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  1. Yes, there are still a few of us out here doing work on CMBO. I have a hi-res (1.07m) Panzer IV mod waiting for final testing. Any takers ? Post to the forum or, contact me directly at dhsinger@attbi.com.
  2. Has anyone considered doing a river mod featuring rocks along the banks ? I don't know what the rivers in Europe look like but, around my kneck of the woods, rivers and stream banks are not just mud and grass.
  3. The answer is, yes. There were several versions of the smock. One was a very early version with inclined zippers. It is mainly seen in pictures of Army paratroops before they were transferred to the Luftwaffe. The second version was Feldgrau, featured straight pockets and fastened around the legs. The version which would have been most commonly seen in Normandy was cut the same as the Feldgrau piece, made from "splinter" pattern material. Once they stopped jumping and became a pure infantry formation, a longer smock was issued in both "splinter" and "water" pattern. These didn't fasten around the legs. The bandoliers were also made in Feldgrau and Splinter patterns. They came in several patterns to match the magazine size for the various weapons used by the Fallschirmjagers.
  4. Mod Manager is great for getting the ZIP files into the proper game folder. It also gives you a preview of what the Mod will look like in the game. CMMOS is a quick way of running the batch file to swap the texture. They both have their ups and downs. In my opinion, Mod Manager is easier to use if you are a Mod maker. However, it's more difficult to keep organized. If you like to have everything where you can see it, scrolling through a hundred Mods looking for the ones you want can be tedious. CMMOS does a better job of managing things. If you are a Mod maker, you must understand its system of rules and go through a clearance process before releasing your creation. It also requires a complete set of BMPs be present in the CMBO BMP folder for each Mod. This eats up a lot of space on your hard drive. So, if you have the room on your drive, put the ZIP files into the Mod folder for Mod Manager and use it to install the BMP files. Use CMMOS to quickly change textures. If you have a limited amount of hard drive space, stick with Mod Manager.
  5. When you open the program, do the icons come up ?
  6. Be sure to go through the existing rule sets. There are quite a few rules for BMP sets which are yet to be renamed.
  7. I notice there's a rule set for them. Does anyone have the BMP Files ?
  8. It's always interested me what a difference it makes if the projectile strikes the armor surface straight on, or at an angle. Even the Tiger I's were supposed to present a "corner" to the enemy in order to take advantage of the angle.
  9. Take a look at the CMMOS downloads at Combat Mission HQ.
  10. Howitzers fire at angles up to 45 degrees and are capable of "plunging" fire (right down the throat). Guns fire at lower elevating angles and generally longer ranges.
  11. I guess I don't understand what benefit is gained by using this program rather than the Mod Manager. Couldn't the same thing be accomplished by converting many of these Mods to make them Mod Manager compatible ?
  12. Thanks guys. I just remember how disappointed I used to be with board games and SPI when they would come out with historically based scenarios which were impossible for one side to win. It was as if all the designer wanted was to show you why the the loser lost ! Given the choice, I would rather have a bang up fictional situation where the outcome could go either way.
  13. Is there such a thing as balance in a historically based scenario? Should the objective be to create a situation where either side may win? Or, by recreating historical conditions, is the outcome already decided? How do you scenario writers approach this situation?
  14. The MOD Manager is a big favorite of mine. With all the options available, it's just about the only way I can manage 'em. What about a Scenario Manager? The thing is, once I get the game all set up with British or Canadian MODs, it would be nice to have all the relevant scenarios in a folder. I guess I could go in and re-name 'em, but if one of you code writers out there could come up with a solution, it'd be great.
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