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  1. A total of 2 active threads in the last ten days according to my webpage. Where the hell is everyone? I haven't been a regular poster (or even lurker) for quite a long time but still-what the hell? Is there some huge 10 day long holiday over in the US right now or what has happened to the bustling General Discussion Forum of my youth?
  2. For the lazy would someone be willing to upload a hotkeys file with the same hotkeys as the original CM games?
  3. You're joking. Why is this not possible to do from in-game? We've had games that have let us change hotkeys in-game for, like 300 years at least.
  4. How do you change to direct hotkey mode on the PC? I can't find anything in the options for this.
  5. Not sure if this was answered or not. I would also like to know.
  6. I figured this out last night. Just select the unit and give them a move order then click wherever you want to place them in the map (with in the deployment zone) and they will be placed there. Give them another move order outside of the deployment zone and they will start moving when the turn starts. Looks like they've combined both the deployment and initial move phase into one turn.
  7. I didn't know (or forgot) that right click allows the camera to rotate in any direction. At least that's what someone said on the Wargamer forums. I will give it a try next time. If thats the case then perhaps the camera isn't that bad (but still could be better although I'm certain I'm probably in the minority here).
  8. Enjoyed the demo but detested the camera controls. I'm guessing I'm probably in the minority here. It's 2011 not 1999.
  9. Awesome, awesome job. My only suggestion is that it would be much more effective to have them playing side by side rather than one after the other and then it is a lot easier to spot the improvements. I tried doing in separate windows on my laptop but unfortunately the resolution isn't quite enough. Perhaps I should try hooking up to my TV...
  10. I got a chuckle out of this even though I've never played the game. This seems like as good as place as any to make my first appearance on the forums in a dogs age.
  11. Canuck


    Is there no option to pre-order yet? You guys should do like Stardock and give all pre-order people access to all the betas!
  12. Actually you're not the first post- you just have to change your settings from viewing only the last ten days to viewing from the beginning. I would also like some more news!
  13. Yes I read the interview as well-I'm dying for new information/screenshots, anything!
  14. Canuck


    Inquiring minds want to know.
  15. Looks good. I'll probably pick it up if the price is right. I picked up the original Strategic Command for $25 in a snap. If this game is priced similarly I would probably do the same.
  16. PC Gamer's reviews used to hold a lot of water with me-especially Bill Trotter's wargame reviews. I bought Korsun Pocket because he claimed that it was the best wargame ever made.
  17. Link?? Sorry but I really have a hard time believing that this game has already sold more than two games combined over a period of three or four years.
  18. I'm sorry Lt Bull but your whole premise is a little ridiculous. First of all, CMx1 sold less and less each time because it is a niche game and niche games tend to sell less after the first one. The hardcore wargamers will buy all the sequels but all the casual gamers who decided to give it a try the first time will not. Secondly, your comparison to Madden and TW is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Madden and TW are HUGE and it has absolutely nothing to do with copy protection. Those games are steamrollers for completely different reasons. A quick search of one torrent site shows that over 2000 people are currently downloading Madden 08 and over 1000 people are downloading MTW2. I seriously doubt that the entire CM series has ever had even half that many illegal downloads over its entire existence!
  19. I predicted back in 2005 that I wouldn't be interested in buying CMSF and guess what, I was right! It has nothing to do with the readiness of the game though-I just have absolutely no interest slogging it out in boring desert landscapes looking for Syrians. CMAK wasn't able to do it for me with Germans and Italians and CMSF certainly won't do it for me with Syrians or insurgents. Wake me up when the next WWII installment comes along.
  20. Well I just played for a good 6 hours today. Possibly longer I'm not sure. My first full game (actually I'm still only in September of '42). First it was 4:30 and I thought, 'jeez I better go make dinner soon.' Then it was 5:30. Then 6 o'clock. It wasn't until finally after 8:00pm tonight that I was able to stop playing! There are a few problems which everyone has already mentioned-I'm not a hardcore gamer so I probably won't find any more to add to the list. But it totally has that 'one-more turn' aspect to it. I can actually see how the research is working-from what I recall from SC, research was sort of hit and miss-you invested points and sometimes it worked and you got a tech and sometimes it didn't. With this game I can actually see how I'm progressing. Oil is definitely one of the best parts of the game. I had no trouble conserving oil while taking over most of Europe. But after invading that vast expanse known as Russia, I could but watch my oil slowly receding. Then there was the tough winter of '41 where the Russians went on the offensive and the severe weather slowed my tanks down so much that I finally decided I would be better off to just let them sit and ride out the storm for 3 months. When spring came and the flowers started to blossom we got back on with the race for Caucasus and that precious, precious oil.
  21. Well my resistance crumbled and I bought the game-I'm such a sucker. No doubt it has it's fair share of niggles, BUT this game has sucked me in like SC2 has never been able to do. The last game to make me say "Wow" like this was actually SC I think it's a great game and it will only improve with a patch.
  22. There's a demo for CEAW? I'll have to check it out. I'm still thinking about getting it but NWS Online price jumped from 39.99 to 54.99 so I'm pretty leery.
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