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  1. OT, but our old friend JasonC got completely owned last month on BGG by one Electric Joe, another Supah Genius© (ex USN staff officer) with the same disdainful and assertion-dense posting style. Jason weaved and shifted the goalposts for a while but eventually gave up. Hoist on his own petard. It's a what-if discussion regarding a Japanese invasion of Hawaii (after US carriers are sunk at Pearl). *Please* don't start discussing that topic here though (go over there), this is just flagged for nostalgic amusement, as so many of us here have been stomped on harshly by Jason over the last 20 years. That said, I've learned a lot from him and still follow him quietly on BGG. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2325042/gaming-strategic-effects-catching-carriers-pearl/page/3 'Japan versus the U.S. in late 1941 is the geo-strategic equivalent of an episode of "Jackass."' Lol! The snark king is dead, long live the snark!
  2. So, did anybody ever do a CM map of the Baghdad Green Zone? Asking for a fiend....👽
  3. Hornets' Nest indeed. The defender has free choice of ~140 individual compounds (read: ready made fortresses and death traps) that BLUE can't safely neutralize with ranged firepower, or even spot, unless he first enters them with squishies. Clearing a district this size IRL will take 5-10 days and bleed whole battalions white. In CM you can do it in an (intense and harrowing) sitting, but you need to assume lengthy (sometimes night long) pauses 'off the clock.' Bring shaped charges and grenades, infidel dogs! And plenty of water. And blood plasma.
  4. Cool indeed, mate. But I am once again on cold turkey CM hiatus for work reasons; relocating to a new country. Keep pushing the boundaries!
  5. Not urban, but how about a little reelpolitik to go with your COIN?Interesting case study here, from a part of the world where I've spent time about how (counter)insurgency can be made to pay, handsomely. Dynamics by no means limited to Myanmar. In game terms, perhaps we could mash up @MOS:96B2P 's ingenious works with Settlers of Catan to create a nice little post-SHTF warlord game, lol. Oh, so you won't trade coal for sheep eh? Let me explain Largest Army to you.... Strategic Violence During Democratization (For Fun and Profit) Prior to democratization, the Myanmar military government peacefully colluded with ethnic rebel groups to split the profits from jade mining and smuggling—a sector worth roughly half of Myanmar’s GDP. But fearing that the new civilian government would assume control of jade-mining areas and the associated rents, the military has ginned up unrest in mining townships to deter the development of an alternative authority. Shortly after 2011, the Thein Sein government announced its intention to tax the previously sheltered [Army run SOEs] UMEHL and MEC, which have substantial interests in the jade sector. At the same time, the... NLD, led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, de facto prime minister) included strong language about increasing government revenues from the jade sector and cracking down on smuggling. ...Military families (commanders’ wives often serve as owners of record) and their companies made over $1 billion from their official jade sales in 2013 and 2014. This figure represents a lower bound, as most jade is smuggled out of the country, thus avoiding the heavily taxed emporiums.... more than 50 to 80 percent of jade is smuggled from Myanmar into China... less than 10 percent of total jade sales in 2011 was taxed by the central government. The military elites not only have large stakes in major mining operations, they also run a lucrative racket in Kachin State.... military officers demand 20 percent of the value of any stone found by small-scale, artisanal miners. Moreover, the Tatmadaw receives payments from concessionaires, who both pay for soldiers to guard their compounds and distribute bribes to clear any roadblocks along their smuggling routes. Proceeds from illegal jade exports not only benefit military elites and their cronies, but also provide an important source of income for the Kachin Independence Army (kia). The KIA, the armed wing of the KIO, consistently has been one of the largest and most active insurgent groups in Myanmar since its formation in 1961.... the group boasts membership of close to ten thousand troops and occupies territory in Kachin State as well as in northern Shan State. Funding for the KIA also comes from a variety of other sources: because it has lost control of jade-mining areas, it has relied more heavily on illegal logging and timber sales. The military has allegedly hampered increased civilian oversight by timing attacks to disrupt visits by ministers or international observers. In an area still occupied by a historically rebellious ethnic army, the civilian government cannot easily discern whether violence reflects renewed separatist activity or military provocation. As such, the military can exploit unrest in this region—even of its own making—to convince an uncertain civilian government to cede authority to the generals in administering lucrative and “disputed” territory. “Ceasefire capitalism”—the period of relative peace in Kachin State that enabled the exploitation of the region’s natural resources—enriched military elites and KIA/KIO leaders but did little to benefit the rest of the population. This generated resentment among the rank and file.... And after these lower-ranking officers seized power, they adopted a more confrontational stance vis-à-vis the Tatmadaw.
  6. `Good-morning; good-morning!' the General said When we met him last week on our way to the line. Now the soldiers he smiled at are most of 'em dead, And we're cursing his staff for incompetent swine. `He's a cheery old card,' grunted Harry to Jack As they slogged up to Arras with rifle and pack. . . . . But he did for them both by his plan of attack.
  7. Excellent advice again, saving me a lot of playtesting, many thanks. With no disrespect to the GIs, as they say, history is written by the victors. Yet the American AAR forensics on le Carillon et al. also betray a distinct admiration for the formidable German defences in the le Carillon sector, successfully held for nearly a month by critically undersupplied and undermanned regiments heavily staffed with unreliable Ostruppe. And even when the breakout came in July, a single battalion of 897 Grenadiere still took down almost a quarter of the trench strength of the newly committed 137th US infantry. Which is what drew me instantly to this series upon initial release of CMBN.
  8. Curious how your bloodbath looks and plays out with the new engine. Anybody do any vids yet? Relevant to my Normandy thread, as you know better than anyone here (except @Combatintman), the RL fight to clear Al Karama alone took freekin weeks: http://www.daeshdaily.com/2016/11/page/2/ 8 Nov. Apaches to hunt VBIEDs, a sign they're hurting 9 Nov. CTS troops surrounded Al-Karama, Malayin 3, Shuquq Al-Khadra, Al-Zahra, Karkukli, Aden, and Al-Dhahabi on Wednesday, the Mosul operation commander announced. Later the Al-Zahra, Malayin 3, and Al-Samah neighborhoods of east Mosul were announced to have been cleared of Daesh militants, according to the IWMC. 10 Nov. The Counter Terrorism Service commander says there is a delay in the Mosul liberation because of the huge numbers of civilians trapped by Daesh. He says Iraqi forces will use new military tactics. He also says Daesh has used 150 vehicle bombs in east Mosul so far. CTS troops destroyed three vehicle bombs and two motorcycle bombs that were targeting Iraqi troops in the Al-Karama neighborhood. 23 Nov. CTS says it liberated 80 residential buildings in the Al-Karama complex So the harrowing end-to-end sweep of the Hornets Nest map chronicled so well by our beloved General Ripper must be understood to represent the collective action of at least 7-10 days of block clearing heavy combat, plus mop ups in the shattered ruins. For what horrors went on in the interim I'll paraphrase a bit from our offline discussion thread of last year: H-day. Having sealed off al Karama, relatively unbombarded, you set ambitious phase lines and move in, with leg infantry clustered around their humvee-mounted base of fire. Local residents welcome you at first, assure you that there are only a few Daesh holed up. Where? Smiles fade, vague hand wave into the silent interior. After the first dozen RPG, IED and VBIED hits, reality sets in together with the noonday heat. A general halt is called for a rethink. This is far worse than Ramadi. Several subunit COs have visible head trauma from huge near miss explosions. Water is short already. Snipers are everywhere, they are extremely hard to spot and eliminate. Smaller block clearing combat groups are formed, built around vehicle weapons, with other units detailed to shield the flanks from the terrifying armoured VBIEDs. There are no Daesh infantry counterattacks as such, but constant 360 security is required as groups of 2-3 fighters keep popping up in spots previously thought cleared. The mine clearing groups must constantly beware of mortars and RPG potshots. By 4pm the exhausted, dehydrated attackers need to start thinking about resupply and securing defensible positions for the night, or else giving up their 'gains' and doing it all again tomorrow. Night brings no relief; NV equipped scout snipers report Daesh is moving, probably minelaying. The darkness is periodically rent by huge explosions as building facades are collapsed into many streets to block them. Other streets are, ominously, left open.... (I hope this is interesting to the commentariat, and not hijacking your OT)
  9. Terrific feedback, many thanks all. So these are my core design challenges: 1. Put the player into this difficult tactical situation where Jerry sees him but he can't easily get back at them (btw CM could really use some kind of spotting inhibitor 'camo' counter for snipers, FOs, ATW teams etc.) 2. Present this clearly as a "time lapse" all day slog. Not the HBO nonstop charges and rat-a-tat; a series of specific clear and occupy taskings, punctuated by "hit the dirt!" and extended pauses to rally, observe and clear mines and to get the increasingly rattled GIs to clear the next one. Kind of that 'union road crew' effect you see in so much unedited combat footage: just a few guys up in harms way doing the work while the rest look on ('provide cover fire') from safety. 3. With that accomplished, I still need to give the player CO some reasonable latitude to manage within the boundaries (i.e. score a Victory by keeping casualties below historical). ... Or to defy the odds and try to overachieve with some bold rushes.
  10. At the risk of taking your thread even farther afield (apologies), I am presently spending a little quality time in Normandy on my Carillon Nose series (after which I will, RL permitting, move back to the Ramadi sequence). As noted over there, I am trying to puzzle out how to replicate the actual tempo of a systematic battalion assault on prepared positions, in that case a town. Coincidentally, I also finally browsed the excellent Ashd al Dababir videos of Gen Ripper, and suddenly, a great... fatigue came over me I realized that he was facing the same problem, trading pixel-lives for time in a race to clear objectives on the game clock.
  11. It'll be a cold winter indeed before I post a Don Henley video. Even I have standards.
  12. Posting this over from another thread. So I am presently trying to puzzle out the German tactical defensive scheme for the La Meauffe sector, consulting reasonable historical documentation from both sides, (including detailed diagrams pasted above). And this has led me to think about the general tempo of battalion scale infantry assaults on prepared positions, both WW2 and contemporary, and how these might be simulated realistically in a single CM scenario. 1. As noted in other threads, many CM assaults become frantic races against the clock. Forces are not only pushed to their endurance limit and beyond, but are freely retasked by the omniscient player commander to ad hoc maneuvers well outside their original orders. Dense defended areas the size of my game map (1400x800m) are routinely swept clear in 90-120 minutes of intense nonstop rooty-toot. 2. Even if we as wargamers can pad the clock 2x with abstracted 'off clock' lulls in the action, during which medevac, resupply and artillery spotting occur but there are no major movements or exchanges of fire, it all just seems like too much, too fast. 3. In contrast, in the real world PURPLE HEART CORNER action of June 17th 1944, incompletely clearing a small town of 25 odd structures took half a fresh US battalion with ample artillery a *full day* (0530-1845) to accomplish, with significant US casualties (30+, overwhelmingly shellfire). 4. Enemy casualties in this action aren't tallied (a couple of PWs only). No wonder: resistance was said to be 'snipers', long range MG fire and nonstop shelling. This is consistent with the German MLR being below the town; they would not detail scarce infantry to hold it, only to bloody the nose of the Amis. Ergo, few bodies to count. (These reports prompted General Corlett the Corps commander to browbeat his subordinates to get things "cleaned up down there", in total disregard of the actual conditions). 5. Nonetheless, in spite of their lopsided manpower advantage, this was a nasty fight for 1/119. The still green GIs advance cautiously from house to house, wary of mines, traps, snipers and the rrrrrrrrrip of Spandaus. Frequent stonks of mortars or "88s" cause them to scatter for cover. The doughs can't see Jerry, can't silence the incoming. But hour by hour, the stretchers keep coming back while frustration and exhaustion set in. What's the solution? Call the guns! But onto what? More time goes by. .... So, how do I put that into a scenario? (What's that you say? That doesn't sound like a fun 'game' at all? Well sorry, can't help ya with that, son. I'm all about the digital history, trying to face what the doggies actually faced. And there are a few here who are like minded. Go play something else if that's not you.)
  13. Wasn't that a song, The Boys of Case Blau or sumfink? (Look at those poor kids. They look like the high school rowers I used to coach in largely German Cincinnati OH back in the day)
  14. S²H, did you ever formally release Al Hutamah, in either iteration of CMSF? Just curious. Since we're on eschatology, here is the source of the name, for those interested... Sura 104 of the Holy Quran, Al Hamazah (the Slanderer): Wai lul-li kulli hu mazatil-lumaza Al-lazi jama'a maalaw wa'addadah Yahsabu anna maalahu akhladah Kalla layum ba zanna fil hutamah Wa maa adraaka mal-hutamah Narul laahil-mooqada Al latee tat tali'u 'alalafidah Innaha 'alaihim moosada Fee 'amadim-mu mad dadah Woe to every scorner and mocker, Who collects wealth and [continuously] counts it. He thinks that his wealth will make him immortal. No! He will surely be thrown into the Crusher. And what can make you know what is the Crusher? It is the fire of Allah, [eternally] fueled, Which mounts directed at the hearts. Indeed, Hellfire will be closed down upon them In extended columns.
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