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  1. I think I'll start a thread: "Let me know if you'd love to have a thread about things you'd love to have in the game."
  2. Grenade count in WeGo: the first time through (real-time-ish) the count is accurate. I think. After the first replay, then the grenade count is "fixed" at the lowest point. E.g., a squad has 12 grenades and throws one every 2 seconds for the first 24 seconds of the turn. As you focus on that squad after hitting "go", you'll see each grenade getting thrown and the grenade count decrementing down with each throw. At 10 seconds into the turn, they'll have 7 grenades left. At the end of the turn they'll show 0. If you then hit replay and watch them again, the grenade count will be 0 and, yet, they'll throw each of the 12 grenades. At least, that's how it worked the last time I examined it. (It was reported and deemed WAD.)
  3. Exactly. I -think- a non-movement period (an entire turn is what I use) reduces the chances of a Bog turning into Immobilized. I have not tested, but it certainly seems to behave that way.
  4. Thanks. I (obviously) was unaware of this.
  5. @WriterJWA brought some good points in his post. But, I'll address the (cut-down) portion of his subsequent post, above, first. Yes, I'd love to be able to knock down that tall wall with my tank or AAV or BMP. @sburke made the point that once it is allowed in one case (tall wall surrounding a compound), it must be allowed in all cases. Like, the case where you click on your AAV to FAST to a point 500m away. And then the AI sends it careening through 7 different walls to get there...and it immobilizes on the 8th. Or, the Player can breach a tall wall with an explicit order to do so, but the TacAI cannot (because of the careening through walls needlessly issue). Artillery: TRPs have been beaten to death. Toss a TRP every 200m on a map and you can call arty anywhere you want. The other option is the at-start arty call. Right now, it is limited to 4 time delays; 0, 5, 10, or 15 minutes. In a 4 hour scenario, simulating a British set-piece attack with multiple arty lifts, this is woefully inadequate. I'd like to see user-selectable time delays for any arty setup on the initial turn. Grenades: Yeah. Spot on. Grenades should use the same "slightly out-of-LOS" algorithm which is allowed for on-map mortars.
  6. Blasphemer! Well, I don't know about the other Beta testers, but I never drove a vehicle over the bridge. I tested a LOT of battles/behaviors, but they did not have anyone crossing...except for the one with recce unit on the bridge. That worked fine. Do you have specifics on when it happens and what units? I can poke at it, but if it is intermittent, then it would be helpful to have a start point. No guarantees, but if I can reliably get it to happen, there's a much better chance it can be fixed.
  7. A minor lesson, re-learned... Seeing a built-up area, I gave a squad some extra (4?) AT-4s. I like to bring the "boom" to city fights. Well, as is my wont, I split my squads. Distributed eyeballs and distributed casualties...in case of an RPG. Well, I decided to send one of the teams back to the Stryker to grab a Javelin with launcher. A turn later, there they were, IN the Stryker. Because the 4 men had 2 (3?) AT4's, they were denied the Javelin Launcher & Missile combo. Grrr. I decided to get them to combine with the 5 men of their squad and peel off a different team. It was a moot point: the Stryker died that turn. Buh-bye Mr. Javelin Launcher. Better to grab the heavy gear first...
  8. Lol...no. SPOILER * * * * * * * I set the first MGS behind a building, and routed the Stryker with Battalion HQ and the sniper squad around the side (closer to the blue edge) off-road. That Stryker took the ATGM. Sniper squad went from 8 (?) to 2. Batt HQ is okay. Stryker crew had one survivor. That MGS I set in overwatch, partially shielded by the building? It took out the ATGM. Blood for blood! I don't like having the scenario start with your forces already under the gun. (Unless the briefing so-states...)
  9. Unbelievably, I had not played this. 1st minute, as Blue, and...well, I would've, perhaps, changed the setup zone a bit. Grrr. Now the battlefield has been consecrated. A victor will emerge!
  10. France, 1940: When PzII's were feared! Crossing the Meuse and the battle at Dinant. The battles in the Ardennes. Modeling the behemoth French tanks. The Maginot forts...with their sub-levels and disappearing turrets. Eben Emael. Arras. Dunkirk. Etc. This would segue nicely, both backwards and forwards, for Poland '39, and Soviet Union '41. It would necessitate horses and wagons. That would open up...a lot. Napoleon, US Civil War, Crimea, etc. Obviously, bayonets and sabers (and by extension, all Hand-to-Hand combat) would need to be modeled to expand into these eras.
  11. Any study of US military in WWII and their rates of "battle fatigue" has to take into account the unique operating characteristics of the US military in WWII. The German army had a far lower rate of battle fatigue, for example. 1. Time in the line (Germans rotated units out: the US did not.) 2. Replacements (US plugged individuals into the firing line: the Germans had replacement battalions, organic to the division, staffed by the men who would be serving with the replacements. They trained them in battlefield techniques and got to know each other before the new guys got into the line.) 3. Unit cohesiveness (US men were "tight" at the squad level. Germans at the company level.)
  12. Scimitar is a recon vehicle. AP is only good enough to fight BMP-class armor. HE would be for unarmored vehicles which the machinegun could not eliminate. Every other soft target gets the machinegun. Its main weapon is its radio. (This is why the US Abrams now has the new AMP round, loader's machinegun (M240B), and RWS for the commander's .50 cal. The two 7.62mm machineguns (coax and loader's) share 12,000 rounds. Twelve thousand. Those machineguns are expected to engage a lot of targets. Three mg's and one cannon: seems like a balanced approach.)
  13. Load up the panzerfaust warheads. Then, utilize the "gamey flag rush" tactic. Unload, await the repercussions, and the have your survivors slog it out. You did keep a reserve? Use that to maneuver the enemy out of position. If none of that helps, open the editor and add a Leopard. Or two.
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