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  1. Sorry. Currently overseas working so no chance to even try yet. Will update here when I do.
  2. Thanks Mord. Been away on holiday, will have a look. Thought something was odd LOL.
  3. Yeah, for the life of me I can't get Mord's radio chatter to work at all. Place that in the mod/z folder and I get no vehicle sounds at all. Delete it and back they come. Thought it was supposed to be CMSF compliant, maybe it's a Mac issue Immersive Voices also I notice I get hardly any voices at all? Think I'll just stick to the games as is with UIs changed, enough for me. Can't really be bothered to try and fathom what's wrong.
  4. Downloaded and unzipped Mord's radio chatter mod v1.21 that I understand is for SF1 and SF2. Mac folder for the mods is Applications / CMSF2 / Data / Z (I have Vin's animated text working from there) but installed this and zilch, no sound from any vehicle whatsoever. Take this out and the sounds return OK. The voice mod also seems to result in very little verbal activity from the squads too (but that might just be down to doing a short test with two squads but not a sound when they've been given a move order and nothing when they spot enemy infantry. Not sure if it's a Mac issue, MY Ma
  5. @ Steppenwulf. Nice. I use your UI in CMBS.
  6. Thanks but no that's not it. For CMFB it was Juju's Blitz UI mod. Not sure if a similar mod has been done for CMSF 2 yet, if one was done for CMSF 1 maybe that'll work, I'll have a look under CMSF 1.
  7. Trying to find a UI mod similar to Jujus that colours the weapons etc. Either I'm looking in the wrong places or searching with the wrong queries but can't find anything. Also, can't recall whether it comes from that same mod but looking for one that gives the coloured Red Cross on white background for casualties? Not sure if that's one of Vins or not? Any pointers appreciated if there's any out there yet.
  8. SPOILERS Got a shock with mission 3, those "vehicle sounds in the distance" transferred into a bunch of HTs storming up the road into the crossroads where I'd bunched up a fair few assets to cut down on drive time given the time limits. Caused some havoc I must say. TBH I restarted that given the already limited infantry had been carved up to give me much chance of success. My two SPW 251/17s and a few other assets seemed to fare less well at spotting the approaching Ami convoy that seemed to be able arrive, deploy and shoot up with a vengeance. I do wish there was m
  9. SPOILERS Kinda wish I'd done that, I still have the 'Save' from the previous mission with about 20 minutes on the clock so depending how this goes I might load that up and push on through. I know I'll get the tanks then (played it to there before but had lost too many infantry to make it doable I think) which I'd rather have than the two next to useless empty Stummels that the overnight rest left me with. Just not sure how pushing on affects how you are tasked with dealing with Stavelot, IIRC you had the whole of Stavelot to deal with, not just the south bank. So,
  10. Well, that was a bit of a kick in the nuts LOL!!!! Re-supply at start on mission 3, for me, seems not! SPOILERS Took the first objective in the second mission and decided to rest up for the night. Used very little tank HE having machine gunned the hell out of every potential target building. Just one PzG killed by the US MG on the hilltop, promptly dispatched with 5 tanks opening up with HE silmutaneously . Was looking forward to the next mission to take Stavelot with a full inventory. Then shock / horror. Some bloody brig
  11. Just playing this campaign now, late I know, can't think why I but I think I started playing, lost my saves following some clearing of files then forgot. SPOILERS First mission I got a total victory but a few of my infantry squads got a bit heavily depleted. Personally I prefer PG over the Pioneer teams that I never seem to be able to use well. I tend to pull them in last to occupy captured positions rather than using them offensively. When I've tried they tend to get killed fast . Not sure it was here or in scenario 2 that the lead PZ IV got the load
  12. I used to be a tabletop gamer. Recall the first time I fired up CM1, the loading music, throwing Shermans down the road towards occupied positions. Sensational. Even dabbled again in tabletop long after that, whatever rules (and there were bloody loads from the more action movie style Flames of War to the 25 tables of Battlefront WWII) the club was playing with scenery that was at best dire compared to even CM1. Spent lots of $$$, HOURS of time painting just to have ONE reasonable sized Armored Infantry Company with support, then there was the time to set up, and again, play against who (e
  13. Yeah, cross game confusion. Been jumping back and forth between titles. It's the Rolling Thunder Scenario: SPOILER Has a red TRP and what I guess must be mines, not an IED, near the bridge on the left flank when viewed from blue side. Never been able to find a way to disable them.
  14. Thanks. Yeah, 10 would be OK, but 2 is very low. In any event. Not that important.
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