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  1. Just poking around at the moment. Have the first 3 CM games, now called classic.
  2. So it has been 13 years since I last checked in, how is everyone?
  3. Back at it after 13 years

  4. I suck at the game too but with all the good mods out there at least I look good losing. Client side anyway.
  5. Nice shot of Pegasus Bridge although areas around Brecourt Manor are not in high def.
  6. When it was first released a bunch of us had some issues. Didn't BF change around who made the disks?
  7. I tend not to upgrade drivers unless I already have an issue.
  8. This was a big topic too when West Front came out on the TS boards. Same issue with jeeps and trucks.
  9. Ya, I brought to life the old thread about CMBB not loading. Even with the replacement disk I got way back I still needed the files from Matt to complete the install. At least this time I burned the DL'd files for future loadings.
  10. Still having an issue. After formatting I tried the new disk but it won't fully install nor will it be copied to my HD. Same problem with reading the device. Are the missing files still available for DL? It worked great with the files that were made available.
  11. Looks good man. Keep up the good work.
  12. Replacement arrived today and will post again when I install. Shouldn't be a problem though. TY guys.
  13. E-Mail Matt please. Click on hyperlink at the top of this forum for more info on this.
  14. I just close unwanted programs through Ctrl/Alt/Del and go from there.
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