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    Pete Wenman reacted to danfrodo in best scenarios for CMBS noob   
    Thanks very much everyone.  I started w smallest as suggested.  These Russian soldiers are for real!  Dude is hitting me w grenade launcher from 500m and seems to be bravest man on earth.  Bullets and mortars all around him and he just keeps firing.  How many rounds does this guy have??   I've got MG firing from a reverse hill crest, a good position, but their luck will run out at some point.
    THIS IS FUN!!!
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Wicky in King Tigers in Paris (Summer 1944)   
    King Tiger tanks of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503 having just been transported by rail from Mailly-le-Camp and de-trained at Gare de l'Est, Paris can be are seen turning from Rue d'Aubervilliers into Boulevard de la Villette on their way to Mantes-la-Jolie *
    maybe a connection here
    * This is a photo of a King Tiger Tank turret in France. He said that this and other King Tiger Tank parts were found in 2001 near Mantes-la-Jolie, France, This Tiger 2 tank, from the 101 SS.s.Abteilung, was lost in a crater near Fontenay-Saint-Père on 26 August 1944.
    And restored
    'According to an article from the Musée des Blindés French Tank museum's magazine n° 54, this King Tiger tank, which now carries the turret number 233, is believed to be tank number 123, which belonged to the 1st Company, 101 SS Panzer Abt in August 1944. It is believed to have been abandoned by its crew on 23 August 1944, due to engine problems, at Brueil-en-Vexin, near Mantes-la-Jolie. It was salvaged by the French Army in September 1944, and then stored at the AMX Tank factory at Satory before being transferred to the museum in 1975.'
    'In August 1944, German Tiger II tanks of 503rd Panzer leaving Paris for the Normandy front.'
    Colourised version

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    Pete Wenman reacted to Bud Backer in Be Not The Anvil   
    I’ve no idea how many are reading this but I’ll give some background to what you’re seeing.
    First of all, this is created using new software that I wanted to try. Making this comic took almost three months which is about the same time per page as my previous ones. I was concerned about the learning curve when switching software but it was less effort than I expected. There were a few shortcomings, like very few onomatopoeia, and one's ability to manipulate them wasn’t as advanced as my usual software. However, the ability to change the dimensions and shapes of each panel on the fly was huge. Previously I had to go on to separate custom software to re-size the individual panels on a page and they had to be four sized, and right-angle parallelograms. With the software I used here, I could almost make any shape. This afforded much more flexibility in terms of layout, as well as reducing reader boredom through panel layout repetition.
    Second, I wanted to give the perspective of a single squad in combat. Some films, and a number of books, have taken a much more focused view of battle, personalizing it. Rather than making it that of one man, I thought a squad might be interesting. There are few grand overheads, because a squad would have none. There are few explanations of what is going on everywhere else in the battle (and it was a fair sized one) because again, a squad would have little such information. If you’re confused what is going on where, then you’re in the boots of Gorokhov and his men: aware of a wider engagement around you, following where you are led, and only certain of what you’re doing and the ground you’re running on.
    Finally, since this is a special edition, the look itself of the graphics is different. You won’t find many speech bubbles here, and no comic half-tone dots. I wanted this to look less like a comic and more like a graphic novel.
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    Pete Wenman got a reaction from Warts 'n' all in King Tigers in Paris (Summer 1944)   
    Ah, but you typed more, I just copied and pasted !
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    Pete Wenman got a reaction from Warts 'n' all in King Tigers in Paris (Summer 1944)   
    Stalingrad ([stalinɡʁad]) is a Paris Métro station on the border between the 10th arrondissement and the 19th arrondissement at the intersection of lines 2, 5, and 7, located at the Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad, which is named for the Battle of Stalingrad.
    Obviously not called that in 1944 though. 
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Warts 'n' all in King Tigers in Paris (Summer 1944)   
    It looks like Stalingrad to me. but I can't read the street sign. And I can't find an exact match for that flight of stairs, bloody modernisation.
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Bud Backer in Be Not The Anvil   
    Just adjusting to the cost of toilet paper...
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Combatintman in Be Not The Anvil   
    Your comics were 10 cents last year ….
    I hope you're not profiteering  … 😏
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Falaise in Red thunder and Covid -19   
    With covid-19 containment
    and  the time available, I decided !!
    I bought Red Thunder without waiting Fire and Rubble
    kept smiling and positive
    with great thought for Italy
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    Pete Wenman reacted to umlaut in To buy or not to buy   
    I usually say this when people say that CM games are expensive:

    I have lots of games that have cost me 20 or 30 $ - and I have played them less than 10 hours. Then there´s CMBN. It costs far more, but it has given me thousands of hours of gameplay - and still does.  So when it comes to price per hour of gameplay, CMBN is by far the cheapest game I ever bought.
    Like the others, I recommend you try the demos: If you like playing them, then you have found a game that you probably wont get tired of for a very long time.
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    Pete Wenman reacted to danfrodo in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    Interesting that we are all at the funeral of our still living friend.  It's his 50th birthday, he aint dead.  Yeah, he definitely could be better in 1000 ways, and all BF needs is a lot more money and people, which they don't have, to make that happen as fast as we want it to happen.
    And why does this always have to degenerate into personal criticisms or conspiracy theories?  They are a small team and simply can't do it all.  Are there actually people here that never worked on teams that had limited resources and had to prioritize?  Had to choose what to do and what to delay? 
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Falaise in Le Noyer   
    I pass regularly in the middle of this battlefield and you also probably if you came to Normandy because it is on the road between Caen and Falaise.
    I love this scenario I take this opportunity to take you there with me
    seen from canadian line

    Metallic wire mesh seen on this view is called "american wire mesh"
    This is the grid that was placed on the runway of temporary aerodrome  in 1944
    it is still in use today to close the fields in many place in Normandy!!

    Le Noyer

    now there is a 4 lanes !

    watching toward Tilly La Campagne

    watching toward Verriere

    Le Noyer

    Seen fron Tilly la Campagne

    the railway becoming a road
    I really have to go wash my car !!!!

    Here are the monuments crossed during this little report
    the Trotteval farm back from the position of the sherman in the scenario


    Tilly la campagne devant le Noyer

    really a great sccenario with a  lots of suspense
    Merci Jon 'JonS' Sowden
    if you don't play
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Bud Backer in Hunt mode - unrealistic exahaustion   
    I think without a discussion of map size, battle type, and general strategy it’s impossible to have a convincing commentary on how “useless” Move is and how one can do everything using Quick. I can’t have my units move all over the map using Quick. They will get tired.  I use Quick a lot, it’s incredibly useful but it has its limits.
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    Pete Wenman reacted to General Jack Ripper in Hunt mode - unrealistic exahaustion   
    If it's not a footrace, then the speed of movement has no correlation to success.
    Maybe you should play more capable opponents, or maybe your opponent shouldn't be moving his infantry in an easily viewable fashion.
    Either way, using the Move command is not an indicator of failure.
    You've got some strange sticking points.
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Freyberg in Just a thought-Combat Mission is so authentic and immersive we nickpick any blemish?   
    You're right, but...
    ...there are a lot of real whingers on this forum.
    As I was saying recently to an ex-boss of mine, sometimes you can tell how well you're doing, not by the volume of complaints, but how trivial many of the complaints become.
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Aquila-SmartWargames in Just a thought-Combat Mission is so authentic and immersive we nickpick any blemish?   
    I see it also in this rather optimistic way. Sure there are always people that make out of proportion or rude demands but you have stuff like this in in every game forum. From what I´ve seen it appears even worse in forums of more casual games which might have something to do that a game like CM might attract more mature individuals in the first place, which additionally might be looking for the most definitive wargame representation, while understanding that the market and dev resources are different here. I personally see the bar CM has set as one of its biggest strength and selling points, absolutely not as its enemy. 
    About graphics, I am not a graphics fetishist but not a nostalgia grog either. I like beautiful and authentic games, I have a strong machine, and alot of recent strategy games like Steel Division 2 or other genre games like PS, HLL etc. at my disposal and still when somebody would ask me "show me the most beautiful and definitive audiovisual experience in a ground strategy game" I would show him CM2 footage. Never gets old too look at the detailed vehicles and uniforms, never gets old when a big firefight errupts and the surrounds start to go down in an absolute apocalypse of gunfire, explosions, and shouting. No other strategy game reaches even close to this and I am talking here only about the (audio)visuals. Furthermore the terrain - not in a how much diverse objects there are - but talking rather about terrain complexity: In alot of strategy games you have this rather abstracted "wood, plains, urban, high ground etc." terrain features but in CM its on another level, hard to put in words but if you ever reconnoitered terrain for whatever reason, you might understand what I mean. Better than any real strategy game, even better than in some military first person shooters.
    Sure I run a heavily modded audiovisual setup together with a personal fav of Reshade profile there. Some might argue "thats not part of the game" but I don´t make this differentiation. If I can do something myself in order to improve a situation or to better met certain criteria, I do it. Personal conclusion: CM2 looks to me beautiful like any current gen strat game with some aspects like uniform, vehicle detail, and combat fidelity even being on an higher level.
    This of course doesn´t mean that engine overhauls or visual improvements are not welcome. Wouldn´t say no to improved rain visuals, problematic shadows in certain situations, better backgrounds, a more attractive void (the empy space beyond the map), ballistics analysis, better briefing and campaign/core force interfaces etc etc.. But if it would be gameplay/content vs. visuals right now I would go with the first. And when CM3 eventually becomes a thing, well then we´ll see 🙂
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Sequoia in Just a thought-Combat Mission is so authentic and immersive we nickpick any blemish?   
    Just wondering if the standard we hold Combat Mission games to is higher than that of other games? That is, the standard needs to be close to a perfect rendition of reality.  When one sees a blemish, and the blemish may be different things to different people, we exaggerate the importance of the blemish as far as actual game play goes. It's an psychological thing perhaps I'm thinking. The games are immersive and that immersion is appealing, so when that one finds that one blemish that breaks the immersion for them, they're passionate about the blemish. In a way this passion towards the blemish is a credit to the passion and immersion the CM games can bring.   I think the combat flight simulators fall into this category as well but that's about it.
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Bud Backer in Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread   

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    Pete Wenman reacted to akd in Splitting Russian groups into teams.   
    A report that might have some bearing on this:
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    Pete Wenman reacted to sburke in Never Seen This Before   
    My experience with a lot of time in urban maps in no way supports it is somehow easy to take out armor with infantry. While I can, it is far from assured and if that armor has any support at all I am toast. Keep in mind CM doesn’t reflect at all the constraints armor would face. Inability to turn turret due to barrel., incredibly reduced visibility etc. in my eyes quite the opposite. Armor is pretty unfettered in urban space compared to reality. 
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Combatintman in Ammo for Tanks?   
    I'm vaguely familiar with that concept yes ...
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Combatintman in Ammo for Tanks?   
    Be a bummer if you guessed wrong though wouldn't it?
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Holman in Infantry Riding Tanks   
    Cobra seems like a special case of "Allied Blitzkrieg."  The whole point was to exploit air and artillery power to smash a fairly thin line and win great gains in terms of mileage.
    I might be wrong, but I still have the sense that Russian tank-riding was commonly used in tactical assaults while Allied tank-riding was used for operational mobility.
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    Pete Wenman reacted to Tashtego in Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread   
    Backs to the Wall.
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    Pete Wenman reacted to MOS:96B2P in Best scenarios of the WWII CM2's   
    There are so many................  But I'll mention one I just happened to re-visit lately.   CMRT Der Ring Der 5 Panzer Division.  It was made by @George MC.  The map is a work of art and is the size of a master map.   Anything by George MC or @Combatintman is quality work along with many other scenario designers.  If you haven't played Der Ring Der 5 Panzer Division, I recommend it.      
    Edit:  For campaigns CMRT KGr von Schroif is excellent.  It comes with tactical maps in a zip file so the player can print out the maps and use them for planning and SitMaps.  There is also a table displaying the unit, commanders and their soft factors.  A PDF file briefing handbook consisting of 133 pages comes with the campaign.  The PDF handbook contains a campaign flowchart, graphics, tables, symbol keys, historical information etc.  Very cool, detailed, immersive stuff with this one.  Also created by @George MC.      
    The below link is for the campaign. 
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