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  1. Just finished the campaign, with a Major Victory: Great stuff, Paper Tiger, thank you very much. Even though I had to reload a couple of times since some of my ideas didn't work out as intended. My favourites are the late Airborne battles, i.e. "Papenberg", "Here we fight" and "Turning back the Tide". Especially with "Turning back the Tide", I had to restart the battle since I originally tried to defend the initial attack too far forward and got slaughtered. But if you initially hold further back, the arrival of the 8x 105mm SPA battery will take care of this battle. Just one thing: In the briefing for "Turning back the Tide" it is mentioned that the Germans won't get points for the Allied terrain objectives, but this is not true in the game, i.e. the Germans are awarded points for the "Roadblock" and "Southern Mook" objectives. Is this intentional? If so, maybe the wording in the briefing should be changed to let the player know. But overall, great work .
  2. Yep, also noticed this with v1.12 / v2.12 (in CMFI and CMBN) and not only for the low walls, also sometimes happened with the high Bocage. Did something change in the behaviour of infantry around these terrain features with vX.12?
  3. Yeah, it's a loss as far as the campaign is concerned, you need at least a Minor Victory in Papenberg to stay on the "Victory Path".
  4. Hi folks, I just uploaded CMx2 ScAnCaDe v1.2 to GreenAsJade's Mods Warehouse, for a link see my signature. This is another housekeeping release, adding recognition of the latest versions CMBN v2.11 and CMFI v1.11. Cheers, Mad Mike
  5. Thanks for the quick solution. I guess it was just a matter of the wrong 3D model file making it into the patch brz?
  6. Yep, also seeing this. Looks quite funny when they're driving around.
  7. No problem: I started with the first 3 Panthers in the column (didn't change from the setup positions) and gave each the order to move across the bridge. The first Panther had no delay, the second had a 15 seconds and the third a 30 seconds delay. Each of those three vehicles showed the same behaviour described above, the two trailing Panthers also had to take some automatic pauses - which didn't really change the outcome.
  8. Also tried this, with the same result (left - right - left). If you set pauses like 20 to 30 seconds between the individual vehicles, they will still get across reasonably, even if it takes much longer than it really should.
  9. Thanks, mjkerner. Just one question: Are you saying that you tried ScAnCaDe v1.0 with MG scenarios and campaigns and it didn't work? Because I tried myself and had no problems. The new release is just housekeeping, basically.
  10. Hi folks, I just uploaded CMx2 ScAnCaDe v1.1 to GreenAsJade's Mods Warehouse, for a link see my signature. This release includes the latest version information for v2.10 (the CMBN Market Garden Module) as well as a new information concerning the region in which the battle takes place (can now be either "France" or "Holland" for CMBN or just "Italy" for CMFI). Enjoy and cheers, Mad Mike
  11. Same here, trying to re-install now. EDIT: Confirmed, re-installing (or better yet, re-activating with the MG-Module Key after install) solved the problem. Well done, so much for finishing old PBEMs with a parallel install.
  12. Not all the QB maps are set to Allied Probe/Attack/Assault. There is also a fair amount of Axis Probe/Attack/Assault maps in the mix. You could use the CMx2 ScAnCaDe tool (see my signature) to make a listing of all QB maps with their respective parameters and then select an Axis Attack map manually. This should help with avoiding the "reverse setup zones" bug.
  13. I can play as an Allied commander. Usually I play Axis in H2H, so it would be a nice change. Turn rate is usually sufficient to support a couple of turnarounds on the weekend and at least 1 turn during the weekdays.
  14. Kip, thanks for the encouragement earlier on, it indeed helped. Hope you like the final product. Cheers, Mike
  15. Well, in the examples provided by Andrew Kulin, other things might factor in as well. Without knowing the exact QB map, it could be that this map (city+river) is quite flat, with little vegetation like extended wooded areas etc. On the other hand, CW Holy Ground has woods (not that many, but still), but also quite some elevation changes. It could be that the longer loading time for the "smaller" map happens due to much more effort necessary to calculate and build correct LOS tables in memory, amongst other stuff. This should be much more complicated for maps which are not "pool billard flat", like a typical QB city map. Also, QB maps are much less full of features and elevations, at least the early ones. So without exact knowledge of what is being loaded, it is indeed difficult if not impossible to guess. And my theories so far are only guesses, but the difference between loading scenarios/campaigns in single player and PBEMs is noticeable, i've done both probably more than a couple of thousand times.
  16. It was the first thing that came to my mind, but on second thought and also with the input provided here, I have another, slightly different theory. With PBEM, with every turn the actual replay of the action is passed along in the file (except for the first two setup files). If you think about it, in all other Single Player Scenarios you will only be able to save a "static" situation at a certain point, from which any further action can then be calculated. This is done based on the "static" situation loaded into memory, therefore I expect it to be quite quick (as can be seen by watching the calculation bar for WeGo). But with PBEM, the loading and also preparation (calculation) happen at the same time, which apparently adds to loading times. So I guess it has not so much to do with the number of orders after all.
  17. One thing I noticed, which you might take into account when comparing loading times, is that PBEMs take much longer to load than Single Player scenarios / campaigns. This has probably to do with the fact that the AI is usually much more passive than a real opponent and gives much less orders to the troops. I usually have loading times of 2-4 minutes for PBEM turns in medium to large scenarios. Just recently, I played a campaign scenario with two battalions (plus) involved and the AI attacking. This loads in around one minute, despite the map/force size.
  18. OK, took a little bit longer, but here is the new version, now called "CMx2 ScAnCaDe" - Scenario Analyser and Campaign Decompiler. http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4916/details Thanks to ian.leslie for the support and conceptual input - even if it was some time ago. Only I am to "blame" for the long delay. Cheers, Mad Mike
  19. Hi Kip, thanks for the encouraging reply, it is appreciated. I've worked out all the changes which came with the release of GL (I hope ) and I guess I will be able to release a version within the next week. Probably better to release early and have you guys test it "in the field". I've done all my testing now and would just like to add some minor error log file functionality, so that anybody using this could give a better report if something goes wrong. Cheers, Mike
  20. And that's the problem .. the v2 of the Troina campaign has been created with CMFI v1.10, so it won't be useable with CMFI v1.01. You will have to wait for the free patch to bring the base game up to this standard or get the GL module. Just in case nobody else has told you yet.
  21. Thanks for making me aware, I am in the process of updating the tool to handle both CMBN+CW and CMFI+GL. With CMFI v1.10 (the latest version of the CMx2 engine), the layout of btt and cam files has been slightly changed, which means an update of the tool was mandatory. I'm trying to put in some other bugfixes and handling of exceptions to make the tool more stable. Also, the output will change from HTML files to XML files with XSL stylesheets for viewing in a browser. It will probably still take a couple of days since I'm only doing this in my free time, which is usually not plenty.
  22. Yeah, very likely a conflict with a mod which modifies the "Strings.txt". Do you use Vins Animated Text Mod? If yes, you will have to delete the old version and install a new one for GL (CMFI v1.10). It should be available on GaJs Mod website as well as in BFCs own repository.
  23. Jon, sorry to have ruined your work. To be honest, I'm not quite sure how useful my tool is, since I wouldn't use it to cheat my way around a difficult scenario in a campaign (you could almost achieve the same result without the tool by just saving and cease-firing to see what awaits you anyway). But it was quite a nice challenge which kept me occupied for a couple of hours (to figure out how it works, the programming took longer, but that's not really the fun part once you know how things work - then it becomes just work).
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