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  1. Pete Wenman

    New forum means...

    From Steve here What I can I say... we continue to be perfectionists! Some of you were envisioning us copying and pasting CMSF1 stuff into the current Game Engine 4. Over and done with within a few months, right? I think we had a similar concept at first, though a few months was never a realistic timeframe in our minds. Since digging into CMSF1 in detail we found there was a need to redo pretty much everything. Quite a bit from scratch. We even violated our original concept of "nothing new for CMSF2 because we don't want this project to drag out". Yes, that means CMSF2 has on map dismounted and mounted mortars, for example. All new Soldier models certainly took up a huge chunk of time. Correcting our original research and predictions for near future TO&E also was no small task. And scenarios... well, let's just say a lot has changed over the years and that is obvious if you play a stock CMSF1 (Game Engine 0) in CMSF2 (Game Engine 4)! The good news is that original CMSF1 content can be loaded in the Editor without doing anything special. We expect a lot of old CMSF1 hands will have fun upgrading their scenarios to CMSF2 standards. The upshot of this all is that CMSF2 feels like a brand new game instead of something slightly warmed over from 2008. We think you'll agree it was the right way to go, even if it meant a lot more time spent in the oven. This thread now officially announces and confirms that existing CMSF1 customers can upgrade to CMSF2 very, very, very affordably. Here's what the new website shows you when you select to CMSF1 Upgrades section: Yup, for $35 you can Upgrade the CMSF2 Base Game Engine 4, Marines, British Forces, and NATO in one go. Upgrades can not be preordered, so for those of you looking to Upgrade you should skip the preorder and wait until things start shipping. And when do we expect to ship? No later than the end of July 2018. I've asked the Testing Lads™ to create some fun screenshots for me to post. Here they are! Steve
  2. Pete Wenman

    New forum means...

    Better P
  3. Pete Wenman

    New forum means...

    You asked and we provided. Oh you said uncon - my bad ! P
  4. The early war kit is more interesting imo, and i find the desert terrain too similar for prolonged interest. North Africa is better suited to Ops level actions or higher. Early war is much better suited to CM's scale. Just my 2p Edit to add I'll take Fulda over anything else BF could offer P
  5. Pete Wenman

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Hope you enjoyed it and glad you like the map P
  6. Pete Wenman

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    ^^^ The Crossroad at Monthardrou ?? P
  7. Pete Wenman

    Grabner's force at Arnhem Bridge

    From Zwaerts - German Armoured Units at Arnhem - identified destroyed German vehicles on the Arnhem Bridge P
  8. Pete Wenman

    Grabner's force at Arnhem Bridge

    I feel compelled to chip in here, but will no doubt regret doing so. Just because individuals are not aware of something does not mean that the information relating to it is not out there. A huge amount has been written on Arnhem and in recent years many of the "gaps" have been filled. If anybody is still relying on the book of a Bridge Too Far for their primary information then they are sadly out of date, let alone relying on the film. If you look at the MG scenario "All Round Defence" you can see the forces for both sides laid out as historically as the game allows (other than I replaced the two 231's with 234's and also put Grabner in a 234). Frost had in excess of 700 men at the bridge from a variety of units, including 4x ATG and numerous jeeps. Good sources are Kershaw Middlebrook The Two Then and Now volumes and a raft of work by Dutch historians, including Zwaerts - German Armoured Units at Arnhem P
  9. Pete Wenman

    What killed my recon squad ?

    As the guy that made the map i can state that in places it has some incredibly long sight lines. Not a problem if the historical weather is used (fog/mist and or rain) but in clear daytime conditions you can see an awfully long way in places which makes the defenders job a lot easier, particularly if they have mortars and artillery and well placed spotters and FOO's. P
  10. Pete Wenman

    AI Plans

    ^^^ This Scenario author mode is your friend, - watch and repeat the AI in action carrying out the plan(s) you have given it. After a while you should get a feel for what and why the AI is doing in game. P
  11. Pete Wenman

    How to use Mod Tags

    These tags bring into play amended textures, for the most part as I recall being what names showed on the road signs for a particular tag. There might also be some building textures being amended. Edit Just to add these tags were included by BF and so have the tagged textures already included in the game brz files, and so the textures are not required in the mod folder. For any user tags however the tagged file either needs to be added to the mod folder or a replacement brz file provided. For BF provided tags to find what textures have what tags will need all of the brz files to be exploded and reviewed P
  12. Pete Wenman

    How to use Mod Tags

    Yep, and it is easy I've worked with terrain textures, but the concept is the same for any mod'able element. Here is a simple example that turns the hit decal pink for easy spotting of hit locations The .bmp file goes in the mod folder. The text file is added to the scenario in the mission editor (bottom tab) in the same way that briefing texts are added. Simple scenario attached for BS showing this in action. Note the tag when added to the bmp file is [glow] but in the text file is only glow. Shout if you have any problems P tagglow.btt penetration decal [glow].bmp glow tag.txt
  13. Pete Wenman

    Who's winning the tank war?

    Because that would never happen