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  1. No, I'm afraid not. Just a picture I found online and have been using it for quite some time now. I added the crown when I became "King of the Hill" (for a short time anyway) in one the Few Good Mens tournaments (FGM, see here: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com). Haven't bothered to remove it and hopefully, one day I will reclaim my throne.
  2. Mad Mike here, I'm responsible for the map and scenario of the fighting around Juvelize on September 22nd 1944. The map is quite finished now (maybe some small touches here or there, but nothing major). So I've decided to produce a short video in a "drive-through style", where we follow Hptm Waldstein of HQ 5. Panzerarmee on his way from Blanche-Église to Moyenvic via Juvelize and Lezey. If you don't want to watch the whole video, shortcut links to 4 prominent spots in the map are provided. Arracourt - Juvelize Master Map Preview
  3. See my signature for the download link of the current version v1.9. We have version 2.0 prepared, which with the help of @IanL will support CM:BS as well as all the v4.0 versions. I'm waiting for the release of CMFI v4.0 to finalise and release this, but as you are probably aware, a planned three weeks easily turn into three months around here. I hear scientists are starting to call this the "BFC time dilation phenomenon".
  4. File is flagged by Firefox as containing a virus or malware. Didn't see this feature of Firefox in literally thousands of downloads before. Don't know what's going on with this, but I won't open it, even though it downloaded fully. Shame though, looked quite nice.
  5. Cheers guys I know it's just another idea amongst probably hundreds and the timing for bringing it up just after a major engine-wide upgrade could not be worse. But maybe it is something that could be done easily and we will have it one day.
  6. With the release of some mods which are common to a number of CMx2 games, I think it would be quite useful to have "Common Mod Directory". The mod would then only have to be installed once and would be used across any number of CMx2 games. An example of such a common mod is the "High Quality Sound 2.6 CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB" mod, link: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=4747 Currently, I have this installed 4 times for each mentioned game, at 1.5 GB each, a total of 6 GB. What I have in mind is that you can define a "Common Mod Directory" path for each game, probably in the "Options" menu. A suitable path would be for example: C:\Users\<Current User>\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Common Mods. Also, this common directory should be read first by any game and after that the specific mods (located where they currently are already) should be read. This way single game specific mods would always overwrite common mods. In the HQS 2.6 example above I would just install once, at a total of 1.5 GB, and set the path in all 4 games. It could also work for other mods which are common, but this would take some testing as to see which models / textures are shared between games etc. Has anything like this been proposed / discussed? Does it make sense?
  7. Nope, running JuJu's Blitz UI for CMFB v2.00, everything works fine. But maybe two pictures speak more than a thousand words: And as @mjkerner said, it's the same for the other JuJu UI mods for the other games.
  8. Generally I would agree, you shouldn't mix strings.txt from different games. But I guess it is noteworthy that the strings.txt is an "engine-file", as such it is not really specific to a single title like CMFB or CMBN as such. For example, modern CMBS strings like "Laser Warning" are also in strings.txt files for the WW2 games. I quickly compared the strings.txt for CMFB v2.00, CMBN v4.00 and CMRT v2.00: They are all three identical, so if you updated one, you could simply copy it across to the other games. I'm not recommending to do this though, just to be on the safe side. But if you do a comparison of the unchanged original files first and find them to be identical, it should work.
  9. How detailed do you need that tutorial to be? Basically it's quite easy: RezExplode the newest brz archive containing the new strings.txt (e.g. final blitzkrieg v200.brz). Note: Mac users are already sh*t out of luck at this point, since there still is no RezExplode utility available on Mac, as far as I know. But you can try to ask a friendly Windows user to provide the file for you, they are platform independent . Locate the Animated Text Mod folder, rename the strings.txt in this folder to something like strings_old.txt. Copy the exploded strings.txt from step 1 into the Animated Text Mod folder. Open both files (strings.txt , strings_old.txt) in Notepad++. Use the Notepadd++ plugin "Compare" to easily compare both files. Locate the "Soldier State Display" section, it should also show the most differences in the "Compare Nav Bar" (currently around line ~5200). Copy the animated text blocks one to one from the strings_old.txt into strings.txt. Save strings.txt, delete strings_old.txt. Voila, you're finished. Takes about 5 minutes, I'm doing this regularly now for all updates. Just don't want to go through the extra effort of packaging, uploading etc., which in any case takes longer than doing the adjustments. Anyway, it's not my mod ..
  10. Either that, or you have a mod installed that uses the "strings.txt". Vins Animated Text mod is the most likely candidate, it has to be updated for every new version that comes with a new "strings.txt". Otherwise, you will see all kinds of strange texts.
  11. Just one minor correction .. the latest version 1.9 of ScAnCaDe can be downloaded from the link in my signature. Also, extracted single battles can be re-arranged into a campaign file (after adjustments have been made). This requires some manual work, especially writing the campaign "compile" script with the information provided by the ScAnCaDe XML output. But it is definitely do-able.
  12. Aufstellung Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres - (Re-)Establishment under the commander of the replacement army. Means that after being destroyed in Sewastopol, the 50. Infanteriedivision was refitted and re-established (by assigning a lot of fresh personnel from replacement units, most likely) in Perleberg, Ostpreußen.
  13. I'm quite sure it means "zur Verfügung", which I would translate to "under direct/immediate control". In this case, it means that the 95. Infanteriedivision was not under operational control of a corps HQ (normal case), but under direct control of a higher HQ (in this case 3. Panzerarmee).
  14. Nope, you're quite correct and this is a weak point of ScAnCaDe. But I was never able to properly figure out the location of the core unit file information in the final campaign file.
  15. Hi Tempestzzzz, as the creator of the tool you're using, some comments and (hopefully) help. First of all, I would urge you to not use the CMBN_Scenario_Organiser_v0.22 any more. It is quite ancient by now (released 2011) and has been superseded by CMx2 ScAnCaDe. RockinHarry has already provided a download link to the last version of ScAnCaDe, which also works pretty much in the same way as the previous Scenario Organiser. Secondly, it is entirely possible to re-compile campaigns, it just requires a little bit of extra work. You already found out about having to rewrite the campaign script. It shouldn't be too difficult since basically ScAnCaDe provides all the required info in a different format. What ScAnCaDe does not provide is the Core unit file used to originally compile the campaign. This means that the original campaign briefing will be missing from the recompiled campaign, since this would be included in the Core unit file. I think you can take a copy of any scenario file of a campaign and just use it as the core unit file. This will not necessarily give you all the core units, but it should be good enough if you don't want to change the troops too much. Out of interest, I did decompile the Devon - Basic Training campaign. This gave me the following three scenario files (using CMx2 ScAnCaDe v1.8): Devon - Basic Training #00_Bn Cmpn 01 Out on Patrol.bttDevon - Basic Training #01_Bn Cmpn 02 Firing Range.bttDevon - Basic Training #02_Bn Cmpn 03 Battle Drill.bttI then renamed those files as follows, since there could be problems with the "#" or "_" characters in the filenames: Bn Cmpn 01 Out on Patrol.bttBn Cmpn 02 Firing Range.bttBn Cmpn 03 Battle Drill.bttI then copied the first file and renamed it Devon Core.btt, which represents the core unit file. Then I used the following script: /* Campaign Header*/ [PLAYER FORCE] blue [HUMAN OPPONENT ALLOWED] no [BLUE VICTORY TEXT] You won! [BLUE DEFEAT TEXT] You lost! [RED VICTORY TEXT] You won! [RED DEFEAT TEXT] You lost! /*Battle #1*/ [BATTLE NAME] Bn Cmpn 01 Out on Patrol [WIN THRESHOLD] draw [NEXT BATTLE IF WIN] Bn Cmpn 02 Firing Range [NEXT BATTLE IF LOSE] Bn Cmpn 02 Firing Range [BLUE REFIT %] 0 [BLUE REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [BLUE RESUPPLY %] 0 [BLUE REST %] 0 [RED REFIT %] 0 [RED REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [RED RESUPPLY %] 0 [RED REST %] 0 /*Battle #2*/ [BATTLE NAME] Bn Cmpn 02 Firing Range [WIN THRESHOLD] draw [NEXT BATTLE IF WIN] Bn Cmpn 03 Battle Drill [NEXT BATTLE IF LOSE] Bn Cmpn 03 Battle Drill [BLUE REFIT %] 0 [BLUE REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [BLUE RESUPPLY %] 0 [BLUE REST %] 0 [RED REFIT %] 0 [RED REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [RED RESUPPLY %] 0 [RED REST %] 0 /*Battle #3*/ [BATTLE NAME] Bn Cmpn 03 Battle Drill [WIN THRESHOLD] draw [NEXT BATTLE IF WIN] [NEXT BATTLE IF LOSE] [BLUE REFIT %] 0 [BLUE REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [BLUE RESUPPLY %] 0 [BLUE REST %] 0 [RED REFIT %] 0 [RED REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [RED RESUPPLY %] 0 [RED REST %] 0Then using the scenario editor (in CMBN v3.11), I could create a campaign file, which after decompiling showed the exact same structure as the original campaign file. I hope this helps, campaign compilation is sometimes not so easy due to the minimalist feedback you receive as a user. Cheers, Mike
  16. Two scenarios that came with the module have snowy conditions: A Temple to Mars: Weather: Blizzard Temperature: Freezing Ground: Patchy Snow The Keep of Majella: Weather: Flurries Temperature: Cold Ground: Patchy SnowAt least one user made scenario has been made with snowy conditions: Di Saronno: Weather: Flurries Temperature: Freezing Ground: Light SnowDownload here, for example (couldn't find it on the Senario Depot): http://www.theblitz.org/scenarios/b-15.htm?action=download&id=11191 You can always make scenarios with "full" snow conditions, so these weather / ground options are not restricted to QBs. Btw, if you're interested in information about the scenarios without having to open them individually, you could always give my program "CMx2 ScAnCaDe" a try. For download link see my signature.
  17. I'm currently reading "Snow & Steel - The Battle of the Bulge 1944 -45" from Peter Caddick-Adams. I find it to be very well written, it gives a good overview from both sides, including short biographies / background on principal commanding generals. It also has some first-hand accounts, which are presented as little snippets in the overall narrative. Quite well done, IMHO. I'm currently at around page 200 and the battle hasn't started yet. It's a very thorough account of the circumstances and the setting of the offensive. Highly recommended.
  18. This bug has been around since the release of CMBN, and yet this is the first time I see it recognised as such, including a workaround. Well done, Vanir Ausf B.
  19. Well done, agree with most of what you've written. It's just that you seem to miss my point: Whoever translated this, intended "Halbe" to mean "half speed". That's the only way this whole sentence construction as it stands in the translation makes sense. There is no "Der Halte" in German. "Der Halt" would be the closest, correct equivalent. I guess this all is a case of a translator with mediocre understanding of German translating the original into English, which then in turn has been translated back into German. Would be interesting to see the original, maybe someone can provide a scan?
  20. I don't think the original is flawed. It says: There should be only two speeds for a tank: half speed (for firing) and full throttle. "Halbe" does not mean "halt" or "stop" and it is not a typo. The reason it can't be a typo is quite logical: Nobody would refer to a halting tank as having any speed at all, it does have no speed since it is standing still. So when point 8 refers to two speeds, this does by itself exclude standing still. Don't try to overthink this or make it more complicated than it really is .. it simply means what I wrote above and it was also meant to say this.
  21. Bulletpoint, can you confrm that this is the QB map pack you are referring to: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1716 If so, I had a look at these and the maps are not the problem. They have all been created with CMBN v1.01. Also, the submission date into the repository (beginning of 2012) is clearly before either the CW or MG module even were released. The maps do not require any module to be present in order to play with them. My guess: The AI force selection is somehow "broken" by being allowed to select forces for which you don't have the module. This does not seem to be a problem for playing straight away (there seems to be no check for available modules as there is when loading a saved game). So my guess so far: Bug in the game. But I'm sure Ian will take a good look at it and report it if it is a real problem.
  22. Maybe it was just a typo, but the current version of CMRT is v1.03, not v1.02. Version 1.02 still has the crash bug you're describing, which is fixed with 1.03.
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