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  1. Yeah, cross game confusion. Been jumping back and forth between titles. It's the Rolling Thunder Scenario: SPOILER Has a red TRP and what I guess must be mines, not an IED, near the bridge on the left flank when viewed from blue side. Never been able to find a way to disable them.
  2. Thanks. Yeah, 10 would be OK, but 2 is very low. In any event. Not that important.
  3. Thanks. Yeah I'm logged in fine and my SF1 conversion key is there. Will see how it goes, not sure the upgrade discounts are available now or not. Can't see them as yet when selecting purchase. If they should be available now I'll open a ticket.
  4. Thanks for the very helpful comments. Yes I think it's my memory that's failing me. As to the Marders, they did about as well as could be expected. No problem with their main guns vs BMPs but vs tanks, not surprisingly, it was mostly just hits, but no Milans fired. Plan to try a couple more Marder vs MBT only see if I can coax any Milan fire. Just have to be careful with placing so they don't get taken out by the MBT main guns. Will likely try 4 Marders spread out vs one tank and see if Milans get fired. With my luck a Marder will score a lucky hit with the main gun and kill the MBT before the main guns fires. I'll try target briefly for AFV support of infantry coupled with infantry / MG suppression. See how that pans out
  5. Hmmm. OK thanks. I had the Paradox game and purchased the conversion key so not sure if that will work. I only get full game options.
  6. Apache

    FPS camera mode?

    Thanks. I'll take a look. My 2 'Likes' all used up today
  7. Yeah I thought it would come down to expected US air superiority. Just wish they'd show and blow the Hinds out the air LOL.
  8. I saw in the notes that an FPS camera mode is now available. Not sure I'd ever use it but curious to see how it would look. Is that mode in the demo? I can't see anywhere to activate it either when selecting a battle in the Wego / RT options or in any of the hot key menus.
  9. Thanks. So nothing to be done. In my case the AFVs were all around 800m out.
  10. Asking this as much about RL as the game but red forces can call on the Tunguska (which for me largely means deploying no drones or air strikes until I can find and kill the damn things) but the US side seems stuck with Stingers which, while at times effective, have nowhere near the accuracy or kill rates of OPFOR AA vehicles. Do the US / NATO not have similar weapons? Seems odd that with the millions of dollars worth of AFVs often deployed in CMBS that Stingers are the best you can call on.
  11. In one of the demo scenarios there is an IED placed on a bridge which I want to cross. How is it best to deal with these? Are fire with HE? Can't seem to find a way to disable / detonate it.
  12. Am I correct in thinking the SF1 > SF2 upgrade options aren't out yet? On the store I can see full game purchase but no upgrades? Kinda late to the party with this one so I'm not sure of the timescales.
  13. Is there a reliable way to get Marders to use their Milans against armour targets instead of using their main gun? Had four crest a ridge to test with a couple of enemy MBT and BMPs in full view. Not one fired the Milan but insisted on engaging with the main gun? Seem to remember something similar with SF1 but can't recall if I had to do something (open up command?) to get them to use it. Not a problem with Bradleys (but even they at times seem to be keener at times on using TOWs against buildings). Also, WRT MOUT etc, IIRC, target light was a command you could also use for Marders etc to suppress a building while friendlies were about to assault it, I can't recall if they would actually cease fire where friendlies were close to the target, or just take special care to avoid hitting them. With SF2 they keep firing. But this may be a failing memory issue. And jeez do I prefer US forces with Javelins over German squads with 'fausts! LOL Enjoy using German forces with the Leopards but I find USMC infantry way more effective and less brittle, AND Javelins!!
  14. Just added two likes to threads. Can't add any more, I seem to be stuck with 2 as a limit
  15. Apache

    Demo Feedback

    Yeah I kinda mentally wrote it off as that too, Obj 1 being Wilcox, bit confusing though. If the photo thing is for colour only, personally I'd prefer it got left out, odd that it says 'click here to see aerial photo' (or words to that effect). Another thing I can't fathom, the notes on the new engine refer to a FPS camera mode. Doubt I'd use it, just curious to see what it looks like though. Am I correct in assuming it's in the main game only and not in the demo. I've looked at the hot keys and also the options when you select the mission but can't see anything pertaining to FPS. I was curious about engineers being the first units on the back to, even an FO. Like you say I'd have expected Recon or even regular Marines. I'm guessing things like that can be edited (without too much difficulty) in the scenario editor in the main game. I wouldn't normally risk an FO in an exposed position with that much lead flying around TBH.