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  1. I'll take a stab at it (this is all western-front specific): 1. The Tiger was introduced in late '42 (I want to say November). At that point in the war, all American tanks were armed with 75mm guns, against which the Tiger is pretty much invulnerable (barring a hit on a vision port or somesuch). As the war drew on, it's dominance of the battlefield diminished, but until widespread use of 76mm and 17 pound guns it was fairly dominant on the battlefield. 2. CMBO usually has armored engagements at closer ranges than was historical. The closer the range, the less dominant the Tiger. This isn't helped by some proven problems with long-range accuracy. I seem to recall some folks running huge data tests on tanks at extreme range, and it was determined that German gun accuracy at long range wasn't accurately portrayed. This was mostly solved with the different optics in CMBB. 3. CMBO has no way to keep a vehicle's hull pointed a certain direction that's different from the turret. In real life, Tiger crews were taught to rotate their vehicle around 30 degrees "off" of the direction of enemy advance, thereby effectively giving the front hull armor a 30 degree slope (albeit a sideways slope) and the side armor (which is dang thick on a Tiger) a 60 degree slope. 4. CMBO doesn't model the psychological factor on enemy troops of Tigers carrying those "bloody 88's" which could kill nearly any American or British tank quite easily (except for say the Churchill and Sherman Jumbo, and later the Pershing). 5. Tigers carried a relatively large ammo load, increasing the amount of damage that each could deal out before having to withdraw and reload. That's all I can think of for now. I hope this helps.
  2. Yep. I buy a good chunk of my games from the bargain bin at Costco. I've purchased X-Wing Alliance, Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed, and most recently Freedom Force there, all for under $15.
  3. I'd love to but can't - real life has reared its ugly head. Good luck finding replacements.
  4. Some Sherms were diesel powered (I want to say Caterpillar and GM 6-71 diesels). However, in a flash of foresight, someone actually thought to send all (or at least nearly all) vehicles of a particular type to a single theater to simplify the supply chain. Thus, all the diesel Shermans were given to the Marines in the Pacific, where the supply chain was already in place for diesel due to all the landing craft. The Ford V-8s went to the Army in the NW ETO, the Chrysler multibank models went to Italy, other versions were earmarked for Brits or Soviets, etc. I seem to recall reading that the M1 Abrams has a multi-fuel turbine, but that it usually burns diesel to simplify the supply chain - can anyone confirm?
  5. I know it isn't direct-fire HE, but I once took out three :eek: Hellcats with one 105 arty round. They were all next to a small stand of woods, the incoming shell just grazed the edge of the woods, got an airburst detonation, then {poof} three dead Hellcats. Luckiest arty shot I've ever had in a game. That FO definitely deserved a decoration.
  6. Damn, it sounds like BFC actually implemented some of the suggestions made in this thread. Thanks guys!
  7. Hey HD, I'm glad to know that my replacement was able to continue with the well-placed high-velocity insertion of vodka-soaked Georgians from the Ost penal battalion. Oy - this is the first time I've posted in weeks. I miss CM, but I'm glad that Big X was able to step up to the plate. Thanks, Big X! Greg Redeker
  8. That could work! Just create a factory with a courtyard type area, put some reinforcement flags in the courtyard, and have green or conscript T-34s appear in ones and twos to trundle forth. I like it!
  9. Sulla, Thanks for posting the AAR. Let me know if you need any of the others. Here's an endgame screenshot from Sounds in the Night that Wade was good enough to host. It gives you a good idea of the carnage.
  10. Winecape, Now you know why I was trying so hard in the first ROW tourney. And thanks for the new .sig material.
  11. Ah, Chateauneuf Du Pape. I have many good memories of "French picnics" on the living room floor with french bread, brie, roasted garlic, and a bottle of Chateauneuf Du Pape.
  12. Don't feel obligated to open a bottle when it is brought over as a gift. As host, you're perfectly within bounds to thank your guest for the gift, then put it in the pantry. Practically speaking, have a dish already cooking when your friends arrive that requires wine in the sauce - that way you'll have a bottle open already, may already be enjoying a glass yourself, and can offer some to your guests. I fully believe in the adage of "Never cook with a wine you wouldn't drink". As such, my beef burgundy recipe uses a lower-end Mondavi, and the same wine is served with the dish. For more advice, I highly recommend the book "The Frugal Gourmet Cooks With Wine". It has good sections on wine etiquette, matching wine with food, establishing your own cellar, etc.
  13. I think it's Zeno's paradox. Of course, since each remaining half-way point to the finish line is reached in half the time of the previous half-way point, you'll still reach your destination...even if you pass an infinite number of halfway points. Translation - September 20th will arrive, even if time seems to "draw out like a blade". (The preceeding is a shameless quote from one of my favorite movies, The Shawshank Redemption. If you haven't seen it and need something to pass the time before the 20th, rent this movie.)
  14. No idea. Maybe Soviet Marines or naval infantry?
  15. ... against medium tanks in 1943. I suspect that Mr. ATR will be much more valuable in 1941-42, especially against halftracks, ACs, and other light armor.
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