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  1. You do remember correctly but I think you might be remembering the reason incorrectly, if that makes sense. CM:AK introduced the 'curved' function for armour, which allowed, for the first time, Shermans to bounce rounds from their turrets. Before that, the quite clearly sloped armour of the Sherman had been rated for game purposes as 89/0, that is, 89mm thick at 0 degrees slope.
  2. A questionable assumption which ignores factors such as fuel shortages and allied air supremacy.
  3. Ironically, despite his multiple personality issues which ought to have had him banned yonks ago, it wasn't. It was for pretending to be someone else, or rather, posting a review of a CM game pretending to be someone else. At least, that's the way I remember it. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.
  4. I'm waiting for CM:Normandy. Then I might resurrect the Cheery Waffle thread. Depends whether CM:N sux0r. Most of us are over at Gyrene's shack at http://dosomefink.com/phpbb2/ .
  5. Absolutely. Take the famous commando raid on St Nazaire. Many of the small craft were knocked out but some survived a hail of fire from other ships, infantry on the docks and coastal batteries.
  6. There's a good reason why you can buy bumper stickers which say "All I needed to know about science I learned from Joss Wheedon" (the author of the show). Try not to think about the 'science'. There isn't any.
  7. I don't know if anyone's recommended it, but I liked "Eagles and Bulldogs in Normandy" - it follows the US 29th Division from Omaha to St Lo and the British 4th Division from Sword to Caen. The author's name escapes me.
  8. Sounds like the military's going to have to recruit golfers rather than soldiers.
  9. Other tools you could run: CCleaner to clear out temp files that might be infected. Lavasoft's Ad Aware 2008. AVG Free 8.0 is also pretty effective at cleaning these things. Run as many of them as you can in Safe Mode.
  10. You will need malwarebytes Anti-malware to kill this little bastage. First, load the PC as normal. Disable system restore (right-click my comptuer, go to properties, go to system restore, turn system restore off on all drives) Next, restart the PC in safe mode (F8 at start up, Safe Mode with Networking) Once in safe mode, use your web browser to reach www.malwarebytes.com Download, update, and install this software. Run a complete scan. Let it remove any files, and restart in normal mode. Forever more, use Mozilla Firefox for your web browsing, an router instead of a modem, a decent firewall (eg Sunbelt's free personal firewall), and a better email program than the one you're using.
  11. Let's see the seismograph results then, and we can compare them to the results from a 5KT nuclear blast's seismograph result. You must have both of these pieces of information? Otherwise, you'd be taking an anti-American dictatorship's state news agency report, and the unsubstantiated claim of an aircraft mechanic at face value with no evidence. So let's see the seimsograph results. Just post the link.
  12. As if we needed yet more proof that we no longer govern ourselves.
  13. Well, if the Iranian state news agency is claiming it, and the Pentagon is denying it, that means it must be true, right?
  14. Yes, well, that's the Guardian you're citing there. They are the most ghastly bunch of middle-class Trots you'll ever run in to. Their editorials consist of articles like 'Global Financial Crisis - Now Is The Time For The Working Classes To Rise Up'.
  15. What about a limited download speed for free accounts and a faster one for paid-for accounts?
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