course). Am I asking for too much?
  6. Thank you, guys. Somehow I missed that command. I still feel that infantry should be prohibited from moving through the minefield that is not at least marked by engineers (unless panicked).
  7. Does CM has any mechanism where individual squads (pioneers most probably) can create safe paths through the minefields? I left a team of engineers sitting on a known minefield and they did nothing. I feel that if a minefield is found and identified by an attacker there should be no way that he could bring any infantry through without first creating a safe passage. Infantry just should not be allowed to walk through a minefield. Second, if a minefield is identified there should be a way to create a safe path through it. Think of it in this terms. An action spot in CM is 8 by 8 meters (I hope I am right on this). A team of engineers is 4-5 people. They should be able to create a safe path through the minefield in 2-3 minutes (if not under fire of course). Am I missing something?
  8. It was the key. I will be around. I will play a few battles vs the AI and then I will for PBEM and maybe TCP/IP (although it will be hard for me to find time for that these days unfortunately). One thing I noticed so far is that the scale for CMBM is smaller than for CMBB. It is really almost impossible to control anything over a company of infantry for me. Battalion-level battles? - forget about it. I love the new spotting mechanism.
  9. Yes. I played CMBO, BB and AK very extensively from around 99 to 04. After tha tI took a break. I tried the demo for CMSF and I didn't like it a all. It sucks when I have the game and I can play it
  10. Look, I would understand it it were a memory leak or crash problem that would require debugging. but this is a license key problem. It is easy. It should not take a day to solve it.
  11. This is ridiculous. How long does it take if the key is right or not? for the whole day I got one message from tech support that they are checking if the key is right.
  12. Do you know how long it usually take them to respond to the new ticket? I opened one last night and half a day passed and I didn't hear a word back.
  13. Mord, thank you for trying. I opened the ticket and I hope they will sort it out. Cheers!
  14. I reinstalled CMBN with antivirus turned off and I got the same error when activating.
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