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  1. LongLeftFlank

    Building degradation upgraded?

    As noted in the OP, CMSF1 featured only a single relatively thin-walled building type displaying no visual damage until walls or the entire structure is demolished. All subsequent CM titles added certain "independent" structures, some of which (churches) have dense, thick walls (better cover and far less prone to collapse under HE) - natural strongpoints, in the absence of another game option to fortify buildings. Other building types (barns, sheds) offered less than average hard cover to occupants, but higher profiles and LOS blocks. Both these variants add valuable granularity and resilience to towns, cities and industrial areas. Even without RoE limitations, populated areas are critical battlespaces for RED, especially Uncons, who haven't a prayer of engaging most BLUE forces in the open. In my view, CMSF2 is taking a [minor?] step back (and increasing BLUE uberness still more) by omitting what by now seemed to be a standard game feature, but it evidently was not a straightforward effort to include them in CMSF2. This seems counterintuitive, but we must accept their word that it was a kludge too far.
  2. LongLeftFlank

    The state of CMSF2

    If it is any consolation to anyone, Leonardo left behind a huge backlog of unfinished (and never begun) works, and constantly reproached himself for this fault in his journals. Christopher Hitchens relates (perhaps apocryphally) that 'whenever [Leonardo] tested a new quill, he would scrawl the same unhappy inquiry: “Dimmi, dimmi se mai fu fatta cosa alcuna” (Tell me, tell me if anything ever got done).'
  3. LongLeftFlank

    MOUT and urban counterinsurgency (and CM)

    Yeah, Canada has produced some good journalism. I remember Barbara, Alan and the 1970s "As It Happens" crew, long distance dialing the palace of (entirely mad) Idi Amin or the occupied Tehran embassy. Back when Canada was still viewed as a neutral country. (This thread has really gone off topic into current affairs at this point btw. I am one of the guilty.)
  4. LongLeftFlank

    Modding Buildings

    You can work up a variety of decent looking modern office buildings using the long window facade with no balconies. The doors to nowhere won't function.
  5. LongLeftFlank

    CMSF 2 BETA AAR #2 – Syrian Probe (Quick Battle)

    Well, the spotting ability of AFVs in general in the game has always been uncanny, that's been the subject of long debate, WWII to modern. But in terms of relative capability, consider this recent post over on CMBS "Russians Underpowered" thread. Voice of experience here. And that's just obsolescence issues. Now imagine a set of those sights that's never had a proper teardown and rebuild (stores were sold off for cash by the spivs in Division supply), in the custody of an underfed 20 year old Sunni conscript with an 8th grade education (whose pay is also getting skimmed by the Battalion CO).
  6. ...retrofitted with new axle-free bogies, providing the Pillo-soft luxury of Hush-O-Matic Miracle Ride®️ I bow down before the genius of fellow Canuck Bruce McCall (pbuh).
  7. LongLeftFlank

    CMSF 2 BETA AAR #2 – Syrian Probe (Quick Battle)

    I think the cease fire is appropriate, Bil. Unless you have one hell of a lot of arty or can mass zerg rush the Leos somehow, the next guys to stick their noses up seem pretty likely to get the same medicine. I was suprised at Ian having liberty to set up so far forward and have his tanks' right flank semi-shielded by the map edge. It made for a very 'tight' battleground in spite of the map size. To me, it had a Prokhorovka feel, i.e. the moment you crest out of your starting positions and get eyes on you're already in deep kaka. Recon by death doesn't benefit you if you don't then have the hammer to hurt him. And that's typical of the "damned if you do/don't" conundrum the Syrian mech always faces on the attack. A meeting engagement, forcing both sides to scramble and deploy, might have made for a more even match.
  8. LongLeftFlank

    Mad 'Merican MOUT

    Yup, I have a rule in dinner conversation: first one to mention the T word buys the drinks. Keeps it civil.
  9. LongLeftFlank

    Mad 'Merican MOUT

    'Tis the silly season.
  10. LongLeftFlank

    Mad 'Merican MOUT

  11. LongLeftFlank

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    We haz met the New Belligerents and they iz us. Let's move on.
  12. LongLeftFlank

    Mad 'Merican MOUT

    Just saw this, and it is Most Excellent!!! 1. But this is a One Percenter playground! Mass transit in America is strictly for the unwashed. While the property manager provides employee minibus transport for 2 hours each way to Mopetown, the pickup point is on a back road out of sight, by the dumpsters. Look for all the cigarette butts and opioid foil packets. 2. The "hospital" is actually the corporate offices of a health insurance provider (although largely vacant since most back office functions were outsourced to Hyderabad).
  13. LongLeftFlank

    MOUT and urban counterinsurgency (and CM)

    ... Hey, you know, just spitballing some more, if we riff on @MikeyD's legendary "Lone Star Shopping Mall" scenario from CMSF1, we can readily achieve LOS to CM: MAGA, aka CM:DRAINTHESWAMP.... July 21st, 2021, Manassas, VA. Month 10 of the 2020 election crisis. Following the successful relief of Quantico, the left hook of 2nd MEF, skirting the Occoquan reservoir along route 234, ran head on into a FEMA mechanised unit backed by 82nd Airborne paratroopers hastily airlifted into Dulles. With all nav systems still disabled by the EMPs that followed the 12th Recount and the Republican evacuation of Washington, both forces struggled to flank each other through the subdivisions that threaded the rocky hollows of Bull Run.... Whose Deplorables mod are you using?
  14. LongLeftFlank

    MOUT and urban counterinsurgency (and CM)

    Here again, I think folks are getting jumpy and starting to stomp all over criticisms and "demands" that just ain't there. I personally am just spitballing. And it seems like S2 is just in the space of "woulden it be nice?" too (I'll let him speak for hisself). Those dam' Kraut infiltrators are everywhere! Quick, get that baseball trivia going to flush 'em out! Or to paraphrase the great Walt Kelly: We haz met the CMSF2 New Belligerents and they iz us!
  15. LongLeftFlank

    Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

    Good stuff, guys. Just some harmless jawing here while we wait, but S2 what's the backstory and objective of this Turkish border crossing? 1. an incursion or raid to kill or capture specific Kurds enemies, or is it 2. to ethnically cleanse secure a longer term buffer zone? If a town or city fight is involved, as you imply, in the former case, you're in for a very risky coup de main/VIP snatch-or-kill type operation, a la my 2012 Baba Amr scenario. In the latter case, isn't it better to bypass and seal off the towns at first, securing the countryside and then figuring out how best to root/starve out the urban holdouts? I believe negotiated safe conduct has been the preferred resolution, even with ISIS. Either way, about the last thing you'd want is a Pyrrhic mini-Mosul, leveling block after block for weeks, plus bereaved Turkish mums (and generals) cursing the Great Hetman. This is just for friendly discussion, not criticising (people here seem a tad prickly of late).