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  1. ...and miss everything in the area, as opposed to just missing the specific unit you targeted. </font>
  2. I wish I had written this post! The part about the poison is spot-on. We have some arsenic specialists around here: a steady-stream of negative non-constructive comments with the hope their victim will finally die. Its getting old. Sig
  3. Since you (Panzer76) don't play CMSF now (according to what you say in another topic), you could consider stopping for a second or a couple of months to undermine the game at every opportunity you get (to be fair, you're not the only one doing that). Its a bit tireing to see you pop with negative comments everywhere where people have the incredible arrogance to state they enjoy the game. Like I do. Thanks. Sig PS: did I say I have no problem with that game and enjoy it? Hm, yes i think I said so.
  4. Hello. Just to point out that for me it is playable and I enjoy it, so no blanket statement please. Different degrees of perception. It does not mean that I don't expect or hope for improvements over time (and knowing BFC's history we will get them). 99%, if not all, of the games I played since my Amiga time have been at one moment or another patched and re-patched, sometimes very heavily. And I'm not even speaking about MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role-playing games), which are continuously patched and modified. My point is: like it or not but todays games ARE following this path -> publish as polished as possible and then finish/improve/ via the patches. Even boardgames are doing it! This is why my Zen level is high .
  5. Hello, If I recall, the Panzerfaust 3 can be fired from a confined space. Now, I haven't found (yet) the minimal volume for such a confined space . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panzerfaust_3 http://world.guns.ru/grenade/gl32-e.htm
  6. For what it's worth: as far as I remember, in the previous CMs, the snipers worked well if you let them choose their own targets (i.e. you didn't need to manually give them targets). I remember a CMBB (or was it CMBO?) thread about the snipers who were reluctant to fire. It was mainly due to the fact that their "behaviour" was coded so as to give survival a high value (-> they try to keep a low profile) and they were very (!) reluctant to open fire when the enemy was too close. Now, this is CM:SF, so I don't know if the coded behaviour is the same, but I would try to do the same as I did for CMBB: find a nice position and let them the initiative. May work. At least that's what I do in CMSF and so far it seems to be OK, but then since I play RT its sometimes difficult to be sure they fired, so I guess I'll have to check the ammo count
  7. Hello My opinion so far: cheers and thumbs up ! LOTS to learn, both technically (shortcuts, camera movement, best way to give orders, the difference between fast and quick -> aaaarg,) and tactically (I have way too many casualties). But I'm getting better as my brain is sloooowly reorganizing the old CM neuronal circuits into a brand new CMSF network. Its fun AND challenging. Bugs? Well, haven't seen anything game breaking and anyway they will ultimately share the destiny of all Battlefront bugs: being squashed . Therefore no way such minor things will stay between me and the game . Sig
  8. Hm. To be honest, for the moment I haven't experienced game breaking bugs. Neither have I had any horrible technical problems (in fact had none). I guess the pleasure of this new challenge (unlearning CMx1 is a challenge for me, as well as playing RT after years of wego) overrides the minors problems. I'm confident those will be fixed soon or later. I think jumping out too fast is sad and (my opinion only, no disrespect intended) looks to me more like a kneejerk reaction than anything else (CMSF is only a couple of days old....). After all this game is quite different from the old CMx1 and its not always easy to change good old game habits...can make you grumpy . Sig
  9. In the 4th scenario of the training campaign, I had a Javelin hit like 20-30m in front of the shooter... Target (a building) was supposed to be some 200m away. Guess that guy forgot his glasses . But then it made a very convenient crater where his platoon could hide a little later. I suspect he did it on purpose. But I agree: its very accurate and deadly.
  10. I guess it's a sad day for min-maxers <shrugs> . Since I'm not one of them, I'm happy with this design decision. I honestly thought the whines would come a bit later than 24 hours after release. To be fair, people should at least wait a bit and test the game some more. I don't know..perhaps a bit more than a couple of hours? Mh? But then, I guess it's so fun to make DEMANDS just as soon as the game comes out, and if possible with mucho drama.
  11. Hello. It worked for me. When I simply clicked on the link nothing happend, so I copied/pasted the complete link I just received from BFC directly in my browser, hit return, et voilà. Hope this works for you too.
  12. Hello, You just have to copy the link directly in your browser. And then it works.
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