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  1. Yep be sure to let us know if you hit this side of the pond. P
  2. yep this is a known problem with GIMP, glad you got it sorted. P
  3. and found this tucked away on the hard drive La Fiere Causeway (June 9) Axis.txtLa Fiere Causeway (June 9th) Allied.txtLa Fiere Causeway (June 9th) Dev Notes.txtLa Fiere Causeway (June 9th).btt Both this and the earlier scenario are on CMMODs Link to the 6th June one http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/la-fiere-causeway-june-6th/ P
  4. It’s out there somewhere as it was later added to th e Repository p
  5. @37mm Attached MikeyD lily pond deep marsh terrain.zip P
  6. This thread is worth checking out P
  7. The best I can offer is the full Maltot map from which the "In the Shadow of the Hill" scenarios were created Maltotfinal.btt P
  8. Hope you enjoy it. I was delighted when the Chars became available and allowed this one to become just that little more authentic. P
  9. @General Liederkranz This should do it for you MG Borderland_vp.btt Let me know that it works ok and I'll get it loaded at the SD P
  10. I think it might be one of mine. It looks an awful lot like a bit of the Oosterbeek master map, but Jon and I did overlap in this part of the world and not surprisingly the maps looked very similar. P
  11. I was hoping you were going to be sitting in a foxhole, in the rain, playing on your laptop, while intermittent mortar fire lands nearby, but your version sounds more interesting 😉 P
  12. I'm pretty sure that is not correct. I suspect what was done was that the selected T-34 .mdr file from RT was placed into CMFI, but renamed as a PzIV so that it would show up and be available in the editor. This will mean however that every time that specific PzIV type is selected the T-34 model would be used. A new texture does not change the shape of the 3d model. P
  13. Something makes me think the IBCT came with the US Marines module not the British. Like Combatintman I've all the modules and can see it in game, but perhaps someone with just the Marine module can confirm. P
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