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  1. Umm...apparently not. I thought that was supposed to work, but I've never tried it. Hmm.
  2. Resupplying tanks In order to do this, the designer would have to manipulate the scenario. Since the game allows intra-platoon ammo leveling, keeping one (or more) of the platoon vehicles behind (or out of battle) is the key. Now, I'm not sure if a designer can specify which vehicle of a platoon can enter separately than the others. Say a full-strength platoon has 5 vehicles. The designer could put 4 on-map and have the 5th appear as a reinforcement at the 90 minute mark. It'd be up to the player to pull his platoon back to that vehicle and perform ammo-leveling. The other approach would be to just feed in a reinforcing platoon at the appropriate point in the battle. Neither approach is perfect. It would be far more interesting to have an ammo truck appear for resupply and to bring your vehicles back to it. Long battles, and campaigns with no/limited resupply, bring up a host of issues that affect tactics. No more shooting HE at suspected locations, for example.
  3. @Attilaforfun has made a good point. I think what would be of more help would be to be differentiate the PROJECTILE from the LAUNCHER. Just because an RPG launcher is shouldered, does not mean the projectile is optimized for the target. A test would be fun. Toss some green/conscript irregulars with poor equipment on a map. Make sure their anti-tank ordnance is limited/old/non-existent and then drive some Abrams or Strykers past them. Count the launches. Count the hits. Assess the damage. Real-life experience is critical to use to assess the fidelity of the model. If there is such wide divergence between someone's real-life experience and his in-game experience, well, let's dig down. 1. The majority of what differs (impacts) could be ascribed to the aforementioned projectile differences. 2. Accuracy can be tested by varying the range at which in-game launches are initiated and the skill level (and other soft factors) of the unit. 3. Tactics would mostly be an examination of range. E.g., is the player driving into the main square with a single vehicle, or standing off at 700m+ with a platoon? Ken
  4. Any and all will run fine under Win10.
  5. An easy way to find a file depository to which you have access, like savegames, is to make up a unique name. Like, "c3kbringsinternstoluaus". Then, after creating that save, exit out. Go to your windows (you ARE using Windows 10, right?) search window and type in "c3kbringsinternstoluaus" and, Bob's your uncle! You've found it. Delete away in Windows explorer. Sort by name or date, left click, scroll, shift left click, and delete a 1,000 savegames of tactical effervescence. In one click. Or something.
  6. No worries. My intern is holding my spot for the kalua pig roast, so I'm up on the hill where there's wifi. Yes, it would be good to be able to simulate a grenade bundle being tossed out of an upper floor onto a vehicle. (Although, really, how much damage would that do?) Hmm? Sorry, she just waved me back down to the beach. Off I go...
  7. Mislabeled units is very much a known "thing" when there are mods or old/bad brz files. As suggested, a reinstall with fresh download will clear it all up. (Save your mods/savegames somewhere and just copy them back after you reinstall.)
  8. ^^^ What IanL is mentioning is that CMBN uses a different file location than ANY OTHER CMx2 game. (CMRT, CMFI, CMSF2, etc.) So, CMBN will put savegames, scenarios, campaigns, etc., in a subdirectory. The others put savegames, scenarios, etc., in the Users Documents, wherever you've put that. There is NO REQUIREMENT to have CMBN on any particular drive. One of my rigs has 7 different drives (NVMe, SSD, spinners). I've put my CMBN on my "F" drive, an SSD. If you just move your entire CMBN install to where you'd like it, and then repoint your shortcut, it should work just fine.
  9. I find it far simpler just to use a sharpie on the monitor.
  10. As others have alluded to, that HUNT command (with or without a TARGET ARC) has the potential to make your unit stop along that path. Stopping may not be the best thing. I'll use HUNT, a lot of times with an arc so that, for example, my unit will not continue into that building if the enemy is inside. Short HUNT paths in between QUICK keeps the unit moving but cancels the rest of the move if something unexpected pops up (within the arc, if used).
  11. Here’s a peak behind the BFC curtain from a long-time Beta tester. (I’m not sure if this is cleared for posting, but what the heck…) At the most recent BFC-Fest, the band was giving me a headache, so I pushed my way out of the mosh pit and walked up to the main house. Steve’s chauffeur pulled the horse-drawn carriage towards me, but I waved him away. I wanted to clear my head and a walk along the half-mile trail up to the house, lit by torches, was just what the doctor ordered. The amplified sound of the band gradually abated, absorbed by the woods, and the BFC manse came into view as I walked along the trail. Yes, I ignored all but one of the strategically placed drinking stops. Clear headed thinking would only be clouded by single malts. Well, except for one or two. Arriving indoors, the muted string quartet provided a gentle contrast to the tinkle of champagne flutes among the many conversations. Spotting Steve, alone by the open french doors to the back gardens, smoking the remnants of a tired cigar, I decided to share my pricing ideas and drove straight towards him. “Steve,” I said, “I’d like to share a new pricing scheme with you.” Never taking his eyes off the distant treeline, he gripped his cigar and wrenched it out of his mouth. “Certainly.” “This’ll be ground-breaking,” I paused. “Give the game away. For free.” He coughed out a cloud of smoke, “What?!? How would that keep the revenue stream flowing?” “Simple. The game is free. The men and tanks are not. If anyone wants to FIGHT with a unit, they’d have to pay for each squad, team, or vehicle. Obviously, pricing would be variable, based on unit effectiveness and rarity. Each scenario would have a fixed price, based on the units in the Order of Battle. Quick Battles would be very price sensitive.” “Players would rack up the units (or scenario) they want. The game would spit out a price and a hash code. Go to the BFC website, paste in the hash, pay by credit card. The website would produce an unlock code, specific to the submitted hash, and they’d be off!” “This would make campaigns that much more special. No more exploratory recon! Every man would count. Who would want to pay for a Tiger tank twice?” He turned towards me and fixed his eyes upon mine. He quickly stubbed his cigar out in the caviar tray being carried by a passing waiter. “You may have something…” And then he strode out the doors onto the deck and continued into the gardens. He was still striding forward as I lost sight of him past the lighting around the fountains. So, this may become the new way. Just sayin’…
  12. You laugh, but THAT is EXACTLY what threw off the September release!
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