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  1. I just installed a GTX 670 to replace my old GTX 570. Last night after the card and driver (latest and greatest) were installed, I fired up CMBN and replayed a turn. Today, when I sat down to actually play the game, I recieved this message: And when I tried to run CMFI, I got this one: I have filed a helpdesk ticket... I hope the cure is fairly quick and painless; I think I feel the flu catching me :eek: ***Boy, that was fast... gsClean utility already emailed. Thanks BF!
  2. Yeah, I never (unless I screw up and don't pay attention to what I'm doing ) overwrite default settings... and if I must overwrite the defaults, I make sure I have them backed up somehow. With some other issues going on, I think the card is tanking. Heat seems to keep creeping up and framerates have dropped dramatically. I'll probably "bite the bullet" and order the card I mentioned above. Meanwhile, I'll investigate the warranty on my existing card and contact Asus if it's still under warranty. Thanks for the reply. If the card is out of warranty, I'll take it apart and try your other advice.
  3. I'm currently running a GTX 570 card, but have noticed some high temps while running CMBN lately that have me concerned about its longevity. After playing CMBN for about an hour last week, the nvidia system monitor showed that the gpu was running at about 90°C. I shut down and thoroughly blew the dust out the case, vid card, etc. After restart, I went onto the system control panel, which I had not previously messed with and still set to factory presets, and noted that the gpu fan was set to automatic and only running at about 7-9% even with temps around 60°C. I set up a new rule for the fan to run under automatic control with variable speed settings dependent upon gpu temperature and save this as a new profile to load upon boot-up. This seemed to take care of things for a few days. At idle, the monitor was showing the gpu at about 33° and, after playing the game for a few turns, temperatures were around 60° with the fan speed at about 60%. This was where everything was last night before I turned in. As usual, I just turned off my monitor and left the system running. When I started up this morning, I noticed that, with the gpu at idle, the monitor is reporting the temperature at about 55° and fan speed steady at 53%... the control panel is showing the fan under "manual" control. Maybe this is due to my user preset, but any attempt to change the control to "automatic" seems to be ignored. The card temperature,as shown by the monitor, has not changed a degree since I turned it on this morning, even after shutting down for about 15 minutes. My questions are: Should I be concerned that my current card is failing, or will likely fail due to overheating? This is the second card I've had on this computer (brand new for CMBN's release). The first was covered under warranty and replaced, but I expect this one has expired. I'm looking at replacing this with an Asus GTX670-DC2 and was wondering if anyone on the board has experience with this card. I'm intrigued by the dual fans and multiple heatpipes. Beyond CMBN, my only graphics-intensive use is for Photoshop, but this often involves multiple layers of high resolution (25 meg raw files) photographs. I don't mind springing for this card to get the extra speed in Photoshop. I don't expect I'll see that much improvement in CMBN... which reminds me that, yesterday while playing a campaign game, the bocage suddenly turned black* (not entirely, but abut 75%) in the near-draw view. Distant draw appeared as usual. Could this be another sign of imminent card failure?
  4. Point taken... I had not thought about it along those lines. But, neither did I ask of smashing anything into the editor, either... jerk!
  5. Excellent points all, winkelried! I was typing a similar post yesterday in Word, as I knew I'd be adding as I went along. You've covered all the points that I was going to address, and more. In particular, an Undo function would be sweet, especially after I do something stupid like trying to scroll in the editor as I would in 3D... with left mouse button depressed and flavor objects selected :eek: I think I placed an entire year's production worth of hay rakes, or whatever those things are... I believe there must have been one for every field in NW France! Also, it would be really nice to have smaller buildings oriented on the NW-SE & NE-SW axes. As it is, the larger buildings can fit in all directions, but it’s impossible to line up a small building along a diagonal hedgerow or roadway. This couldn’t be that difficult to add, could it? You discussed the water issue in your Maps and Mods post, here (http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=108025&page=6). Marsh and mud seem like an acceptable workaround until such time as water can run downhill. The overlay feature is sweet! I gave up on trying to make a realistic map in 1.0 using the map/photo/grid/two computers/scale/dividers/protractor/etc. After about two days, I said "eff dis!" And, lastly, the interpolation used by the editor gets us close, IMO. I'm using a lot of locked points to get what I'm looking for. Still, often less equals more in terms of locking elevations.
  6. I'd neither seen, nor heard of a wargame (other than Risk or Stratego) until 1969 (I would have been 14 at the time). Then, one night after a CAP meeting, a couple of the guys were playing Midway. Next day I came home from the hobby shop with Blitzkrieg and I've spent far too much money on wargames ever since... My name is Rake and I'm an addict...
  7. Ditto!!! And I needed it today, returning to work after the holidays :eek:
  8. I'll have to go back and check my game... I'm pretty sure I did exactly this and my machine gunner and one other member bugged out. The gunner backed off from the bocage to deploy, so his LOS was one action square across the bocage and the other guy went back to his starting position. Needless to say, the MG was not providing much covering fire, nor could I order the remainder of the team to fire on a visible target. Edit: Yep, just as I recalled. I had given the "deploy" order at the end of the movement and the team still backed out. I did, however , give a "face" command at the end of the movement, too. Wonder if this had any effect? Re-Edit: Apparently the face order might have had something to go with this. I deleted this order and the crew remained on station, deployed the MG and would fire at a target next turn
  9. Winkelfried... Incredibly stunning work. In just the short time I've been working on a map of the area north of Mortain, I gained more than a considerable appreciation for the time involved... even with the new overlay! My sincere congratulations and I look forward to release. Your patience with using the available tools must be far greater than mine, especially considering that water must be at only one level. Placing the rivers on your Marsanne map would have driven me back to drink. On the other hand, these appear to be larger rivers and the adjacent areas may be significantly flatter than I am dealing with around Mortain. Most of these watercourses appear to be springs or wet weather branches... I'll be reviewing LLF's earlier posts about his Le Mare-Le Carillon for tips on dealing with these drainages... looks like lots of marsh and mud for me unless there just happens to be that one elevation... Nahhh! That would never happen
  10. Okay, after dinner and a movie last night and an afternoon of Netflix movies, the SO has departed and I have a few more pics... Looking NW toward St.-Barthélemy; it's starting to flush out in the center of the map. Lots of trees, but the relief and use of low bocage means there are some long, keyholed LOS's: Langotière: Lastly, for today, looking south along D5 from just south of St.-Barthélemy. This is roughly the position of Guns 1 & 2 of 3d Platoon, Co. B, 843d TD Battalion. The LOS from this point is roughly 1100 meters. Of course, on the morning of battle it was only 20-30. A lot of tricking out to do in this area still:
  11. If you think this is hilly, you should have seen the map when I first got started... I had my scale off by a factor of three. Imagine these elevation differences compressed into one square kilometer :eek: Note to self: Don't try to set the scale from the Geoportail scale bar
  12. Don't worry, I'm not . I do have the '47 aerial photos and am trying to rely on those as much as possible for positioning bocage, buildings, etc. A lot has changed in 68 years... but somehow, much still remains the same.
  13. I’ve finally taken a stab at the Editor and begun a map of the St.-Barthélemy. Unfortunately, I noticed too late that Rokko had already made a map of this ville for a campaign (http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=100414). It seems like every time I start thinking about making a realistic-based map, someone has beaten me to the punch. In any event, the map I’ve started is rather large and I’m too far along to stop now… although it’s probably only 5-10% complete. The map is roughly centered on St.-Barthélemy. It extends from La Tournerie in the east to just south of La Tête à la Femme. I may, depending on just how long this takes extend it another click to the west toward Juvigny-le-Tertre. It could also stand to grow at least another half Km to the north to cover the area north of Bois du Parc and the activities around 3rd Platoon of B Co. I could also extend it to the south to try and match the north side of the map that JSB was making around L’Abbaye Blanche… although his last post on the subject was over a year ago and he mentioned a crash that cost him a bit of his work. Here’s a part of what I’m working on: First the topo… And a top down of the central portion of the map (and the only part that has any detail other than the topo). St.-Barthélemy lies at the top left; most of the buildings a just place holders for the time being. In the center is Langotière and Sablonnière is along the southern edge: The southern entrance to Sablonnière… … GE from today… There isn't a lot of photography on Google Earth except right along the main roads... and literally nothing that I can find from Panoramio. So, a lot of the interior is going to be guesswork and my own decisions as to what this place may have looked like in 1945. I do have the aerial photo from 1946, but all that helps with is the placement of buildings, bocage, etc. And, finally, a shot of Sablonnière from the road from St.-Barthélemy (looking SE)… Still lots of detail work left to do just on this small farm. If anyone’s interested, I’ll follow with some additional closeups after I take the GF to dinner and a movie...dammit! (I'd put a grin here, but that would exceed the 5 pic limit)
  14. Yeah, but since I've only been there for less than a week, that still makes you the old guy...
  15. I'm gonna bump that average up over 40... 58 here. That's a minor miracle considering the way I spent my younger years
  16. I've spent the last hour searching for a thread that had some info about limiting the range of fire into and through woods. Someone had posted with photos showing ranges through woods using different terrain beneath the trees. I know I just saw this thread in the last day or two, but I haven't had any luck finding it with the search feature. I've primarily tried searching by usernames of some of our more prolific mapmakers, but... I can't remember whether this was in the CMBN forum, CMFI or either of the Maps & Mods. I usually bookmark these helpful posts, but I obviously missed this one. Meanwhile, I'll go back to work on a map of the area around Saint-Barthélemy. Thanks in advance
  17. I'm about three-quarters of the way through Featherston's book and must say that it's been an excellent read. I've just received Victory at Mortain, by Mark Reardon, and have read that this account is among the most thoroughly researched books on Operation Lüttich; unfortunately, it sounds like it might be a bit of a slog. I'm working on a 3x3 km map of the area roughly centered on St.-Barthelemy. So far, it's just the majority of the topo and roads... not too much to show right now. The south edge of this map will be just south (200 meters, or so) of La Tête à la Femme. The toughest going so far has been trying to align the major roads. I've rotated the base map to align D5 (from La Tête à la Femme to St.-Barthelemy) in the north-south direction. This puts D977, from La Tournerie, at roughly S60°W which is well off of the cardinal-ordinal axes allowed by the action squares. My head tells me that it's far more important to preserve the lengthy, straight lines-of-sight that some of the roads in this area provide rather than to attempt to follow the actual road location by placing multiple, short bends in the road. Still, attempting to straighten the road will mean placing bends in locations that aren't actually there. Otherwise, this road will wind up off the map in someplace it shouldn't. Fortunately, there appear to be places where the topography will let me "hide" these bends... I'm guessing that the topo will have to move somewhat with my final roadway configuration in order to approximate what may, or may not, be visible from certain areas. Google Earth isn't real helpful in this area, except right along the major roads. And, a trip to France is out of the question right now as work picks up again on Wednesday :eek: Any mapmakers with suggestions? Thank in advance... Mike
  18. Hmmm :confused: I had a problem loading a pbem when I did not have the map in my CMBN directory... it went away after I loaded up the map. I just assumed the issue was as I stated previously. We all know what happens when I ass_u_me Thanks for the clarification. Honestly, I don't play enough QB's as it is; I should have let someone else answer the OP.
  19. Sounds as if you're describing Mr. Emrys himself :eek:
  20. Yeah... I know, but I suppose it's a WIP. But, it's still better than the one that shipped with the game. I think the mod was done by some guy in The Netherlands, and being of Dutch heritage myself, using it is an ancestral thing
  21. No, he'll need it on his end... but, if he doesn't have it, just send it to him if he can't find it on the repository... before you start up the game
  22. Okay, I've been playing with this since my last post. The only way I can get the whole team to stay next to the bocage is to not give a deploy order. Once I do that, the gunner and at least one other team member bug out. Typically, the gunner will move one action spot away while the other guy goes off toward the last action square. Right now, I have not given the deploy order and everyone except the gunner is next to the hedge. The issue, other than the mg not being deployed, is that even though the team can see the American squad, LOS appears to be tracked from the HMG and I can't give a target order to the HMG team... LOS is "blocked" about one AS from the hedgerow: There is obviously room for the gunner to move up in the line next to the bocage, but no matter how many times I ask him to move, he always returns to the place he is in the picture :confused:
  23. I've tried following this discussion, but there are obviously multiple points being made in this thread... somewhere in this forest I'm getting lost. Anyhow, I've had problems in nearly every game of CMFI with support team members running off. In an earlier discussion of the FI forum ( http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=106517 ), it seemed as if the meandering team members had something to do with attempting to set up on difficult terrain. I have since found out that this makes no difference at all. I have an ongoing scenario of Niscemi Highway where an Italian mg unit, in the orchard atop the hill, will not stay together no matter where I ask them to move... the terrain is, for all intents and purposes, flat. With v2.0 installed for CMBN, I'm having a situation similar to that which I've seen described in this thread, i.e., a German HMG unit moves up to the bocage, deploys and the gunner crawls around a bit before deploying away from the hedgerow where he has no LOS while another member hightails it back to the previous waypoint. The remainder have set up along the hedgerow just like I asked them to. I have a save file for this turn, and I've tried several different things (deploy first, deploy last, covered arc, no covered arc, hide, face, quick, slow, hunt...) to get this team to deploy correctly... all without success. IIRC, the Italian team has four members, while the German HMG has 6. The American .30 cal in the post linked above has 5, so the number of crew members doesn't seem to have anything to do with this. If any beta testers want a look, I have save files for each of these although the Niscemi Highway files might take a while to find. I watched the team leader scamper off continuously for ten minutes or more during this scenario, until the team was exhausted and wouldn't move. I'm glad the rest of this Italian platoon was in hiding all this time and I really didn't need the mg team.
  24. Playing this campaign right now, too... I was somewhat impatiently awaiting the patch to fix the wire issue before resuming the campaign. I was quite pleasantly surprised to get v2.0 so soon after the patch. I'm not sure who designed this campaign, but the maps have been exceptional!!! :cool:
  25. The graphics were nice when CMBN was released... What Aris, TaL, Juju, Egger, Marco, Mord, Rambler (and everyone else who's handles I cannot recall) have done for this game is incredible. Now if the only the colors on photobucket looked like they do on my monitor
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