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  1. I've run the test again using the scenario replay submitted by Steiner in the tech support thread that Hister linked above. I played (slightly) with a few of the other card settings and tested the gamut of AA settings, from my card's max (32x CSAA) down to App-Controlled. Again, I ran these tests with all mods still in the game. I found the other night that mods only made for a small framerate hit on my system. What I found today is that there is almost no difference with the settings for my GTX 670 (v314.07, latest driver that I'm aware of). Frames improved slightly by dropping from 32x to 16xQ CSAA. From there down to 2X, differences were within +/- one frame: 32x CSAA: 17 / 34 / 24.1 16xQ CSAA: 19 / 37 / 26.9 16x CSAA: 19 / 37 / 26.4 8x: 19 / 37 / 26.9 8x CSAA: 19 / 36 / 26.9 4x: 19 / 37 / 26.9 2x: 19 / 37 / 26.9 The biggest hit came when I used the App-Controlled setting, with rates falling to 18 / 28 / 23.0. I've only run the game a time or two with model and texture settings lower than Best, so I don't know what changing these settings would do to framerates.
  2. If you just run the replay, how does Barkman get hit? Edit: Just for fun, I ran the test again with all the mods, just to see what kind of hit I'm taking. My game is heavily modded with all of Aris' stuff, including his hi-res terrain mods. Here's what I get with shadows and shaders on: 17 / 32 / 22.935. Not too much of a hit... roughly 1 frame, not nearly enough to stop using the mods
  3. FRAPS RESULTS: minimum - maximum - average framerate: Shadows/Shaders: ON: 18 / 34 / 24.268 Shadows OFF/Shaders ON: 24 / 45 / 32.916 Shadows ON/Shaders OFF: 19 / 34 / 25.387 Shadows/Shaders: OFF: 24 / 46 / 34.129 HARDWARE OS: Win7 CPU: i7-2600K CPU @ 3.4GHz Mainboard: ASUS Sabertooth P67 RAM: 8GB DDR3 Graphics card (overclocked?): GeForce GTX 670 - No Graphics memory: 2GB Hard Disk: Western Digital Caviar (7200 rpm) SETTINGS Screen resolution of the game: 1920x1080 In game model quality: Best In game texture quality: Best Trees (full/distant): Full GRAPHICS CARD SETTINGS Anti-aliasing: 32x CSAA (on in-game) Texture filtering: High Quality No more tests, cuz this game looks funny without all the mods :eek:
  4. I nearly always give a blast command parallel with bocage. Not only does it prevent the blast team from moving through the bocage, but it almost always creates a tank-sized gap in the bocage. Occasionally, the gap will be smaller, and once or twice the pioneers didn't even set off the charge. Still, it's nice to have a vehicle-sized gap; you never know when they might come in handy.
  5. Yeah... you can look at a topo map all day, see the ridge lines and draws, but until you see it in 3D, you (or I) don't realize how dominating the view is from the top of the hill.
  6. A few new shots: St.-Barthélemy still needs some fleshing out, but the buildings are now more than just placeholders Some long lines-of-sight from the top of the hill... some will get cut back as trees and bocage fill in, but there will still be some long, keyholed positions Much of this area was farmland with a few isolated farm settlements. Most of the bocage on this map is of the low variety with some higher hedgerows placed where Google Earth (and the '47 aerial photos) seem to indicate. There will be plenty of gaps, large and small... D33 looking back up the hill toward St.-Barthélemy... this section of the road sits in a 1-2 meter cut section; the topo of the roadway is not finished... Same spot from higher up...
  7. It's not Road to Montebourg that concerns me so much... it's C&F . I didn't play it the first time around after reading the horror stories some forumites were reporting. I just loaded up "Over Hill, Down Dale" for the first time this evening and started looking around. I know there's got to be an MG42 lined up down the road the on the U.S. right... I just hope there's not a Pak 40 backing him up! :eek: Guess I'll lead with my worst M5 and find out...
  8. Contacts have to filter down through C2. A lot of the contacts remain because units on one area of the map still don't know that a contact has been eliminated or moved out. Click on various units around the map and watch how the locations of the contacts move around depending upon the last known spotting by your highlighted unit. Here's an example: You won't know for sure if something is there, or not, until you get eyes on the area... It was very confusing getting started, but keep playing and it will start to make more sense.
  9. Yeah, I'd forgotten that I needed to do that when I patched over. I had been using the generic alternate file for some time, and just renamed the new alternate file... that's why I noticed all the differences.
  10. Is it "Bulge", or could there be some patchy snow left over in Belorussia in June '44? I know I've still seen snow in June when I was in Idaho...
  11. Sorry if this has been caught and mentioned before, but I noticed that the Hunt and Hide commands are both sharing the "H" key in the alternate hotkey file. It seems that the Hunt command is the default. I've edited my file back to the the "U" key for Hide; anyone used to using this key may want to do the same before finding out a unit that you thought you gave a hide command isn't actually hiding. :eek: I also noticed that the Vehicle Covered Arc now has "V" as the hotkey, while "C" is the new key for Covered Arc... I like this change... Wish I'd thought of making this sooner This leaves the Wide Angle view without a hotkey... just go in and add a key that makes sense; I changed mine to "@" because it doesn't make any sense Edit: I just noticed that it seems that the Zoom In (previously Z) and Zoom Out (previously X) have switched places, too... I think!!! I'm getting old and my memory's not what is used to be. Some of the dumb sh!+ I did in my younger days probably catching up with me
  12. I think the fog around Mortain in August was a bit more than "light fog". I recollect reading about visibility in the range of 20 yards... or was it 20 feet? Not complaining, just saying;)
  13. As i recall, the mg was setting up to the back right, but my original order was to face obliquely to the left because that was the location of the main area of targets that I wanted to suppress. I don't recall whether there was an extra man in the team, or not. I'll look again next time I open the game. Thanks for the suggestion
  14. One "small" change I'd like is to either remove the "HE" (I believe that's what it says) from the demo charges box. As it is now, the number of charges are covered up leaving a hieroglyphic that is difficult to determine the number of charges remaining. I said "small" above, because I realize that some things that seem like they wouldn't take much to change, in my non-programming viewpoint, might not be so easily accomplished. Still, if there were a way to move the number of charges to another area of the box, it sure would make it easier to read.
  15. I've had the same issues as Vinnart. More often than not, the mg will position itself correctly along the hedgerow if the deploy procedure you recommend is followed. But, I've had one team absolutely refuse to deploy the mg adjacent to the hedge... I moved it to consecutive AS's along the hedgerow, each time following the waypoint/face/deploy procedure and the mg itself always backed away from the hedge far enough so that it did not have LOS any farther than the other side of the hedge. Enough team members were close enough that I could get a gray LOS to a distant target, but never a blue line beyond that first action square. Now, if it's of any consequence, this was in a campaign started under 1.10 (iirc, maybe earlier), so that may have had something to do with it. I've not noticed the issue in games started under 2.0 when I've followed the procedure. Fortunately, it sounds as if the patch release is imminent
  16. akd... Like I said in my edit... you answered the question while I was looking into this and typing my response
  17. I don't believe CMBN has visual fog effects. The pics from the scenario you linked are smoke... Bois de Baugin takes place on a bright, bright, bright, sunshiny day
  18. I think I've found the issue. After a search of the map, I'm pretty sure I found the "gate" you're having difficulty with. Once I found the gate, I went into the editor and found that the underlying terrain beneath the bocage to the right of the gate is "Heavy Woods". The terrain below the bocage on the left is "Light Woods". I ran a test with the terrain as it designed. The first time it approached the gate, the Tiger balked and turned to the left, driving up over the bocage on the left. When the turn was over, I replotted the move through the gate and the Tiger drove off in search of another route. I went back into the editor and changed the "Heavy Woods" square to "Light Woods" and re-ran the test. The Tiger drove through with no issues. To test it again, I edited the square back to "Heavy Woods" and tried again. The Tiger approached the gate, slowed and turned around 180 degrees. At the end of that turn, I cancelled the move and replotted with the movement line somewhat toward the left edge of the gate. This time, the Tiger slowed and lurched several times, driving up over the edge of the bocage to the left, but did manage to force its way through the opening... There's no reason I can see from the editor that the Tiger shouldn't pass through the opening. The underlying terrain at the "gate" is "Dirt". The only reason I could see for the tank not wanting to pass through is because of some overlap from the Heavy Woods which, of course, vehicles are not permitted to enter. But, someone with more understanding of how the terrain works with regard to adjacent action squares would have to confirm this. Is it a bug??? I dunno, but I do see that it could be annoying :eek:
  19. Another way that I've experimented with is to partially place a shelter (flavor object) inside of a building... this gives the sloped roof effect rather than the balcony style roof The problem I've had with this is that, sometimes, several of the flavor objects have "disappeared" (maybe I ctrl - clicked without knowing), but my guess is that the game won't handle flavor objects touching...
  20. It does, doesn't it. The field lines are still visible, but it appears that the brush is gone. I believe most of this area between Saint-Côme-du-Mont (off-map to the NNW) and Carentan was flooded during the battle; my guess is that the vegetation along the bocage was drowned and the lines we can see are possibly the berms that remained??? I'm certainly willing to entertain other hypotheses
  21. Macisle - The aerial photos on the Geoportail site... There's a link from the IGN site, but I had to poke around a bit to find it. I don't speak French either, but I can read a little bit. Here's how to find them: Follow Jon's link above... that will open an aerial view of France. Find the area that you want and zoom in. Click on Cartes (IGN) and you'll get a map rather than the aerial photography. Zoom in far enough, and you'll get the topo... Click in the box at the upper right that says Remonter le temps That will bring up a pull down menu from which you will pick Les prises de vues aériennes Select the 1:50,000 option and drag the handles to the 1940 - 1950 range. Most of the photos in this range will be from 1946. There should be several flight missions to choose from: Clicking on one of the missions will bring up "X"s inside an orange dot... these are the aerial photos. Selecting one of these will give you the option to view (Aperçu) or download (Télécharger) the image: Downloaded images will be in jpeg2000 format (.jp2)... Photoshop will handle these, but I'm not sure about other programs. I would think that there's some free software out there that can convert these if the program that you're using won't. If you download several, you can stitch them together and create a composite photo. This one probably covers the area that you're working on: If you're interested, I have a fairly high resolution pic that I could deliver via dropbox. PM me with an email address if you'd like to have it. Nice map, btw! Edit: Just re-read your post and saw that your map is EAST of Carentan... my photo just goes to the south. Still, there are plenty of aerials on Geoportail in the area of your map.
  22. One of the best posts I've read on this site. I was reading this thread last night and thinking of posting similar thoughts. Thank you for saving me the time; I could not have expressed it as well. My own father missed WWII, but was just in time for the Korean "conflict". He shared little about his time in Korea, but the best advice he ever gave me was during the draft... he told me to enlist in the Navy before I was drafted. Thankfully, the draft ended just before I was eligible, but I still followed his advice. As for the other matter, I believe pixeltruppen die by fire now just as they should when flame makes it into the game...jmo
  23. Thanks for the reply... I know that I don't recall seeing you post in a while, but I had not seen a post about a gaming sabbatical. Glad you checked in and hope all is well. If I had not received a reply, I probably would have gone into the editor, deleted the bridges and replaced the parapets with low stone walls. Thanks again!
  24. Has anyone tried this scenario under 2.0? I've started it three consecutive times and, after getting to the end of the first bridge (right at the start of the scenario) my HQ M8 stops and will move no further. I've noticed that just beyond the bridge, smack in the middle of the road, I get the "red, no move" arrow. I've opened up the map in the editor and there is no underlying terrain that should stop movement... clover at each end of the bridge and grass tiles below the road beyond. On the second turn, I've ordered the AC to turn and move into the field to the left, but nothing happens. IIRC, this scenario was designed under 1.0, so my guess is that this is a 2.0 issue. I don't seem to have any difficulty crossing the bridge as I've seen in other reports, I just can't move once I get past it. No screens as I didn't have fraps running at the time, nor did I save any turns, but it seems pretty repeatable on my end :confused: I'll give it one more shot with fraps on and try a face order to move left into the field. Problem there is that I don't think there's valid exit other than the way in. *** After trying again, the M8 won't even move onto the bridge... the red arrow is showing up at the approach abutment.
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