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  1. thanks for the link! I will have to look at more reviewer comments. I wonder if the bloke is a military grog? He seems to know a little bit about the military.
  2. apologies if this is old news. I heard bits of a review on the BBC. It sounds like it is worth my time to watch this film. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebanon_%28film%29 The film, shot inside a tank, follows the story of an attempt to rescue a group of paratroopers under siege in an urban setting from Syrian troops.[3] It is directed by Samuel Maoz, who based it on his adventures as a young Israeli conscript during the war with Lebanon in 1982.[4] It has been described as an anti-war movie by British newspaper The Guardian.[2]
  3. When I looked around I did not find CMBB and CMAK very cheap only CMBO. Do you have any linkys?
  4. Ha! If you look in the CMBO forum you will see old posts where I found CMBO on sale for $1USD!
  5. I am being nice. Steve said it was OK to make such posts for all CM games. In fact, that reminds me, I did not know if Steve was joking or not when he made the comment about having CMSF at a very low cost in order to get people into the system. Then BF can make money off the modules (which are not sold retail, right?)?
  6. better yet, if he doesn't have it already he should buy CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK! It is amazing how these three games still cost more or as much as CMSF in many places. Why is that?
  7. Cool! I don't care for the game too much, but I am glad others like it since that means BF can get back to CM WWII games/modules. Here are some good places to pick up the CMSF game (but if you want CMSF + Marines you won't save too much - $45.00USD here at BF or an example from other companies starting at $3USD + $25USD + shipping): New for $3USD (that is not a typo! toss in a few more USD for shipping ) http://www.amazon.com/Combat-Mission-Shock-Force-Pc/dp/B000PWUZ2Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1254489350&sr=8-1 Gamersgate direct download of CMSF for $10USD http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-CMSF/combat-mission-shock-force enjoy!
  8. copy that! In that case I, too, have/had two accounts. I had a memory lapse and lost my info for one account and created another - then I found my info for the first account and stuck with this it. I have not touched my other "active" account in >5-6 years! Hey, didn't BF say that they deleted the inactive accounts? I remember some posts where folks were asking if the member#s for these inactive accounts would be available. Some of us wanted to try and get a much coveted 2-digit or 3-digit member#.
  9. Awesome! take your time please!! We don't want to see another CMSF-type release from BF!
  10. I agree! Mr. Egamarl posts have been interesting and though-provoking....certainly not aggressive and uncalled for. maybe BF is focusing too much on his having two active accounts?
  11. I still play all three classic, excellent CMX1 games (cmbb the most of all BF games...unless you can also count Dangerous Waters)! CMSF is a big pile of steaming bytes imho, ymmv and I rarely touch it anymore. I can't wait for CMN!! bring it on!!
  12. The vehicles look very nice! Is this game still set for 2009 release? I am guessing that that date has slipped to Q3 or Q4 2010? thanks!
  13. I played a few games of Memoir44. it is a fun and light battle game - a good introduction game for those interested in board wargaming (imho, ymmv). I still want to try out Conflict of Heroes (eastern front tactical game). From what I have read at BGG this game is easy to learn and fun. I believe someone there also stated they are coming out with a Western Europe version of COH.
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