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  1. LongLeftFlank

    First QB map creation update thread

    Yes, splendid work here. I guess the next step would be to ask: what kinds of combat actions might we expect to take place here? 1. A raid or ambush by commandos or uncons could readily be envisioned, for all sorts of reasons. 2. A coup de main by regular forces to secure an airbase is also plausible, though also problematic in a theatre bristling with modern antiaircraft weapons. In a CMSF type setting, no problem. 3. If it's regular forces dug in to defend against other regular forces, then why here? What's the rationale for establishing a MLR or strongpoint in a built up area, rather than open country? No doubt one could develop reasons (denial of facilities to the enemy for either military or political reasons, sectarian divide in the adjoining area, etc.). But that will have material impacts on the scheme and objectives of the combatants, so it's worth thinking about. In general, it's hard to envision Aachen or Stalingrad type fights these days involving modern mech forces on *both* sides. Uncons prefer built up areas because dense cover and concealment negates the enemy's superior ranged firepower, a la Mosul, Fallujah, Aleppo, Grozny etc. Would the same apply to a SovBloc type mech force facing superior Western tanks and airpower? (It didn't seem to work for the Iraqi mech forces in 2003...) Anyway, good luck with the project!
  2. LongLeftFlank

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    No doubt there's some anime film out there with various monuments coming to life and battling each other, controlled by sinister androgynous alien boy band types, or by leggy Japanese schoolgirls. ... Yup, thar she blows. I love the interwebz.
  3. LongLeftFlank

    Google Earth is your friend

    I carved out a rare evening to work on my Le Carillon master map and was playing with ditchlock to create wide vs gentle embankments for creek beds. Google Maps streetview was an invaluable resource. Btw, the answer for Basse Normandie seems to be 'both' - a 1:2 (<30°) embankment bottomed by a 1m steep sided trench containing the watercourse). Steep enough that no additional perimeter is required, and cattle don't crop the long grass at the bottom.
  4. Some of it seems to be natural aging, the loss of our youthful 'plasticity' of intellect and (if we're lucky) its replacement with a 'crystalline' pattern, which really comes down to experience giving you a knack for knowing what works and what's a waste of time and (flagging) energy. Great article here about a 40 year old guy learning to play chess at the same time as his young daughter, and trying not to get his arse kicked every time....
  5. LongLeftFlank

    General Questions

    There will be NO new steps! (Mr. Barry Fife, President, NSW Dance Federation)
  6. LongLeftFlank

    RAMADI (Iraq): Mother of All MOUT Maps

    Great find mate, though not much time to listen right now.... Look at how many residential blocks the JOKER 3 patrol routes covered! The concept was to be able to cut off and trap potshooters; they were not expecting an ambush by dozens of fighters, reinforced by local residents.
  7. LongLeftFlank

    RAMADI (Iraq): Mother of All MOUT Maps

    [snaps to attention] Sir, it is indeed an honor!!!! I will pm you.
  8. LongLeftFlank

    Modders: Female Faces?

    Throughout OIF2, "Lioness" teams were routinely attached to US infantry units for cordon and knock (house search) missions, where physical search of female occupants was routinely required. These soldiers acted as frontline combat infantry in all material respects.
  9. 1. Guys, Pericles is *not* making stuff up; everyone who's played CM has had WTF! moments like this. So no need to jump on him so hard. He's trying to help. OTOH, Ian et al are also trying to help, so do let's keep it civil. 2. In CMSF, where BLUEFOR is (or should be) casualty-sensitive (to offset their massive FP advantages), losing half a squad to sporadic kamikaze behaviour may mean losing a game on vp. So this matters more than ever. 3. But it doesn't sound like a straightforward AI 'bug' fix either. The cover-seeking AI has always been a bit of a black box, but clearly: a. We *do* want unpinned squaddies to get out of a killzone, stat, not go to ground in place by default to get hosed down more. b. But we also *don't* want them overdoing it by dashing pell mell for the nearest 'safe' place that happens to be 100 yards away across a beaten zone. 4. My personal view (fwiw) is that abstracted hard 'micro' cover seems undermodeled in general, even though that hunch is tough to confirm empirically. In RL, it's unusual (and a memorable horror, think Omaha) when an infantryman doesn't have anything at all solid within a few paces that he can put between himself and bullets. That's why modern battlefields look 'empty.' Incoming fire should normally encounter sharply diminishing returns after the first few shots, even in 'open ground'. By boosting the number of perceived 'refuges' available to pixeljoes, it seems you could then reduce the chances of the TacAI choosing to run for a safe spot far away.
  10. LongLeftFlank

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    Noted. I'd expect cut off SAA units to quickly start looking like Uncons anyway, mounting SW under tarps on pickups, making lots of IED/VBIEDs, hiding their few remaining AFVs in barns, etc. (frankly, the latter are targets/bomb magnets more than weapons in such conditions). Can't help you much with QB strictures tbh....
  11. LongLeftFlank

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    Well, you don't always get to say nah, I won't fight here. Let's say your heavy mech is doing 'haul ass and bypass' to Damascus. But then a Syrian rifle company mixed with irregulars appears out of this dense farmland and shoots up a fuel convoy? You get put in command of a scratch force and get told to "go clear those bastards out asap". Which mostly means 'find them and then call in air/helo strikes'. You have insufficient forces to cordon off the area. So there's no alternative to going into the bush. The general wants the MSR secured, like yesterday! No more goddam burning fuel trucks on al Jazeera.... (I know you know this stuff btw, just shootin' the breeze. Don't want to sound preachy)
  12. LongLeftFlank

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    Of course, guerrilla-friendly terrain is in no way restricted to cities, even in the 'arid' Middle East. Consider a few square kms patchwork of vehicle-unfriendly marshy fields, dikes, walls and irrigation ditches unchanged since Assyrian times, with LOS broken up by unkempt orchards and palm groves, walled farmsteads and dense clusters of reeds. Look closely at the second map, or go to Google Earth. This is incredibly challenging ground to secure, even with overwhelming force available. Not quite bocage, but close. And as I've preached umpteen times, terrain is the "third player" in the game; it can equalize or cripple pretty much any force.
  13. Those building textures are @Kieme(ITA)’s mods, not stock, correct?
  14. LongLeftFlank

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    I think the basic building blocks haven't changed since SF1: 1. put a huge vp penalty on BLUEFOR losses to drive realistically conservative behaviours (and increase RED degrees of freedom). ... Of course this also means you can't whack BLUE right away with an unavoidable hi-cas ambush (unless you provide a vp cushion that provides for it). I generally just assume that on turn 1 the Big Bump has already happened, humvees are burning, etc. 2. Suitably constricted/compartmented terrain where BLUE can't instantly converge/call in their overwhelming fire superiority (*yawn*). Hard cover remains undermodeled, so in the absence of robust strongpoints RED has got to be able to break contact and rally.
  15. LongLeftFlank

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    Great thoughts and data here, @domfluff! You need to join @Sgt.Squarehead, @Combatintman, @sburke and myself (when work allows) in the Urban Asymmetrical Warfare scenario skunk works.