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  1. kensal... My guess is that it's called "ditch lock" is because it was primarily designed to create ditches. A one meter deep ditch is a pretty deep ditch; at two meters, there aren't many humans that could stand in the bottom and still see out. Anything deeper than one meter is a gully or wash
  2. ^^^THIS^^^!!! At least back to France and Barbarossa. Something less than the uber-tanks has always been much more fun for me. Modern day, robot-controlled warfare just doesn't hold my interest :confused: Maybe I'll try CMBS and change my mind, but SF isn't on any of my computers any more. I bought it solely to learn the CMx2 system and haven't played more than a half-dozen scenarios. I've always enjoyed JT's Panzer Campaigns as an operational game, yet his modern warfare series (Fulda Gap and NGP) is sitting underplayed on my hard drive. When I need a break from CMBN, FI or RT, I always head back to Smolensk '41 or Kharkov '42.
  3. I played through The Passage and my experience was exactly the opposite. I raced the IV's into covered and partial hull down positions and picked off the T-34/85's as they popped onto view. As stated elsewhere in thread, I kept the Pz IV's at range, where I felt their optics would be better than the Russians'. It usually took 3-4 penetrations to knock out the Soviet tanks, but they rarely seemed to have any idea where the shots were coming from. When they did return fire, trees saved several of my tanks from taking hits. IIRC, I lost two tanks and knocked out all but one T34/85.
  4. It is a bit annoying to have to reset the hoykeys each time an upgrade/patch is applied, but Ive done it so many time for different games/patches/upgrades that it doesn't take much time for me to do it in game. Does that mean I don't wish it were different? NO, of course not What really does annoy me is loading up a game and hitting the "Q" key to plot a "Quick" move and find that my screen starts rotating I'm not sure everything you say is so... I do have a ton of mods and have started removing my Z folder and saved games before I apply a patch or upgrade. I had some issues early on when I didn't remove them; it's been so long now that I can't remember what they were. I just remember doing a complete re-install of CMBN to get things straightened out. The older I get, "a long time ago" for my memory was quite different than what it is now. When I was much younger, a long time ago was a year or more... now it's 30 minutes ago
  5. Phil... I am so very grateful to BFC for getting this out so quickly. TBH, when I found the remnants of the building bug after 1.01, I thought it was just something I was going to have to learn to play around... I've loaded up the 1.02 patch and NO building entry problems that I had on the "Blunting the Spear" map have cropped up... THIS is why I keep buying BFC games. I'm a designer in a whole different world of engineering, but I don't stop until the problems get fixed. Sometimes, these fixes take longer than others, but you guys don't give up either... Hats off!!!
  6. Steve/Phil and playtesters... I'm not a coder in any sense of the word; the only program I've ever written was something like a ten-step "macro" for my HP-10C calculator before I took my Land Surveying exam. From what little I do understand, I'm sure this thing has been a nightmare. As I've said previously, I'll try to figure out exactly what building(s) and/or combo of them is causing problems. I will do what I can, time available, to see what's going on with my rig... I know this might not be the same with the next player's computer. In any event, it's a whole lot better than it was before. And, I thank all of you involved with this issue for that! :cool:
  7. I just edited the Beutezug map to remove all soviet forces... no problems entering any of the buildings on this map. I guess I'll have to edit the Blunting the Spear map to try and pin down exactly what buildings troops will not enter
  8. A little more testing on the Blunting the Spear map... I ran some units to the buildings at the northeast end of the map to see if there were issues with buildings outside of the setup zone it seems units will enter single-story independent buildings but but not one-story modulars, at least not ones that are connected to another building Maybe I can try and break this scenario out of the campaign and delete the russian units in the editor. At least this way, I could preserve FOW and try to figure out what buildings work and what buildings won't.
  9. I just loaded up the first scenario of the German Campaign... troops are entering some buildings and exiting all that I've tried, so far. Unfortunately I have an early work day tomorrow, and wiil be out of town until Monday. Here's the situation... In the southeast cornet of the German setup area, there is a small farm complex. Units set up within the buildings inside the start area will exit the buildings, and will enter those buildings inside the setup zone. BUT, they will not enter the small barn or attached building (the "L" shaped building) just outside of the setup zone. I'd post pics, but the machine I'm on does not have Photoshop or another photo editor available. I can take a Fraps movie and make it available, but it seems that this would just be proof that I'm not seeing things. If those without the bug can't see what's happening, I wouldn't think a save game would help. I'll have this computer with me while I'm out of town. If someone is interested in looking at the file, I can find a way to post it... I've had Dropbox issues with CM Helper, but I think I could get this posted in my dropbox
  10. No, I'd guess it isn't a "biggie", if you don't have the issue. The problem has been that the bug only affects rigs with certain hardware/software configs. And, it's not just one or two buildings on a map, it's every one-story building placed during map design at a certain time. It makes town or village battles impossible to play for those of us experiencing the bug... it's hard to clear a village of the one cowering pixel comrade when you can't go inside and he can't rout. You can't see him from outside because he's hiding in a corner. The only workaround is to blast holes in the buildings, which is fine if you have enough time and HE. Personally, since the 3.0 upgrade has come out for CMBN, I've gone back to playing that game. Still, I completely understand the frustration of others because I'd much prefer to be playing RT. Seriously, I wouldn't count on it at this point. BF seems to be trying to clear up some TCP/IP issues before they'll release the patch. It will be released when it's ready
  11. Thanks, Phil! After reading sb's & 88's posts, I just got to wondering if the Win7/NVidia/laptop combo was the problem... I tried Vista and XP compatibility, and obviously it didn't work. Unfortunately, I'm getting ready to change the CPU & Mobo on the desktop that I purchased back when CMBN first came out and can't really afford to do this on a nearly new laptop :eek: I can't figure out what's up with the desktop; CTD's w/ BN, FI and RT shortly after startup... I've tried everything from game reloads & drivers to windows reinstall and removal of all mods. I'll keep playing CMBN 3.10 until the patch comes out. Still, killing commies is more fun than the other allies
  12. This got me wondering if playing around with compatibility settings might unlock the doors... no such luck, at least on my end
  13. I don't know what i did; the activate shortcut was not on my desktop. I was actually looking for something when I attempted to launch the game a second time. Oh well, when all else fails, RTFM Problem solved. Thanks for the assist! Yesterday was a Monday, for sure
  14. Hi... I've just tried to install the Vehicle Pack on two separate occasions (thank god for restore points!) When I launch the game the first time, I put in the Upgrade Key, and CMBN launches just fine; no problem. The issue is when I attempt to launch a second time to activate Commonwealth and Market Garden. To quote from the front page: When launching the pack for the first time, you will be prompted to activate the base game. Use the 3.0 Upgrade license key for that. On subsequent launches, the activation screen will NOT appear automatically. To force it to show up and allow you to activate additional components, please use the "Activate" shortcut instead of launching the game. Where exactly is this activate shortcut? On subsequent launches, I go straight to the load screen and only CMBN shows up. How do I get CF and MG activated? Thanks in advance
  15. Togi... while I'm just as frustrated as you about the long wait for the patch, it will come out when BFC is ready to release it. I'm sure that everyone that has an issue to be addressed is anxiously awaiting its release. I certainly had hoped to see it this week when Steve said they might release it without totally fixing the TCP/WeGo issues. I don't play TCP; selfishly, that's not an issue for me personally. As far as the thread going off-topic, that's often the case with any long thread... it's the way of the internet and happens on many boards, not just at BFC. Anyone having expectations of "good behaviour" on the internet will be sorely disappointed. One of the enjoyable reasons for reading the board are some of the first-hand tales and humorous comments that come up off-topic. Emrys' recollection of prohibition as the cause of the great depression was a hoot... please do tell more stories about the good old days, Michael!
  16. I started to reply to this early yesterday evening (1930 Zulu), with something smart @$$ like "Guess not!". I started typing, thought the better of it and deleted the post (there are plenty of letters and emails I wish I'd never sent :eek:) because others are doing a good enough job of complaining. From reading the back posts, I see it didn't take long This is the issue that has frustrated me with the long wait... I've been wanting to start the German campaign for several months, but I know I'd get hammered trying to recon the large village on the right without the cover of buildings. East front is far and away my favorite area of the war and it's been hard to step back to CMBN and the bocage. I primarily enjoy fighting with the Americans and the Germans, so I did the next best thing... My Honor is Loyalty as the SS. No offense intended toward our Commonwealth allies;). Still, I miss blowing up T-34/85's and IS-2's. They'll have to do until we see some BT-5's, 7's and T-26's
  17. I can only assume that you're talking about this fix being released in the patch??? I've had to quit playing RT because I've tired of wasting HE to open up walls. Units still don't go in; those in, won't come out:mad:
  18. I believe you!!! I think a lot of the reason I don't particularly enjoy CMSF (and other modern games) is the asymmetrical nature of the combat. I've enjoyed John Tiller's Modern Campaign series... on the other hand, in the old Avalon Hill title Arab-Israeli Wars, I liked the '56 scenarios much more than the later ones
  19. I learned of CM very early on... before the demo. I'd heard rumors of a "computer squad leader" and ran a search on whatever engine I was using in the late 90's (probably Yahoo?). I lurked on the forum occasionally, but not often enough to catch the demo release. I remember playing the demo the first time, getting my butt kicked and not being very impressed with the graphics or the UI. :confused: I think I came back and tried the demo again shortly after the release of CMBO... and was hooked from then on :eek:. I've bought every WWII release since; I purchased CMSF after the bugs were worked out just to begin learning the CMx2 system. Modern warfare just hasn't been my thing, but I will admit that Black Sea has piqued my interest. I likely won't pre-order (like I do for WWII), but once the videos and reviews start coming out... we'll see
  20. Any progress with this? I've recently moved and hadn't had much time to play CMRT; I just encountered this for the first time. I have pioneers in the scenario I'm playing, so I'll try to blast my way in. I can see how this could be very annoying in a village fight, especially when the Russians started inside he buildings although I'm not sure any were able to leave... there are a lot of dead ones inside Digital Storm Laptop Win 7 64-Bit Intel Core i7-4700 MQ GTX 770M 16G RAM
  21. I enjoy smaller maps, too, But, with the release of RT, I'm finding that the larger maps are a great deal of fun, larger scenarios, too... They just take longer to finish, sometimes a lot longer :eek: I've found, as Womble related, that I can't expect to see everything, and I don't expect any commander would notice everything during the heat of battle... that's one of the reasons for overwatch. I just try to take care of due diligence with my recon. I've found that most tanks seem to draw their LOS is from the second level with 1-3 "clicks" down on the scroll wheel. KT's seem to be at 1 click down, Shermans and PzIV's at two and the smaller German AT vehicles slightly lower... I pan around using the hotkeys for fine adjustment (I've set mine to I,J,K & L; default is W,A,S,& D). I also use the arrow keys to pan and the X,Z keys to zoom. I always try to remember to check LOS from any new waypoint that I set. Prone infantry LOS is probably best viewed using the LOS tool from a waypoint... AIUI, this will draw LOS from ground level to ground level at any action square. Standing infantry will draw LOS from eyeball level to ground at an open AS. Try as I may, I still often wind up with my head above the hilltops when I'm thinking I'm in dead ground. So, take anything I've said and use it at your peril... I've been playing since the game came out and I still suck at it
  22. Ian... Knowing your way around PS will help... I learned from playing with my photography, also. I have personally given up trying to draw, paint or anything similar. Anything I do unrelated to photography is cut and paste from another image. I can't give you a tutorial on creating alpha channels with varying grayscales, but I'd recommend playing around with "Calculations" under the Image tab... This will allow you to combine various channels and blending modes and you can save the result as either a new file, channel or selection. I've had some success with Calculations when trying to build masks for my photos, but it can be finicky and I certainly don't have a clue as to how it works. Photoshop is not just a tool that I use; sometimes it's a toy that I play with just to see what I get... kinda like a box of chocolates:eek: Edit: I dl'd billy_sp's icons and opened one up just to look at the channels. I now see better the issue you've been facing. Try Calculations and save something you like as a new channel. I often just use the Quick Selection Wand to grab a fast selection, refine it if need be. B&W can always be adjusted using Levels
  23. Chirac... After walking away from the computer for a second, it occurred to me that the easiest way for you to make the alpha channel is to "Select" the black corners, invert the selection (Shift/Ctrl/I on PC), click on the Selection tab & save the selection. When the box pops up just name the channel "Alpha". When a selection is saved, the selected part is white and the unselected is black. Or, if you have another file with an alpha channel of the same shape, just "Shift/Drag" that channel into the file with the missing channel.
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